Sunday, May 05, 2019

Taxi Trade Shape Of Things To Come... by Jim Thomas.

In all the years I’ve been driving a Taxi in London, I've personally never known anything like this. 

But don’t think for one moment that because you have a brand new taxi, or you only rent, this crisis won’t affect you. Every licensing booking has to be made by this booking line, new cabs don’t have a different phone number either. 

Decommissioning will mean all garages will have less spare taxis sitting about. At the rate this is presently happening it’s going to get extremely hard to find a Taxi to rent on a permanent bases. 

And as a result, we could actually find ourselves unable to service ranks at stations and airports. Although there are those who believe that this will be a good thing, heralding an abundance of work...within a very short time, -because of their abundance currently our numbering us 6 to1- Private Hire will be allowed to work stations and Airports ranks....this is something  TfLTPH have been planning since 2010... they’ve already turned a blind eye to virtual street hails. 

The empty ranks will be handed over wholesale to PH because of insufficient taxis available, something I spoke about at RMT branch meetings back when I first uncovered Project Horizon in 2010. But no one would listen...
Plus there will be no rush for PH to go 100% electric because at present, TfL’s cash cow will be earning £24 a day from most of the 110,000 PH fleet. 

Think about it, with an ever decreasing fleet of vehicles and drivers, it has over the last few years become increasingly harder to renew Bills, book inspections, when in fact, it should have become easier.

TfL Licensing has actually made it more complicated and difficult to renew and the orgs are not asking why!!!
The only reason I can see is that it keeps members paying subs as you can get help from your org to file your application. But is this right.... shouldn’t it be easy for every driver to apply for a renewal?

It’s no longer a secret that TfLs Project Horizon’s aim is to embed the Taxi trade into a one-tier service with Private Hire. 
With both services doing the same job, working the same way, there will be no requirement to do the knowledge and the knowledge of London will die and become no more than a memory. 

Is it not time to beak away from TfL Taxis "and" Private Hire?
Given the reason that our regulator is no longer regulating!!!

We need our own department set up, before it’s too late?


Anonymous said...

No matter what we do the authorities will do what they want. Just don't even think about buying a new cab. The job is finished, there is no long term future left in the job

Anonymous said...

its obvious whats happening,tfl want us extinct,why?so they can sell off the ranks we currently service to the highest bidder.think about it every rank in londons stations,the airports,sold to the highest bidder,this will naturally filter down to the fares payable by the punter,also with us gone uber will be able to charge what they like,and if you are a wheelchair bound passenger [and don,t forget when uber put out their fake news bulletien about "how hard it is to get a taxi"and lied about supplying wheelchair accesable vehicles] some mob purporting to represent the disabled stated ---"we welcome any competition"well heres some news for you,uber dosen,t want you because you,re uneconomically viable,so make the most of being to hail a wheelchair accesable taxi while you can,because when we,re gone uber aren,t going to be interested in you.well lets not forget who started all this scenario with their "jobs for the boys scheme" LABOUR vote them out on every forth coming election, the tories too,spoil your paper or vote for farage,well must dash,just going to phone the samaritans,be lucky.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough 11.57, but lets at least give the CONServatives the same publicity, after all, it was the CON servative prime minister, the CONservative chancellor, and the CONservative london mayor who let UBER in to london to steal our work, this has been the single most destructive thing to happen to the london taxi trade, CON by name, CON by nature!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.57am & 5.45pm: Why the f*** are you squabbling with one another, whether the fault for the woes of the taxi trade, lies with
Labour or tories? Basically, they are both inept, two faced, conniving a***holes - although, an a***hole is far more useful! And don’t even mention that other bunch of dopey, airy fairy, p****s the Liberals, plus the other divvy green mob - who’d have us all using pogo sticks to get around on! The realisation is this; none of these self interest promoting dogs, give a toss about normal working people & live in another world. Their world revolves around greed, unobtainable ambitions, cloud cuckoo & never, never land🤪 - in no particular order!
We all have to face the fact that the working class of London are an unwanted article & endangered species, who nobody in authority cares about - especially the lesser spotted cockney!!! Anything, they can’t control or dictate to, is a massive threat & that’s why the taxi drivers woes are not of any interest - very sad but true😡☹️.