Friday, May 31, 2019

Star Letter Of The Week From A London Taxi Driver Of 20 Years Service.

I want to be able to afford a new taxi, that at some point in the future, I could own , without monthly payments. A taxi that doesn’t cost thousands to service and put right on a weekly basis. A taxi that doesn’t break you mentally and financially.

I want to drive around town, picking up street hails, without the worry of whether there is going to be space to nick on a station rank. Without the daily hassle of over ranking, and cameras, watching every move. 

I want to not have to work 60+hours a week, just to turn a living. Maybe do that extra job at the end of the shift that used to exist, but might now take an hour to get.

I want to be able to plan for the future, maybe a nice family holiday, in the school holidays. Maybe a move to a bigger house or somewhere nicer.

I don’t want to be handed jobs via an app, because that’s how it’s done these days...are we all happy for others to take a cut of the action. 
Who agreed to that?

I don’t want to be forced to take credit cards, when the person in the back is trying to scam you ( not my card, it’s your machine mate).

Over the last 20yrs, all the good aspects of the job have long gone. Never to return.

The London taxi driver is no longer wanted by many. 
A thing of the past. 
How dare a working man or woman control their own business, make a few quid. 
Have an extra day off.

The taxi trade has lost so much. 
Where Buses Go, Taxi Go isn't going to get any of this back, but they could help us keep the road space we need to do our job.....if this is lost, then all is lost. 

Westminster Council Say "Oxford Street Signage (Buses and Cycles Only)Is Clerical Error".

After the Blue sign Buses and Cycles only went up on the corner of Oxford Street and Portman Street, the ITA started making plans to move the 'Where Buse Go Taxis Go' Protests To Westminster. 

Yesterday, a temporary red sign was placed at the junction saying Taxi were presently included while current road work takes place, but the more permanent signage saying Buses and Cycles only, was uncovered by a concerned Taxi driver. He told Taxi Leaks: 
"This is just like the right turn onto Wigmore Street....they covered that up too. I saw the covered sign and desired to park on the Amba and creep back and uncover. I knew this was what would be there so I took the covering away back to my cab".

The ITA was immediately informed and plans were made to move the protests to Oxford Street, Wigmore Street, Orchard Street. A letter was drafted informing local businesses that they would no longer be serviced by the Best Taxi Service in the World!   

Westminster Councils 'Roads and Transport Manager' was sent a communication by email and a standard reply said he was on holiday. But... someone must have read the email and panicked because with in half an hour, the ITA had received word from the council that like before.... again the word Taxi had been left off the signage in a clerical error, and that the offending signage would be removed ASAP.

So there you have it.... Again, the threat of progressive militant action from the only group fighting for this trade, has resulted in a successful conclusion. 

But we must not relax, as things could change daily with Westminster, they can’t be trusted. They could be telling us what we want to hear as they don't want any hold ups in the new road layout. 
It's now up to our wonderful orgs and unions to do their bit and get some sort of guarantee from Westminster the, Where Buses Go...Taxis Go.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

London Taxi PR Meet TfL To Discuss Recent Decisions Affecting Taxi Trade And Passengers

Just a quick post in respect to all those drivers working yesterday afternoon, with a smug smirk on their face uttering the same old excuses under their breath, the same old rhetoric... protests are meaningless, not working and going nowhere. 

After yesterday’s Proactive ITA protest, representatives from London Taxi PR met with senior officers from TfL to discuss recent decisions causing ongoing problems not only affecting the trade and its drivers, but all Taxi passengers as well. 

After the meeting, London Taxi PR posted this short statement on their twitter account:
Good meeting and dialogue this evening with both Frances McAndrew and Dan Maskell at Tfl. Hopefully we managed to get across our points and concerns with regards to decions affecting not only the profession but also All Taxi passengers. Thanks again for your time.


Well done again to the drivers who gave up their time to attend the protest in Whitehall and Parliament Square. 

With the football (many drivers traveling abroad) and it being half term, we were surprised at the number of drivers turning out again. Bridge Street, Great George Street and Parliament Square full, and Whitehall solid back to Horseguards Avenue. 

It was thought that numbers would be well down and the protest would have to move to a less ambitious venue at 2pm, but numbers were only slightly down and the protest stayed in the Square till 4pm. 

With the news that we will soon be seeing Buses and cycles only sections along Oxford Street, with work starting eastbound yesterday, it’s important that the fight must go on. 

