Thursday, July 11, 2019

CMT Trialling ARRO Concierge In The Wembly Area.

Hopefully, you'll have read our previous email introducing the ARRO Concierge trial. If you didn't, here it is

As a quick summary, ARRO Concierge is an extension of the ARRO platform where hotels, restaurants and other businesses that are not well served by Taxi Ranks can hail rides for their customers. These trip offers will show on the CMT screen in your Taxi if you are 'for hire' and close to its origin.

The purpose of this post is to tell you about an expansion of this trial which we've undertaken in the Wembley area. While the vast majority of ARRO Concierge locations will be centrally based, we are also looking into the viability of outer London locations such as Wembley.

As always with ARRO Concierge, it's entirely your choice whether or not to accept a trip offer but the success, or otherwise, of this Wembley trial will be instructive as the whether it's possible to service outer London trip offers.

Your feedback is vital to us. Whether that's your initial thoughts on ARRO Concierge or your experiences of having used ARRO Concierge, please use the link below to give us your feedback. Thank you.

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Hugh Bar said...

Good luck to ARRO. Being using CMT for a couple of years now and have only two app job offers.