Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New Study says that 1 out of every 6 Uber vehicles have unfixed safety recall issues.

A study from Consumer Reports looking at nearly 94,000 Uber and Lyft vehicles in New York City and Seattle revealed that one out of every six rides has an open, unfixed safety recall.
Uber and Lyft have the ability to have zero recalled cars on their platforms at the push of a button,” Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, said in the report. 
“They both claim to be technology companies, yet refuse to use that technology to take this obvious step to decrease the danger from unrepaired recalls on their drivers and customers.” 
Across New York and King County, 25 registered vehicles had at least five or more unfixed potential defects.
“Uber’s website says people can ‘ride with confidence,’ while Lyft promises ‘peace of mind,' yet both companies fail to ensure that rideshare cars are free from safety defects that could put passengers at risk.”

Here in London, it's the same....we told TfL to check the recall list, we also told them how to check....there is a DVLA service to keep you updated on recalls. 
They haven't bothered.

Would they not have bothered if these faults were on the new TXe ???

The GLA called TfL 'woefully inadequate'....but we believe they are more woefully incompetent !!!

If you thought getting your Bill renewed was a labour....try getting an appointment to get your cab plated, it's a complete and utter nightmare. 

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Hall Ober said...

If Uber disappeared there would be no change for us as there would still be the same number of PHVs on the road working off other apps. Be brave and post this comment, as I'd like to read the responses of other readers.

Anonymous said...

The cost of either renewing your Taxi Bill or cab plate is a long way from value considering how poorly the application is finally dealt with.

I can remember not so long ago when the PCO had a quality charter iso 9001 rating, They used to hand out pamflets to pat themselves on the back on how professional they were, I wonder if they still have that acredition or did they lose or give it up because of the high number of complaints because I've not seen or heard anything on that for a while?

Be lucky