New Study says that 1 out of every 6 Uber vehicles have unfixed safety recall issues.

A study from Consumer Reports looking at nearly 94,000 Uber and Lyft vehicles in New York City and Seattle revealed that one out of every six rides has an open, unfixed safety recall.
Uber and Lyft have the ability to have zero recalled cars on their platforms at the push of a button,” Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, said in the report. 
“They both claim to be technology companies, yet refuse to use that technology to take this obvious step to decrease the danger from unrepaired recalls on their drivers and customers.” 
Across New York and King County, 25 registered vehicles had at least five or more unfixed potential defects.
“Uber’s website says people can ‘ride with confidence,’ while Lyft promises ‘peace of mind,' yet both companies fail to ensure that rideshare cars are free from safety defects that could put passengers at risk.”

Here in London, it's the same....we told TfL to check the recall list, we also told them how to check....there is a DVLA service to keep you updated on recalls. 
They haven't bothered.

Would they not have bothered if these faults were on the new TXe ???

The GLA called TfL 'woefully inadequate'....but we believe they are more woefully incompetent !!!

If you thought getting your Bill renewed was a labour....try getting an appointment to get your cab plated, it's a complete and utter nightmare. 

Source  /

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Statement From The Proactive ITA : Wednesday's Protest In Parliament Square 1pm Time To Change Gear.

The representative orgs and unions might think this unsolved situation is okay, but we don't.

We refuse to take this abuse lying down.

It now appears that TfL are completely and accountable to both houses of Parliament no matter how much they mess up or appear to be corrupt.

Sadiq Khan has ignored repeated requests to meet with a Peer of the realm acting on behalf of a number of Peers in the interest of the Taxi Trade, to discuss the ITA's ongoing campaign 'Where Buses Go, Taxis Go'. 

Please arrive at Parliament Square by 1 pm and at 2 pm be prepared, as we will be moving on.


Every week the police have made it either awkward or difficult to enter the protest area. A marshal has had to be sent to each entry point and asked the police to contact control. This is time consuming and puts drivers off attending.

We are assured every week this will be dealt with and that all drives wishing to join the protest will be given access.... but every week it's the same, with stroppy offices not briefed properly, refusing to move the cones. 
Also marshals arguing at check points, have been threatened with arrest by aggressive Check-point Charlies.

Last week, we were even given an apology by the inspector in charge...and told it won't happen again!
(But we've heard this before). 
The inspector said in future, this will all be sorted out at the pre-protest briefing. 
We will have to 'wait and see'. 

Last week after we were told the inside lane in Whitehall would be kept clear for emergency vehicles....but when we arrived, we were told (for the first time in 16 weeks) Taxi access would be restricted till after 1pm,when the protest was due to start. The police had already started letting all traffic use the inside lane, organisers had to complain to the officer in charge. It was only when they threatened to move the protest to the Coach station, the officer reconsidered and blocked entry to everything except Taxis and emergency traffic.

This week it will be different, come what may, we will be going on tour at 2pm.
It seems the powers that be are willing to sit out the Kettled protests in Parliament Square and now it's time to take off the gloves. 
On the stroke of 2pm, the ITA will change gear and go on the offensive.

It's also time for our orgs and unions to supported the trade "100% Officially", (although committee members from two orgs and one Union have regularly attended unofficially).

Time they stepped up to the plate, as current policy of 'Waiting and Seeing' is part of the problem, rather than a solution.

You need to let your paying members know if you support the 'Where Buses Go Taxis Go campaign', or you support Khan, TfL and local councils decisions to ban Taxis. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

What A United Taxi Trade Could Bring To London, Vive La France

We're forever being told, our five representative trade bodies are never going to fully unite, it’s just not in their nature they say, it’s never going to happen. 

This below is what can happen when a trade IS united . 

At last weeks meeting between French Unions and their Government, following the nationwide Taxi protests in France :
It was decided the Government will NOT give PHVs access to bus lanes. (This is exactly what we have been protesting about for the last 16 weeks, but we only have a few hundred willing to protest. The French united and achieved this in a couple of weeks) 

Also, the French Government will NOT create parking spaces or ranks for PHVs and in Paris, only the Government can distribute taxi / PHVs Licences and NOT the Mayor.

This has been achieved solely because the French Taxi Trade came together and united as one.  The five London taxi orgs are now looked at by the Mayor and TfL as a benign joke, who will never be able to deliver a victory of this magnitude. 
But...the drivers themselves could. It doesn't have to be this way!

