Friday, June 14, 2019

Khans Cycling Commissioner And TfL Told "On a Your Bike" By Royal Borough Of Kensington And Chelsea.

At yesterday's heavily attended meeting between the Kensington Society and TfL, to discuss the proposal for the radicle cycle lanes scheme along Holland Park Avenue, attendees were ask to raise their hand if they were against the scheme...It appeared that virtual all except for the team from TfL and a small group from the cycle lobby, raised their hands.

The Mayor's Cycle Commissioner (Will Norman) starting the ball rolling by trying to convince the audience that it was a complete 'Myth' that cycle lanes caused congestion and pollution, but he was almost laughed off the stage.

Councillor after Councillor received standing ovations...some for over three minutes, as they told the residents that they and the council would in no-way be supporting the scheme.

GLA Councillor Tony Devenish told the audience to be vigilant, as TfL do not normally listen to residents. He said it was extremely important that residents from all over should respond to consultations...and also to be very careful, as if you support any part of it....TfL will put you down as supporting a scheme 100%.

Cllr Devenish went on to say "the scheme being proposed here, is a bad scheme" to loud cheers and applause from audience.

The small group from the militant cycling lobby were heavily outnumbered by residents, local businesses and transport groups, who spoke out against the scheme.

After the meeting Will Norman and the TfL contingent said they were disappointed that the council appear to have already made up its mind, even though the consultation isn't complete.

The good news is that as these proposed cycle lanes would be on a road that comes under the authority of Kensington and Chelsea, the council have confirmed, they will not be supporting the scheme. 

So, it seems that the outcome of this meeting, is that the Mayor's Cycling Commissioner and TfL were told by the residents and council members of the a Royal Borough, "on you bike, we ain't having it".

Rapturous applause as Councillor and planning officer @jthalassites states he is hugely supportive of cycling, but @RBKC are unable to support @TfL @willnorman plans for Holland Pk/NHG due to impact on trees, congestion, bus stops; 
"presenting enormous problems for residents...just not the right proposal"  


Anonymous said...

In the words of Corporal Jones ‘they don’t like it up em’. However, watch the propoganda machine start rolling full flow now, with all the normal gumph. There will be leaflets with the associated mock up images of a wonderfully used cycle lane, associated to several vehicles all flowing along unimpeded. In the cycle lane will be Jeremy & Jemima on their tandem, pulling little Rupert & Felicity along in their cart behind them. They will be smiling & waving at the pedestrians & exchanging pleasantries with all in the vehicular traffic as they cycle along to purchase their sack of muesli & tins of soya milk. If it wasn’t so serious to the economy it’d be hilarious but they could out propoganda Goebbels, given the chancešŸ˜”!

Averi said...

Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks.