Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Future Is Now ... Wait And See No More...by Sean Paul Day.

TFL's 'Network Management Control Centre'

Our biggest mistake is viewing the trade from a retrospective viewpoint. We cannot change the trade’s future based on the prevailing standard. The longer we spend trying to do that, the more we lose pace with policy and innovation.

Two years ago we highlighted the threat of a secondary wave of technological development and nothing was done about it. 
A year ago we warned about TfLs buses being deemed archaic and were set to be disrupted and nothing was, or is, being done about it . 

Instead of a bunch of independent systems on a local, national or even global level, TfL is looking to further develop a transportation network that works like the internet, where everything is connected. Standards based communication, which will reduce costs and create value for everyone involved in managing traffic in ‘smart’ cities.  It is vital that we are included within this new ‘eco-transport system. This is not an option…this is the future! 

TFL will expand their operational ‘responsibilities’ by integrating advanced, wireless communication technologies into both the Met District and surrounding counties. 

By integrating advanced, wireless communication technologies into both the transport infrastructure and vehicles TfL is able to seamlessly process/share data that will prevent vehicle collisions, keep traffic moving and reduce environmental impacts (hence TfL’s inactivity re: current level of congestion and accidents). 

Coordinating traffic signals, prioritising certain lanes, electronic information boards and variable speed limit signs are all part of the burgeoning ‘eco’ transport industry.  

Also significant is the ability to automatically distribute realistic data -time congestion data to control centres.  It is understood that traffic will enable mobility through “packed to capacity’  infrastructure. We WILL have to be part of this… how much control we have will be down to us (sorry folks, you hate on me for saying this, but we  are currently giving away all control to big money corporations) 

Pursuing the destabilising of  - what was - 20,000  hard working sole traders is nothing short of disgusting political and business practise. Clearing the way for a big money corporations to enter the market has decimated the earning potential of licensed taxi drivers so much so, owning and maintaining a purpose built vehicle will very soon become a non-viable business option. Be prepared for a move to usership- away from ownership (Sherbet is clever than what we give him credit for) 

What provision has the Commissioners team put in place to facilitate a municipal industry’s shift into a predatorily controlled market funded by financial institutes seeking market domination? None! What does that tell you? The permanence of our industry remaining a product of the state is a serious threat, and we need to look closely at what we need to do to ensure our working model survives in this bourgeoning new word. 

The trade desperately needs to find a better system for governance. Many of the irreversible risks that now threaten our trade originate from a rapid pace of industrial development coupled with the monopolisation of emerging technology and a refusal by TfL to enforce existing legislation.

Conveniently for TfL, the system currently in place to represent the trade - and effectively manage many of issues we are facing is done by using yesterday’s tools and by the same people. As a consequence, the necessary action is either not taken or is taken too late, while the problems and risks the industry faces continue to grow and mutate. 

The issue here is that our main representation isn’t weak… it has a totally different agenda, but doesn’t even understand the course it’s perusing. We can carry on as we are but if the political route hasn’t secured a single MP to ask questions on our behalf then a completely different approach is needed …and needed quick. 

There’s only so long we can remain bolted on to tech like a Tonka Toy -designed for a different time and place. 

This is not Doom and Gloom… this is reality and  a shout out to organise and see clearly the wood through the trees. 

We cannot stand still and rely on intransigence to sort out the future… the future is now.

“On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of decision, sat down to wait, and waiting died”. 

The Proactive ITA protests, run from 1 – 4pm every Wednesday afternoon 

Sean Paul Day.


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