The Proactive ITA are not a joke, they are a militant umbrella group trying to pull the drivers together regardless of org or union loyalty.  

The trouble is that too many rank and file drivers can’t see what can be achieved by a united alliance. Wasn't it Trevor Meralls from the UCG who gave that Churchillian speech outside 10 Downing Street, "it's not the colour of your lanyard that's the badge on the end that counts".

The ‘Where Buses Go Taxis Go’ protests are entering a seventeenth week, purely because the majority of drivers choose to work while the Proactive few fight for them. 

If drivers, regardless of representative loyalty had united seventeen weeks ago, we would not be where we are today.... we wouldn't we be looking just at a complete victory at Tooley Street, it would be a complete victory at Tottenham Court Road, plus we would also be back in the Bank Junction scheme.


TfL, Local councils and the Mayor, will keep pushing and pushing to see how far they can go. 
Old Street Roundabout opened yesterday and it’s a mess, just like the Elephant, yet nothing from any org ????

Then we have decommissioning!
Tried to rent a spare cab lately? .... there ain’t any. 
We spoke to a Garage owner over the weekend, he said he gets at least five calls a day saying “do you have any cabs to rent”.
One of the largest garages in Bethnal Green has 50 drivers on the waiting list, its getting crazy out there.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Police And Military Crack Down Hard On Spontaneous Taxi Strike Over Decommissioning Taxis In Mexico

A spontaneous strike involving hundreds of taxi drivers broke out in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, yesterday after the local government decommissioned roughly 35 taxis early Friday morning, claiming they were operating without permits. In response, taxi drivers who fear losing their jobs fanned out across the city center and blocked major streets as well as the international crossing between Mexico and the US city of Brownsville, Texas.

At midday the taxi drivers came to the central square, some with homemade signs reading “Corrupt government, get out,” and were meet by a heavy presence of state police armed with assault rifles and wearing helmets. Security forces harassed the drivers and attacked protesters as scuffles broke out when police attempted to bring tow trucks into the city center to tow the parked taxis.

Police began firing rubber bullets into a crowd of protesters. 
When crowds began pushing police back, police backup arrived with sniper rifles pointed at the crowds. A caravan of armored military vehicles descended on the central plaza.

At least one taxi driver was injured and several were arrested. One driver said, “This was a unilateral action on the part of the police.”

Police then started aiming live sniper rounds at protesting taxi drivers
“We have the right to keep working,” another taxi driver told TV Noticias Tamaulipas. “We have been working for eight, ten years without violating any laws…this is a peaceful protest. We have already told the authorities, we are not going to hurt anyone.”

The bold decision by taxi drivers to block major thoroughfares and the international border crossing is a sign that the strike wave by maquiladora workers that broke out in January has had an impact on broader sections of the working class and middle class, strengthening their resolve and encouraging them to take action to defend jobs and wages.

Even though many taxi drivers are independent contractors, when the police and military began pushing crowds of taxi drivers yesterday, the drivers began chanting, “don’t mess with the working class.”

Police began aiming live rounds at taxi drivers
At the strike wave’s zenith earlier this year, some 70,000 workers were engaged in strike activity, electing their own independent factory committees in rebellion against both the companies and the pro-corporate unions. Workers demanded major pay increases and the abolition of union dues.

Large demonstrations of taxi drivers and other contract drivers have taken place across the world in recent weeks, including an international protest of Uber and Lyft drivers that took place across every inhabited continent earlier in May.

The local corporate media is attacking the Matamoros taxi drivers for their “selfish” behavior, pointing out that many workers were not able to travel to or from work as a result of the blockades.

But the comments sections of social media news sites show workers responded with overwhelming support for the drivers’ protest, with many commenting that if the government spent money to provide Matamoros with a functioning public transportation system, they would not have to walk to work or school through dangerous neighborhoods.

The local government is scrambling to meet with representatives of the taxi drivers to calm tensions, which remain high throughout the city. Video of the police and military violence against demonstrators was viewed tens of thousands of times within hours of the clashes yesterday afternoon. Comments on social media read, “The state police rob us and beat us and take our money.” Another wrote, “The repression against the people of Matamoros continues! Who will help us now???”

