Tuesday, June 11, 2019

No Bus Lane Access, No Rental Taxis, Limited Airport Tags, Station Rank Permits, How Far Will You Bend Over???

They are taking away your bus lane access and giving it to an on demand minicab service, who will be able to purchase the very vehicles TfL and the Mayor have stopped you from using... 

They are expelling you from streets, in fact the Mayor is providing funding to local councils to exclude you from these streets...

They are decommissioning Taxis at a rate of knotts creating a shortage of available rentals, with the knock on affect, that rentals are going to keep rising. Allegedly (according to a tweet from the LCDC), two of our very own representative groups, the LTDA and Unite are encouraging the Mayor to put up even more funding to speed up a reduction of the trades fleet, which will cause even more shortages...

Our largest org appears to be doing and saying nothing to find a solution to the problems caused by TfL’s woeful incompetence. 

Although they do appear to be using certain problems to promote membership to their org, instead of finding a permanent trade solution.  

Their policy of wait and see, in many drivers opinion, lost us access to the Bank Junction. 

TfL are having secret meetings with just two “on side orgs” 
Meetings are completely un-minuted. Can you guess who they are....

All this going on and yet the vast majority of the trade have become so apathetic, they appear to have already given up and have no stomach or backbone for a fight. 

And that’s exactly what the ITA are doing every Wednesdays in Parliament Square.... the same few hundred faces week after week, are turning up to fight for the survival of their trade. 

If the Bard were here today, he would say:
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters.

Those of you who carried on working with your heads in the sand, should think yourselves accursed you were not there. 

You hold yourselves cheap while others speak, who fought with us here in Tottenham Court Road and Parliament Square. 

We now go into week 21 of a fight that could well have been over in just a few days had 10-15-20 thousand drivers turned up day after day to fight.


Latest news, they now want to ban you from the royal parks... think about this, they are not just talking about Serpentine Road but all access to eight Royal Parks. 

Let's not forget the prediction made by Taxi Leaks in 2010 after first finding out about Project Horizon.
We alleged TFL's intention was to cull the whole trade back to just 12,000 drivers (Max), bus lane access would go to private companies paying for access (currently being trialled with ViaVan in South West London). Station ranks would only be accessible with permits charged on a similar basis as the Airports. There would be only a finite number of permits available at each station as PH vehicles will eventually be able to ply for hire on private property rail station ranks. (Addison Lee drivers currently allowed to wait to be hired on the drop off at Euston... to be allocated passengers. PHVs allowed to disregard Taxi only access signage at Paddington to pick up and drop off)

No one believed us back in 2010, but the nightmare has already begun and will escalate as no one's doing anything to stop it. 
(Except that is for the ITA band of brothers and sisters)

WEDNESDAY JUNE 12th 1pm till 4pm Parliament Square, Whitehall, Bridge Street, Great George Street and Broad Sanctuary. 

Police have instruction to give unrestricted accrues to all drivers wishing to join the protest. 

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