Monday, April 15, 2019

Tottenham Court Road To Go Two Way On Saturday 20th April 2019...Taxis Excluded From Spring 2020

Proving that consultations are pointless, (they just have one, using pointed questions, then do what they like regardless)TfL have issued this statement below about Tottenham Court Road.

On Saturday 20 April, sections of Tottenham Court Road will change to two-way traffic. From spring 2020, sections of Tottenham Court Road will become bus and cycle only in both directions between 08:00 and 19:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Access to loading bays will be maintained via the northbound lane on Tottenham Court Road.

Local businesses receiving or making deliveries should speak to their supplier about whether they can re-time deliveries to outside peak hours, or reduce deliveries by streamlining your suppliers and the number of visits they make to your premises. information, visit our travel advice page.

Please drive carefully while pedestrians, cyclists and traffic gets used to the new system.

For more information, visit our travel advice page.

Please drive carefully while pedestrians, cyclists and traffic gets used to the new system.

Yours sincerely, 
Glynn Barton
TfL Director of Network Management

Let’s hope that pedestrians are not mowed down by buses in the new scheme, like we’ve seen along Baker Street and Gloucester Place.  

Camden Council posted this on their website 20 February 2018

The £35m West End Project will begin in early March.  Set to be the largest transformational scheme in the London Borough of Camden, the project will change not just how people travel in the Tottenham Court Road area, but how it looks and feels. 

Issues which have affected the area for some time, will be addressed, including poor air quality, traffic congestion, and a lack of public open space.

Well, in our opinion, they haven’t ‘addressed all issues’... they have just ignored the problems residents and  disabled road users have raised!

This scheme is being push through on safety issues, yet the London Taxi Trade has the best safety record of any firm of transport using this Street.  

When fully implemented, Camden will be discriminating against disabled groups. All London’s Taxis are mandated to be fully wheelchair accessible and is the only fully accessible service in Europe. 
Had 10-15,000 drivers turned up to stand and fight beside the 4-500 faces who regularly answered the call for over 13 weeks.....then it's possible we would have had an even greater victory. 

This type of situation isn't going to suddenly stop, or get nothing and you will lose the streets for ply for hire in. You will no longer be able to honour the abstract of law that clearly states you must drop your passengers to the destination of their choice, a door to door service. 
Camden's regulation from next year means you will no longer be able to fulfil your obligation under the Hackney Carriage Act. 

ITA protests are scheduled to start again on 8th of May.... Where buses go, Taxis go. 
These protests (which will now be supported by disabled passenger groups) will carry on indefinitely. 


Anonymous said...

Think it’s safe to say game over , the trade is finished, doomed

Anonymous said...

Not after brexit kicks in my friend, we are going to be rolling in lolly! out means out!