By early evening, the international port of entry had been reopened but dozens of taxis remained parked outside the city government building, blocking traffic through downtown. Drivers say they will not leave until all the decommissioned cars are returned to their drivers.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thinking About Work This Bank Holiday WeekEnd...You May Want To Think Again

Road and travel updates from TfL for this bank holiday weekend :
Bus and road users may be affected by the following changes this weekend. We expect to run a good service, but buses may be delayed, diverted or stop short of their normal destination. 

Whitehall - From 11:00 until 14:00 today, Thursday 23 May, Whitehall will be closed in both directions between Parliament Square and Horse Guards Avenue. This is due to a wreath laying event. 

Westminster - From 01:00 tomorrowFriday 24 May until 01:00 on Thursday 6 June, Parliament Street will be closed southbound at the junction of Parliament Square. St Margaret Street will also have lane restrictions northbound on approach to Parliament Square. This is due to works on behalf of Parliamentary Estates for the refurbishment of Westminster Palace. 

Old Street – From 21:30 on Friday 24 until 00:01 on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, Old Street west and City Road south will be closed while we switch to two-way traffic at Old Street roundabout. The Inner Ring Road will remain open through Old Street and signed diversion routes will be in place. Roads in the area are expected to be a lot busier. Allow more time for your journey, or consider making your journey by cycling or walking. 

Two-way traffic will be introduced at Old Street roundabout at 00:01 on Bank Holiday Monday. If you are driving through the area, please be careful while pedestrians, cyclists and other traffic get used to the new two-way system. For more information, visit our travel advice page

Euston Road - From Saturday 25 until Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, Euston Road lane one of three will be closed westbound. This is due to High Speed Two (HS2) works. 

St James’s Park - From 06:00 until 23:59 on Saturday 25 May, Horse Guards Road and Horse Guards Parade will be closed. All other roads surrounding the park will be closed from 07:00. This is due to an event. 

Wembley Stadium - From 14:00 until 18:00 on Saturday 25 May, Wembley Stadium will be hosting the League Two Play-Off Final football match between Newport County and Tranmere Rovers, with kick off at 15:00. Large crowds and increased traffic levels are expected in the Wembley area before and after the game. Roads likely to be affected include the A406, A1, A40, Harrow Road, Wembley High Road and roads around the stadium. 

St James’s Park - From 00:01 on Sunday 26 until 20:00 on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, the following roads will be closed: The Mall, Spur Road, Birdcage Walk and Horse Guards Road. This is due to the Vitality Westminster Mile and Vitality 10k events. 

Wembley Stadium - From 14:00 until 18:00 on Sunday 26 May, Wembley Stadium will be hosting the League One Play-Off Final football match between Charlton and Sunderland, with kick off at 15:00. Large crowds and increased traffic levels are expected in the Wembley area before and after the game. Roads likely to be affected include the A406, A1, A40, Harrow Road, Wembley High Road and roads around the stadium. 

Central London - From 08:00 until 14:00 on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, the following roads will be closed: The Mall, Trafalgar Square, Strand, Aldwych, Fleet Street, Chancery Lane, Holborn, Holborn Viaduct, Newgate Street, King Edward Street, Angel Street, St Martins Le Grand, Cheapside, King Street, Gresham Street, Lothbury, Batholomew Lane, Threadneedle Street, Bank Junction, Mansion House Street, Queen Victoria Street, Cannon Street, New Change, Newgate Street, New Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, Strand, Whitehall, Parliament Street, Parliament Square and Great George Street. 

Additionally, London Bridge will be closed northbound. This is due to the Vitality 10k, which is expected to start at 10:00. Large crowds and delays are expected along the route of the run. 

Wembley Stadium - From 14:00 until 18:00 on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May, Wembley Stadium will be hosting the Championship Play-Off Final football match between Aston Villa and Derby, with kick off at 15:00. Large crowds and increased traffic levels are expected in the Wembley area before and after the game. Roads likely to be affected include the A406, A1, A40, Harrow Road, Wembley High Road and roads around the stadium. 

West Cross Route - From Bank Holiday Monday 27 until Thursday 30 May, the West Cross Route will be closed in both directions between Westway (Northern Roundabout) and Holland Park (Southern) Roundabout each night from 22:00 until 05:00the following morning. This is due to a crane operation. 

