Monday, June 24, 2019

Great News : LondonTaxiPR, Winners Of The Best Transport PR Agency For Second Successive Year.

Winners again!!
For the second year in succession, london Taxi PR are very proud to announce that they have won 'The Best Transport PR Agency 2019', in the Business Excellence Awards 2019 by Acquisition International.

This is their second award this year!

Thanks to all their supporters.


What is LondonTaxiPR?

LondonTaxiPR has been set up to positively promote & raise the profile of our world famous iconic Licensed London Taxi Profession, through advertising & PR 

Who are we?

LondonTaxiPR was set up by Lee Sheppard, in March 2015. Lee has been a GB driver since 1997. Lee Is passionate about his profession, and says “I felt the need to set this up, with the hope that by bringing about positive Advertising campaigns & PR,  it will help with the future of our trade”

Since starting in March 2015 LondonTaxiPR has grown into a team of 4.

Lee now works alongside,

Andy Scott is an experienced PR professional & Journalist

Andy Perry is an experienced advertising executive who advises & assists on all campaigns

Michael Mongey is a London Taxi driver of 33 years & assists in general running of LondonTaxiPR


For all future promotions & advertising campaigns we aim to approach all members from within the trade & ask them to make contributions to our PR fund. We hope that with your help & support we will promote the advantages, benefits & safety of using our iconic service, to the general public & all visitors to our great city. Keeping the world best taxi service at the forefront of Londoners minds.



Anonymous said...

how comes taxi drivers have to do the knowledge which takes a fair time and uber can pick up anywhere???

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 6:17 the reason is TfL like brown envelope and to make it even worse since last year up to April this year only 207 people have signed up to do the knowledge with a drop out rate of 70% my guess is between 40 and 60 people will only stick it out I would not advise anyone to do the knowledge now as it’s just not worth it I’ve been driving 32 years now and I’ve seen good time and bad ones I’m not saying it’s bad out there but it’s an unregulated trade

Anonymous said...

The answer is plain and simple my friend, it"s because the CONservative government did a fruitful deal to get uber on the firm, taking the people who did 3,4 or 5 years training to the cleaners, no minor CONservatives mind you, only the prime minister, chancellor, and London mayor, one Boris bunter, his reward apart from a nice business lunch with plenty of port flowing and no doubt a few sweetners to help the deal along, only to be next prime minister! But the good news for boris, is that most of the guys and girls he turned over in the deal, thats the taxi drivers who did the 3, 4 or 5 years training, will still vote for him as they think he will deliver the holy grail, one brexit! Life is going to be so much better for us when we leave, isn"t it? Yeah, we might pay a bit more for food, maybe employers won"t have to pay those silly things like minimum wage, sick pay, holiday pay etc etc, but who cares about that rubbish? Long as we are out,even though it looks like we aren"t sending the poles home(the best pilots in the second world war by the way), hence the polish war memorial near heathrow, even thou those romanians are staying, and even thou we are giving up the chance to retire to spain or france, who wants sun and seaside anyway when we got glorious rain and traffic filled smoggy roads? Out means out my friend, out means out!

Hugh Bar said...

At least we live in a free society to have different views. Of course we'll have genuine differences of opinion. It is evident no cab driver likes what has happened to the decline of our trade. The reason is quite simply technology. Why do so many drivers clutch at straws believing that the governing bodies are going to simply ban the use of this recent new tech the "APP". If pushed they would change old outdated laws to make the use of these "APPS" legal.
Why would a customer want to ring a mini-cab firm to speak to an operator to explain where he is and wait for a private hire to turn up when he can simply press on an "APP" on his phone and simply wait and follow the private hire coming to them.
Why would customers want to carry cash when most money nowadays is electronic. Can't use cash anymore to get on a bus now in London, must use an electronic payment system.
I'm in the same position as all other cab drivers in missing the good old days, but even though I'd like to bring the good old days back it's not going to happen.
Anyway, its good to support all efforts to fight for our trade so full support all Day to Thomas the Taxi and others who genuinely care for our trade!

Anonymous said...

Technology is ok, but with compo, uber should have bought our badges off us as a trade off for breaking taxi laws, the Old Etonians might have let the deal slip through with a fair amount of greasing palms but we were the victims of a right royal shafting, the jobs finished, not worth all the investment and hassle, but a bit of sharing the spoils would have been welcome!