Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Surprise, Surprise ViaVan Given 3Year Licence By TfL, To Use Euro 6 Diesel Mercedes

Surprise, Surprise....ViaVan, the joint-venture between Via and Mercedes-Benz Vans in Europe, has been granted a new 3-year Private Hire Vehicle Operator's license to continue to operate so called 'on-demand shared transport' in London by Transport for London, using vehicles that the London Taxi Trade have been banned from using...euro 6 Diesel engine Mercedes Vitos and Vaneos, now lumped together and called V-class .

Keith Prince asked the Mayor why black cabs can't licence euro 6 Mercedes Vito vans anymore, but his new shuttle bus pilot schemes can. 

It's one rule for everybody else and draconian rules for the black cab trade under Sadiq Khan.

ViVan launched in April 2018 and said it has provided more than 7 million rides in London and saved 3 million vehicle kilometers by pooling multiple passengers into shared vehicles, resulting in more than 600,000 kilograms of CO2 saved.

Keith Prince AM also asked Mike Brown why Transport for London won't let the cab trade use Euro 6 Mercedes Vito vehicles when new on-demand buses can. It's one rule for the black cabs, another for everyone else

ViaVan said that by using technology from U.S. provider Via, ViaVan has proven to be a strong solution for public transport operators and partners, not only in London with TfL but across the UK in both rural and urban areas.

Chris Snyder, ViaVan CEO said, ‘We are proud to receive the renewal of our license in London. 
We believe that ViaVan’s focus on smart, shared mobility is part of the solution to achieving the Mayor’s goal of 80% journeys by public transport, walking or biking by 2041.’

So ViaVan who recently were in trouble for there advert on TfL stations showing a ViaVan driver breaking the law, picking up passengers on a zebra crossing (advert was banned by TfL but can still be seen on stations and tube trains) are now considered to be part of the Mayor’s Public Transport?

Snyder went in to say, ‘To actually get Londoners out of private vehicles and on-board with the city’s goals, it’s necessary to provide a technology-driven solution that combines the efficiency, comfort and convenience of a personal vehicle with the affordability and traffic-reducing benefits of public transport’.

ViaVan recently hit the headlines with its adverts on the TfL transport system. The advert showed a group of passengers, boarding a Mercedes side loader Private Hire vehicle, that was stopped on a zebra crossing. 

Also at the bottom of the advert, was the claim London's smartest and greenest rides......as the company use Diesel engines and not electric powered vehicles, this statement is false. 

Taxi leaks complained to both the advertising standards agency and TfL and neither replied. So we asked the LCDC to put in a complaint on our behalf, this they did. 

TfL came back with a statement saying that no action would be taken against ViaVan as the contract for the adverts was to run out shortly. But unlike young ladies in swimsuits that appeared to offend Mayor Khan, you can still find the ViaVan advert on certain rude trains and stations across the TfL network. 

Another advert that was (supposed to be banned, the one TfL actually apologised for, showing an unsavoury character with the words 'When you recognise your blind date from the news, get out of here Kapten', can also still be seen on TfL tube trains. 

It would appear that only adverts showing offensive food, or beautiful young ladies are removed immediately by TfL working on behalf of the Mayor.....but offensive, lying adverts from foreign minicab operators may only be removed eventually, when TfL get round to it.....which could be some time in the future.....or not perhaps. 


Hugh Bar said...

Absolute disgrace. Surely these are grounds to sue TFL? Hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

TFL denial of Taxi Euro 6 new Licences in favour of a licensed Bus Company.

Why havent TFL insisted on electric vehicles for this bus company as there are plenty of vehicles out there?, maybe they are too expensive or unreliable for the job or more likely will fail the task required due to poor range, whilst I regualrly pass by our TXe's plugged into chargers.

Its a disgrace, Drivers are finding it impossible to find a second hand cab to buy or have joined lengthy queues to rent because garages had a lucrative clear-out under decommissioning,

New Euro 6 taxis would have made a considerable difference to a more natural vehicle disposal and ultimate erasure whilst at the same time allow vehicle electrification to keep pace with technology instead of falling incredibly short and we are forced to absorbe this technology shortfall.

We all know by know how disingenuous TFL is and how it shows its failings in incredible fashion, but I think its ulterior plans are virtually being signposted on this move and we need to be under no illusion what TFLs intentions are, which is.

At present, ""all vehicles"" entering the ULEZ are excluded from the ULEZ charges except (among certain others) Euro 6 diesels, which was part of Tfl's reason to exempt Our euro 6 taxis from being included in the recent 12 year age limits which were so unfairly introduced recently.

All Euro 6 vehicles entering the ULEZ area currently exempt but our dangled carrot is that we are still (for the moment) exempt from the congestion charges as too, but as TFL increases its stranglehold on our trade I am begining to wonder if a pattern is emerging especially as mini cabs have been denied congestion charge exemption and I wonder how long it will be when the congestion charge if levied on us?

It gets worse, if TFL did start charging us congestion charges, they would find it very difficult to plan to eventually ban all diesels including euro 6 versions because their funds and resources rely so heavily on the income, plus current motor manufacterers (except taxi companies in London) are still selling new euro 6 diesels today so the much larger general public (the voting fraternity) would be up in open revolt because they may have changed their older diesels for a newer one (sounds familiar eh?)

The Bus lanes are now an issue to keep the pressure on and hoodwink us on our presumed bus lane status (we think ourselves far higher than TFL does) and the arguments and constant bombardment from TFL continues.

I cannot see how this Euro 6 bus company can be afforded grossly biased priviledges above and far beyond London Taxis who contibute so much every day including paying huge licensing revenues directly to TFl without "at least' having the same provisions on new vehicle licensing opportunities especially as we were purchasing the very same vehicles years before this bus company was set up?

I know certain recent legal decisions have had us all scratching our heads in disbelief and past ones were wrongly argued, but we are (and will continue to be) at crossroads of a major legal junctions we really must cross because if we do not win a single case we will continue to be down trodden by TFl who have become so nonchalant and self indulgent they will continue to do anything without consequences unless stopped.

be lucky


Anonymous said...

Lol same old shit nothing will happen

Anonymous said...

Well to paraphrase one of the characters in Facejacker. "Show me the monies please, showwwwww meeeeee the monies my friends"😜!

Hugh Bar said...

Tower Hamlets - Determined To Displace Traffic From The More Affluent Localised Areas, Onto Less Affluent Ones...by Sean Paul Day

Please try follow up with this story. Just being speaking to a local resident who informed me that on the first day of Tredegar Road being closed on a weekly trail they were met with so much angry abuse from the local residents that they have scrapped the trail.

If there is truth in this story, and I'm confident its accurate, then it shows taking action can bring about positive results.

Keep up the good work Mr Thomas the Taxi and Mr Sean Paul Day.

Anonymous said...

Great business deal for tfl, you have to give it to them, they are truly a money making machine! Viva la via, viva la via!

Anonymous said...

Why hasnt TFL insisted this company use electric vehicles?

This is why we are being shafted because market forces on vehicle suitability for the job has been applied for them and not us

corrupt TFL yet again

Anonymous said...

We are in general a bunch of hat doffers i"m afraid, tfl know this and know they can do anything they want, (maybe raise the licence fee handsomely?), and 99% of drivers will not complain, just the same 500, thats why they treat us like crap!

Anonymous said...

I cant see how this firm and private hire can still buy and use euro 6 vehicles but we cannot?