Baker Street - Until 17:00 on Tuesday 28 May, Baker Street will be closed northbound between York Street and Marylebone Road. Traffic will be diverted via Gloucester Place up to the junction of Park Road. From 08:00 on Tuesday 28 May until 13:00 on Saturday 1 June, Gloucester Place will be closed to all traffic between Taunton Place and Dorset Square. Traffic will be diverted via St John’s Wood Road, Edgware Road and Marylebone Road. These closures are due to Westminster City Council works to complete the Baker Street two-way scheme. 

Oxford Street – From Tuesday 28 May until Sunday 16 June, Oxford Street will be closed between Orchard Street and Oxford Circus. North and southbound routes crossing Oxford Street will remain open. This is due to Westminster City Council maintenance works. The surrounding area is likely to be busier than normal and buses will be on diversion so check before you travel

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Edinburgh taxi emissions rules relaxed due to lack of second hand vehicles

Councillors have been accused of creating a “false economy” for cabbies as taxis being brought into the Capital for the first time will be able to meet less strict emission standards than touted - due to a lack of affordable second hand vehicles on the market.

Under a rule change agreed by the city council’s regulatory committee, taxis being licensed in Edinburgh for the first time, which were expected to meet high Euro 6 standards by April 2020, will now only have to meet more pollutant Euro 5 rules. Current licensed taxis must be upgraded to Euro 6 standards by March 2023.

The city council’s regulatory committee agreed to relax the rules after granting around 150 exemptions since the rules were introduced in October 2018. Licensing officials said that around half of the requests for exemptions, which are heard behind closed doors, have been approved by councillors – including some for Euro 2 standards.

Cabbies will now be able to buy Euro 5 vehicles to use in the Capital. Licensing bosses hope that eventually, cheaper second hand Euro 6 taxis will be available.

Regulatory services manager Andrew Mitchell told councillors that relaxing the grace period would give the taxi trade “some breathing space”.

He added: “Committee have allowed Euro 2, 3 and 4 vehicles to operate beyond the deadline.
“On reflection, I think some relief for the second hand market maybe proportionate. At present, buying a Euro 6 at second hand is just not an option.”

Earlier, councillors heard from solicitor Jonny Nisbet, speaking on behalf of the taxi trade, who warned that cabbies were left with the option that “either you find an exemption or you find a brand new vehicle”.

Last week, the council’s transport and environment committee pressed ahead with draft proposals for a low emission zone (LEZ). Under the plans, taxis would have until the end of 2021 to meet Euro 6 standards in order to enter the city centre.

Vice-convener of the transport and environment committee, Cllr Karen Doran, said: “I don’t know how can we make an argument that it’s financially viable for someone who can’t afford a Euro 6 now to buy a Euro 5 and then a year later buy a Euro 6.
“I don’t actually understand how this policy is going to work or how it’s going to help taxi drivers in any way.”
More than 500 taxis have already been upgraded to meet the new conditions.

Cllr Steve Burgess said: “My concern is what that does in terms of incentivising a move in the taxi fleet to less polluting vehicles.
“I need to be reassured that by relaxing a policy like this, we are not deincentivising a move to a cleaner fleet.”
Cllr Hal Osler warned that the council was risking making the situation even worse for taxi drivers and creating a “false economy”.

She said: “I cannot see in any way, shape or form, these prices reducing and suddenly there being a flood in the market. People will know that people will desperately want these vehicles. I’m really concerned that we are actually facilitating this.
“I do have an enormous amount of sympathy for the industry and I don’t want to make the situation even worse. It will become impossible to seek those number of vehicles that they require.”
But SNP and Conservative councillors voted in favour of relaxing the rules.

Regulatory convener, Cllr Cathy Fullerton, said: “We do recognise the cost of replacing taxis and private hire cars with brand new Euro 6 models and this minor change will allow operators more flexibility to make the change to clean, efficient vehicles whilst maintaining the original timetable.”

Source : Edinburgh evening news

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Will You Stand And Fight, Or Will YOU Just Wait And See Till Theres NoWhere Left To Ply?

Westminster are still having a pop at the iconic London Taxi Trade.
With news to come this week that the London Taxi Trade is to be excluded from a further number of bus lanes, to be replaced by ViaVan and GoAhead on demand buses.... we now get news of another Taxi Rank silently disappearing before your very eyes.

The Curzon Street Taxi 'Rest Rank' Number 4949, which still has the TfL sign up, BUT HAS NOW BEEN PAINTED OUT !! 
Cars are now parking on it. 
Apparently Westminster Council would only allow a new rank outside the Lansdown Club if the trade was will to give up spaces from somewhere the rank that used to be used for the Mirabell restaurant was chosen by the joint ranks committee. 

