Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Was Traffic Ban At Bank For Public Safety ? £25m In Fines Last Year.... Follow The Money.

The Taxi Trade were told by the City Of London, we were banned from the Bank Junction Over Safety concerns (although there are no recorded licence Taxi related serious incidents at this junction. We were also told this would see an increase in clean air in the city (looking at the surrounding gridlock, this hasn’t happened). 

What we do know for certain is that this junction has become part of the cash cow for the CoL raising a massive £25m last year alone. 

Source : The Evening Standard

Motorists driving through the Square Mile were fined a record £25 million last year for flouting traffic rules, like going the wrong way up a one-way street. 

A ticket a minute was issued at peak times in the City as fines leapt 17-fold on the previous year after a safety crackdown at a notorious interchange by the Bank of England.

It brought the number of penalties issued in the capital, including TfL-run main routes, to 1,439,942 — or 3,945 a day — which is 30 per cent up on 2017. The figure does not include parking tickets. 

In total, smart cameras trained on the Square Mile helped issue 192,841 moving traffic tickets last year, increasing from almost 10,939 in 2017.

Restrictions at Bank, which allow only buses and bicycles on weekdays between 7am and 7pm, were brought in following the death of cyclist Ying Tao, 26, who was crushed by a left-turning lorry as she rode to work in 2015.


Hugh Bar said...

It is clear that this is a cash cow exercise. The most common reason given and used to stifle debate is to use health or safety in the argument. Just like somebody calling you a racist to stifle a debate on immigration. We have a huge problem in this country in that we can't debate in case we offend. What's happened to our principal right to freedom of speech. We should be able to debate any subject. Keep the protest going that "where busses go taxis go".

Anonymous said...

Great business for the city! Put it in the bonus kitty! Fair play i say, that"s what it"s all about, get as much as you can in the bonus pot as you can, make the worker bee pay for it as the city boys order more steak and another bottle of port, lovely jubbly!

Anonymous said...

Don’t worry the LTDA are onto it. Once they have had a wait and see.