Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Alleged Uber Driver Arrested By Heavily Armed Officers In Busy High Street.

Yesterday, in broad daylight, armed police stopped an alleged Uber driver. Ripping open the doors they pointed automatic weapons at the driver, who was pulled out, handcuffed and arrested. Also handcuffed and arrested was a passenger in the white Hyundai Ioniq. 

Passers by were amazed that this operation took place so openly on an extremely busy Camden High Street. 

This was obviously a planned operation going by the number of heavily armed police and Met support officers...but why was it carried out in such a crowded thoroughfare ?

Why was this operation not commuted to a safer more secluded  location? 

One question that’s on every Taxi drivers lips “is this another one of Helen Chapman’s 13,000 Uber drivers who had fake criminal record check DBS certificates, that were swept under the carpet by TfL?”

Apparently, it's back up now, but yesterday drivers were enquiring, why had the details of this minicab suddenly disappeared from the  licence checker on the TfL website.

  • Automatic assault weapons found in Uber on the Aldwych
  • Uber driver Samurai sword attack in the Mall
  • Attempted beheading of a stranger by Uber driver in Leyton underground station
  • 9 people hospitalised when an Uber driver ploughed into them on exhibition Road
  • Untold hard stops by the police on Uber drivers carrying class a drugs

Just when are TfL going to put a stop on this madness. Most of the incidents above have been covered up by the press....Why?


Uber who are currently coming to the end of a 15 month probationary license have just been found guilty and fined £96,000 in Westminster magistrates court, for allowing drivers to use uninsured vehicles and failing to keep proper records.... any other private hire company would have incurred and immediate revocation of the license and the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998....but not Uber who appear to have a ‘Special Relationship’ with Mike ‘on side Brown. 


Anonymous said...

Another story that will be covered up and brushed under the carpet

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.58 PM. The trouble is that this "carpet" has had so much swept under it, that it now resembles the Axminster 80/20 version of the
Himalayas. The rumour is it that the pile is now so high (due to constantly having incidents swept under it) that even Sir Edmund Hilary & Sherpa Tensing would've probably thought twice about climbing it! And apparently, even Bear Grylls looked how high it was & blanked it!

Although, joking apart, only today, one of the cretins - driving for these charlatans - pulled out from a parked position at a kerb, with full flashing hazard lights on. Then to compound this indiscretion, the imbecile then indicated right (and you've guessed it) turned left & nearly extinguished 2 cyclists. I don't know where & when these fools passed a driving test but I bet the examiners in question, would be challenged to out perform a Pipistrelle Bat in the visual stakes!