Many drivers are upset at losing this space as they use it to leave their taxis there while making use of the rest facilities in the Washington Hotel. The rest rank meant they didn't have to leave their cabs on a working rank. 

Better use of these spaces would have been outside Annabelle's, which can be extremely busy at times and has never had a proper rank. Drivers have to resort to a pop up rank most evenings. 

But it gets worse....

These new services, on demand minibuses are going to be slowed in the very bus lanes that we are going to be excluded from 

Are you going to stand still and bend over for this.....or will you come along and join the 'WHERE BUSES GO, TAXIS GO' CAMPAIGN.

Don’t wait for orgs that are complicit in the trades downfall!
Protesting won us back Tooley Street and a reprieve at Tottenham Court Road !!!
The petition to stop the madness at TCR has over 25,000 signatures so far. 

You can help by signing and getting all family members and friends to sign up today
Click this link :

Come along to Parliament Square on Wednesday 1pm and fight alongside your colleagues. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Lords Debate Baroness Says Heathrow Passengers Should Use Public Transport And Not Taxis

     Baroness Randerson and Baroness Jones 

Our old friend from the Green Party, has now laid her cards on the table. Love her or hate her, Baroness Jenny Jones has never changed her values. 

The noble lady has asked in the Lords: 
The Airports Commission suggested that Heathrow should go ahead, but it was using quite old data from the Committee on Climate Change, as well as overly optimistic projections for new technology. In view of the new date that the Committee on Climate Change has given us of 2050, and because of the climate emergency which has been declared at the other end of the building, surely it is time to rethink Heathrow and to actually reduce airport capacity in a steady way.

This is exactly the question you expect from Jenny. 

My Lords, the Government take their environmental commitments very seriously indeed. The Airports National Policy Statement sets out several strict environmental red lines that must be delivered for a third runway to gain development consent. They include no expansion if the applicant cannot demonstrate that the scheme would not materially impact the UK’s ability to meet its climate change obligations both now and in the future.

On the other hand, her noble colleagues, thinking about their frequent trips to their exotic tax havens are looking at a different way to tackle Climate change by getting the public out of their Taxis, Private Hire and rental cars.... in favour of public transport, the improved Piccadilly Line and the new HS2. 

My Lords, the percentage of people travelling to Heathrow by public transport has fallen in the last year or so, with more people using taxi services. However, the Government’s plans for Heathrow require an ambitious increase in the use of public transport—one of the red lines that the Minister referred to. That is necessary if the planned reduction in carbon emissions is to be achieved. 
How do the Government intend to ensure that far more passengers and employees take public transport to Heathrow?

Came back with:
The noble Baroness is right: surface access to Heathrow is absolutely critical as we look to expand it in future. One of the reasons Heathrow was chosen was that it is already very well connected. There will be improvements to the Piccadilly line, as well as HS2 and Western Rail access coming from the west. I will see Heathrow on Friday and will take it up then.

Lord Haselhurst (CON) said you would have to be a supreme optimist to believe Heathrow’s third runway would be available by 2025 and that we should instead be investing in better rail links to other airports around the country. 

Admitted to having a registered interest, but went on to say:
My Lords, does the Minister agree that investing in alternative fuel sources for flights in the future would be more beneficial than people who use airlines regularly preaching to other people that they should stop using them to go on holiday or for commercial purposes—particularly when they have the comfort of flying first class. 

I think what the noble gentleman was trying to infer, was this not a case of the Kettle calling the pot Black ?

Taxi Leaks would like to ask just the one question of the noble Lords and Ladies:
Working towards Zero carbon emissions by 2035....if we do ever achieve a state of zero carbon emmissions, what's going to keep the trees and plants alive ?????

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Uber Accused Of Failing To Pay £1bn VAT

If you backed & helped fund the @GoodLawProject VAT UBER case then your money was not wasted. Judgement day is coming never lose faith. 

The Good Law Project posted this tweet on Twitter today :
As the Sunday Times reports, we will, early next week, sue HMRC for failing to act in relation to Uber's tax dodging.

If you backed the UBER VAT case it’s progressing. 

Now it’s time to back @UTAG17 for £5 Per week less than your coffee bill per week 
The Taxi industry seeks change then make it happen.......