Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tottenham Court Road Closed As Bus Knocks Down A Pedestrian. First Blood On Camden Council's Hands

First blood on the hands of both Camden Council and the Mayor of London who are completely responsible, for this horrific road traffic accident involving a pedestrian and a bus at the junction of Tottenham Court Road (southbound) and Torrington Place. 

The news broke earlier today on Twitter that Tottenham Court Road had been closed due to an accident involving a bus and pedestrian. 

Caroline Russell tweeted she was sorry to here this, hoping they are ok.... but that’s just not enough !
It’s these lunatic traffic schemes that are causing (in Caroline’s borough of Islington) massive congestion, massive pollution... yet we are constantly told by councillors like Caroline, the toxic air is killing children at an alarming rate.... and yet her council have implemented schemes that have virtually bought her borough to a standstill.

At the Bank Junction, traffic in surrounding areas has been bought to gridlock, to facilitate faster bus journeys through the junction, and as such, there has been an increase in bus/cyclist/pedestrian collisions. 

Time to admit TfL and the Mayor (who oversee most of the more ridiculous schemes) aren’t fit to do the job they are handsomely paid to do. 

Khan has already admitted his expert advice is no more than guesstimates. 

Mike Brown take home pay has recently been published, with a laughable performance related bonus, he took home over half a million pounds last year...In his role of commissioner, he regularly can’t answer questions from the GLA. 

Time to go Sadiq !
Time to go Mike !


Just run this past us again, 
Wages £508,301, and can’t answer this simple Question ?? 

Can’t even go into detail !! 

Sounded like he hasn’t got a clue. 

Question is has he got back to you yet Keith Prince AM ??  

Cos The Trade is waiting ??

Click this link below and see him as he gets caught out ! 

Something else that definitely hasn't been explained to drivers....the rank outside Heals.
It's on the southbound carriage way. 
We need to be facing a rank with our near side to the kerb, to facilitate wheelchairs and buggies. 
There are no 'No Uturn' signs and no unbroken white lines ... So do we Uturn onto the rank and then what....Uturn off or carry on southbound ?
Or, do we cross the southbound bus and cycle traffic and put on the rank pointing north ?
Have buses and cycles been warned to give way to Taxis with their ramps extended out into the road ?
Will buses patiently wait for us to load disabled passengers or mums with prams ?
None of these questions have been answered by TfL, or Camden Council !

And same again with the rank outside Spearmint Rhinos, if called over to the hotel, the traffic will be held up in both directions as the Taxi dangerously crosses over the two carriageways, and two lines of cyclists who, let's face it, aren't the brightest when it comes to safe riding. 
Is this contrived so when Taxis are banned from the street, the council can say.....well it was deemed to dangerous ?

Come along tomorrow and let them know how you feel about these crazy schemes 
1pm till 4 pm.

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Hackney Jon said...

The RMT LCDC and UCG must refuse to meet with TfL as they are not listening to us
Also Trevor Grant and Andy need to go public and advise their members to support the protest.

The police have agreed we can have our protest once a week so no chance of any sections being dished out .

As for a conflict of interest with UTAG Trevor, that's just an excuse for you to carry on working.
Show some fight
We don't need anymore of this its all happening in the background shit
By the time UTAG get to court, the trade could already be finished