Wednesday, June 05, 2019

CLOSED SHOP? Heathrow To Ban New Cab Drivers, With Restrictions On Tag Availability.

Heathrow Taxi Management have issued this statement:
(Just who are the Heathrow Taxi Management???)
Due to the over supply of Taxis compared with the demand, it has been necessary to implement a one out, one in policy. 

This means that new drivers will only be able to join the Heathrow feeder Park system and receive a Tag and booster, when an existing driver closes their account. 

All drivers who register their interest in joining the system will be added to a waiting list. Details will be taken and you will be contacted when it is your turn to receive a Tag. 

Please provide your mo lie number and your email address to allow us the best possible opportunity of contacting you.

Please not that when a place becomes available, we will contact you and you will have 24 hours before we move on to the next driver on the list. 

Taxi Leaks Extra bit :
Taxi leaks predicted this in 2010....under the banner of Project Horizon....restrictions of trade would be introduced on the trade and certain closed shops would appear around the capital. 

At that time we said it would be kicked off by TfL and the first targets would be permits for mainline rail.
Here we go again, it's now up to the rank and file drivers to fight this.
But do they have the stomach for a fight???

Why should new drivers be barred from the facility of working the Airport, in the way drivers have worked there for over half a century. 

What will come next???.....
• Will they withdraw tags from drivers who don't work there often enough?
• Will there be a surcharge put on tags to cover administration of this scheme?
• Will so called Taxi managers be jumping the queues?
• Who exactly are he faces behind this scheme
(Watch this space for updates)

Allegedly, this scheme has been put together by Union and trade org reps looking to enforce a closed shop under the banner "we can't wait up to four hours for a job". 
If you can't do the time, it's simple....don't put on!

What next???....join our org or Union and we will get you your tag???


Anonymous said...

Ive not used the feeder park in ages & have left a few quid in credit presumably gaining interest for HAL, Will i be excluded for that?

Anonymous said...

It all went downhill when the cabbies started paying in the first place.

From a WhatsApp group said...

I’m 100% sure. I don’t do ‘fake news’ like other Airport Reps who post malicious gossip and rumours because they can’t handle criticism.

This group is not supposed to be ‘political’ so I’ll leave it there. But we were told a few years ago that this may happen and Reps ignored it-like they do most things including CrossRail.

It’s real and it’s happening.

The Cab Tag used to be free: it now costs £50. But they have no spare ones. Drivers did not look after or return old ones and viewed them as disposable. My own one is old and doesn’t always work with the TX-e. What happens if it packs up? They’ve not got a replacement but they’ve not answered my emails either.

Apparently, they also told the other Reps that you will pay the Heathrow ULEZ Charge in 2026-it’s going to be the equivalent of £10-15!

Anonymous said...

Once crossrail eventually starts most of the taxi work will disappear apart from the locals and l don't think there will be a waiting list then. It just will not be financially worthwhile to work there

colin said...

If our work had not been sold by Tfl to a yanky App there would not be a problem with to many Taxis,this is all down to Tfl.

Anonymous said...

What they have forgot to put in that letter which in sure will come to light no jobs will be allowed to be refused As of the 1st of September this is due to people picking and choosing jobs and if you do refuse it you will be asked to leave the rank and go back to the feeder or do the job it seems a lot of drivers back jobs E16 jobs N1 jobs even and if you are a consistent offender you will have the tag taken of you how do I know this well ITS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW ITS WHO YOU KNOW I’m sure this will be doing to rounds on Twitter very soon