Friday, June 07, 2019


Have you wonder why, the Proactive ITA are still protesting in Parliament Square after 18 weeks, with their "WhereBusesGoTaxisGo" campaign ?

Listen to this audio, recorded at the TfL Every Journey Matters seminar from Northampton Square on the 06/06/2019.

Surely thinking your time is just to precious, can't still be an option???..that is if you want to work as a taxi driver in the future ....

Be part of the proactive drivers, fighting for the future of our trade!
Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Be in Parliament Square next Wednesday... 1pm-4pm 
Surely that's not too much to give up .

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Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that these people are passionate and enthusiastic about the trade. However, they must feel as if they are walking in quicksand wearing a lead overcoat. The trade is fighting a non - stop barrage on several fronts at the moment - ie; authorities, a lackadaisical attitude by the majority of drivers & worst of all; the reduction of road space all over London. I have only just read a piece about having a say on the proposed ‘improvements ‘ to Hanover Square. This epitomises and clearly illustrates the contempt in situations such as this. They are asking what people think of their proposals but the place is presently being torn up and the road space reduced to one small lane. Consequently, why are they still asking for comments - as they do what they like anyway! I’ve also just read about a ‘world naked bike ride’ taking place this weekend and accordingly impinging upon the majority. This country & particularly, London is a laughing stock now - any minor imbecilic pursuit is catered for & basically, the overwhelmingly majority can get f*****! There are grown adults, in their 40’s & 50’s riding scooters on roads & pavements & the electric ones are apparently illegal - but don’t hold your breath waiting for action there. Also, It seems all illegal activity is overlooked now but forget to put your badge on or look at the internet, whilst on the KX rank & you’ll be treated like a leper!