Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Another Successful ITA Protest, Numbers Up Again On Last Week. Tory Leader Hopeful Rory Stuart Came Out To Show Support For The ITA Campaign.

The ITA protest got off to a slow start today, because a group of wonderful ladies had taken over the Square, demonstrating against the governments policy of extending the age limit for pensions. 

They laid down in the road in front of the gates to the commons and when asked by the police to move, they were adamant they were staying put. 
I spoke to their organiser and asked politely if they could let the Taxis enter the square and explained what we were protesting for. 

The trouble for us was the fact that private traffic was caught up and Taxis were finding it difficult to enter the square. Which was a shame as I had got there early and spoke to the inspector in charge at the briefing and he assured me that there would be no problem with cabs gaining access. 

After about half an hour, the ladies got up and decided to march around the Square, allowing Taxis full access.

So although a little later than planned, again we managed to fill Whitehall, Bridge Street, Broad Sanctuary, Great George Street and the Square itself.

A number of volunteer Cabbies broke ranks to help out with disabled passengers, and all returned to the protest after giving their services free of charge. 
It's drivers like these that make me feel proud to be a London Cabby, well done ladies and gents. 

Sean Paul Day turned up with a film crew....more about the later. 
We also spoke to a BBC news unit, who had come from BBC Northern Ireland office, to film the Ladies protest about their pensions.
We spoke about our disappointment that the BBC London news had ignored our protests over the last 18 weeks. 

Also in the Square today was Tory Leadership hopeful Rory Steward, who spoke with quite a few drivers. He was outraged when told that Sadiq Khan had refused to meet with Lord Palmer's group of Peers to discuss our campaign "Where Buses Go, Taxis Go".


John Harrington said...

Can't believe the amount of work Jim Thomas puts into marshalling these protests.
He was there early and was at the police briefing
He liaised with the women protesters and got them to allow the Taxis into the square, something the police failed to do
He arranged volunteer taxis to take disable ladies away from the square
He helped police move taxis into the square from Whitehall by personally finding the drivers and getting them to come back to their cabs
All this without wearing a big yellow coat and standing about drinking coffee and texting.
Well done James Charles Thomas, I only wish there were more like you in the trade.

Anonymous said...

Re John Harrington comment: hear, hear to that & Jim & all the others involved, have more guts & gusto than 95% of the rest! If only the others who merrily ignore matters - & make out they weren’t aware - showed the same passion, the trade would be in a much better shape.
It’s always the same faces every week, month or year, who attend, in addition to the same faces who are never there. Also, everyone should join up with & take a leaf out the book of those women yesterday, protesting about the despicable pension disgrace of making them wait another 5/6 years! They were passionate, sensible and showed they mean business & above all they are 100% right, as are the taxi trade - it’s just a pity they have more get up & go than many drivers☹️! However, best to concentrate on the positives & well done to Jim & all the others, have who are not prepared to roll over & get shafted😡!