Thursday, May 09, 2019

ITA Protests To Continue Every Wednesday, As Regent Street Slips Silently Into The Frame.

In a move designed to preempt any sections being dished out to drivers, it has now been agreed by those who regularly attend...the ITA protests will only take place on Wednesday’s.  

But the ITA have insisted that general traffic must no longer be allowed down the inside lane. All traffic must be diverted or the protesters will move en masse to other locations, around Central London. 

The police have now given assurances, they will no longer be allowing any traffic down towards Bridge Street. 
Emergency vehicles will be shepherded along the other side of Whitehall. The outside lane will be left clear in the square, to circumnavigate the outside of the central protest, no traffic will be allowed to enter, other than emergency vehicles. 

We have therefore told police from now on until further notice, we will only be doing Wednesdays....mainly because it’s unfair for "the same faces" to be protesting time after time, on behalf of the 20k who work on.

Tooley Street Is now won.
Who won it? 
The Orgs? 
Steve Mc? 
The Consultation?
Of course not, it was the ITA proactive protesters who’s  militant drivers attended for 13 weeks of campaigning. 

Tooley is a massive victory, as eventually we would have been excluded all the way through to Greenwich and Lewisham.

Plus the Tottenham Court Road ‘Buses And Cycles Only’ scheme has been given a 10 month reprieve after concerns from disabled groups over access to the McMillan cancer centre and UCH facilities. 

 Virtually all the proactive drivers who attended the ITA protests have signed up to UTAG and London Taxi PR, which the ITA promoted during the campaign.

Andy and Lee from London Taxi PR (who have attended every protest, were in the square yesterday handing out free reusable coffee cups to drivers along with lanyards and pens. 

TfL and the rotten Boroughs know that if Taxis are excluded from roads, or are part of a consultation which favours Buses at the expense of Taxi access, the ITA will protest as frequent, as disruptive and for as long as it takes.
Discriminations aimed at our working practices will not be tolerated. 
We will ALWAYS fight back!

 No one has ever called protests for so many consecutive demos, EVER.

The new arrangement may not suit some constant critics, but everyone is welcome to call demos or protests on their own behalf to suit. I’ll come.

It’s extremely easy to be an armchair critic, but not that easy to turn up every time and stand alongside drivers fighting for the continued survival of the trade. 

What’s next on TfL and the Mayors agenda. 
A whistle blower from Palestra has indicated that TfL and the New WestEnd Company are looking at traffic flow along the bus lanes on Regent Street. 

It is imperative that Where Buses Go, Taxi Go is written into legislation to stop our continued decimation.  

Also mentioned in dispatches: 
It also appears  George Osbourne’s arse-wipe (so good, they have to give it away)has jumped on the emotional blackmail band wagon with the head line "Ban taxis over 12 years old to cut pollution, mothers urge Mayor.... really George? 
How many Mums know that much about the difference between Euro 4 and Euro 6 Diesel engines ???

Notice who’s behind this dreadful emotional blackmail style propaganda...

The article goes on to say:
 The Mums For Lungs group has joined the London Cycling Campaign in calling on the Mayor to implement proposals to ban taxis older than 12 years to tackle the capital’s toxic air crisis.

Perhaps the standard can now post the research down by the Mums for Lungs and the London Cycling Campaign (most of who’s members are based in areas such as Bristol, Manchester and Leeds) that shows deregulating the few remaining Euro 4-5 Taxis will make a significant difference...while Euro 4-5 TfL and council vehicles are just left to spew out their fumes over London streets.  

After a meeting with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor Of Paris Anne Hidalgo said, while she promotes walking, cycling and buses - she never hinders the mobility of the elderly, disabled or infirm travellers. 

She went on to say that in London Taxis can and must be allowed to use ALL BUS LANES for swift door-to-door service, as Taxis are Official Carriers for NHS and considered ambulances. 


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