Friday, May 10, 2019

Here We Go Again : Another £50m Waste Of Space From TfL

TfL Plan to improve the cycling infrastructure between Hackney and the Isle of Dogs in East London, this also includes the banning of cars, vans and lorries in Victoria Park during the daytime.

The new proposals, announced by TfL, will see cars, vans and lorries banned from Grove Road, which travels through the park, between 07:00 and 19:00 daily. The road will remain open for bikes, buses and taxis. (Another victory for the ITA)

The proposals would also see the speed limit on Burdett Road reduced to 20mph.

The construction of the 7.4km (4.6 mile) 'cycleway' dissecting the east of London will also see a fully segregated route between Mile End and Westferry with the section between Bow Common Lane and Ming Street set to be two-way. 
The same plans would also see the introduction of double yellow and red lines on the busiest of roads, the improvement of pedestrian crossings and adjustment to parking and loading provision en route.

This comes after TfL used 'strategic cycling analysis', a new method which calculates which areas of London would benefit most from segregated cycleways and potentially encourage more people to cycle.

Running through Mile End Road, the proposed route would also link to Cycle Superhighway 2 and Cycle Superhighway 3 that run through Westferry. 

The route to Island Gardens and the River Thames will be decided in a later consultation but could connect to the proposed pedestrian and cycling bridge between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe, linking the route to CS4 between Tower Bridge Road and Greenwich, which begins construction later this year.
The plans set out by the TfL would cost £50m and will now enter a period of public consultation.

Consultation can be found here:

Cyclist tried to undertake a Minicab on Shaftesbury Ave last Night. To be fair, the mini cab had been indicating to turn left, all the way from Wardour Street to Dean Street, but the Cyclist still tried to pass on his inside.

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Anonymous said...

wheres tfl getting its funding for all its daft schemes?well the licensing fees from the 100,000 minicab drivers must help,whats next?why selling off the station cab ranks to the highest lucky