Saturday, April 13, 2019

They're Are At It Again : Will Khan And TfL Use Buses To Create Pollution In The Suburbs?

Ken Livingston had the brilliant idea that before you can charge for congestion with public support, you need to create gridlock....and we all know what he did with the road works and the school holidays...."oh look I was right" he professed! 

Khan, with the help of TfL has done virtually the same thing with the ULEZ charge. They used a massive expansion in bus services day and night, to ramp up emissions. Traffic signal phasing tweeted beyond belief, average speed limited, unnecessary segregated cycle Lanes inserted forcing most traffic to use limited road space, with monitoring stations in the most predictable locations to cause maximum congestion, therefore massive pollution. 

Emotional blackmail using lies about children's lungs in MSM and on massive billboards and the snowflakes were all over it. The BBC ran stories of school playgrounds next to main roads saying this was toxic air, poisoning the children's lungs. 

Yet research (buried) has shown that pollution levels in London are 40% less than 40-50 years ago. 

Kings Collage research results has showen the Mayor's statistics were no more than guesstimates, plucked out of thin air. The news a few weeks ago that the underground (Tube) is 30 times more polluted than any of the streets above has also been buried away. (Wonder if we'll be seeing a ULEZ charge added to Oyster cards soon?)

The late Tony Frew said London's pollution is currently at 14 units....the world average unit is 7....that's 7 even if you were in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest!

Currently London's traffic (that's all the traffic) contribute approx 2 units. The reason London's emissions are said to be illegal is because the limit is set purposely too low. If you were to ban all traffic completely, you would only reduce London's units by one seventh which would still have us above the legal limit.

Tony states the figure of 40,000 preventable deaths in the UK is fake. They use what's known as Zombie statistics to calculate results that don't really exist. 40,000 people are not dying due to pollution. Research shows that the average person (who may live till the age of 80) may loose three days off their life span, due to pollution. 

Needless to say, Tony's radio interview, has been buried under a mountain of propaganda and on occasion has been removed from YouTube

You can currently listen to Tony Frew's interview here :

Getting back to Khan, his next plan is to extend the ULEZ charging area out to the North and South Circulars.....this has been delayed to 2022 as Khan is up for re-election on 7th May 2020 and he obviously believes residents in the Great London area will revolt against him when they are forced (24hrs a day) to pay this new form of PollTax. 

So, to charge for the massive pollution in the suburbs (Sic) he first has to create massive pollution there....and what better way than the tried and tested use of hybrid buses running on pure diesel. After all, it worked in Central London!

The ULEZ charge will net TfL billions and that's all it's about.

As they say....Follow The Money!!!

Well, there you have it in Khans own words. 

After they retro fitted the BUSES in Putney, the air quality improved by 90%..... So that means that London's buses are the ones that are responsible for 90% of the pollution.

It must be's come from the mouth of the Mayor!

Surely he wouldn't be lying......would he???

See article below from

Transport for London have confirmed that a series of cuts to the bus network are to proceed, despite opposition from local politicians, passengers and the capital’s transport watchdog, London Travelwatch.

Last September TfL and City Hall unveiled plans to reduce frequencies on eight routes with a further three axed in their entirety.

One new route would be created and five routes would see frequencies increased, but many others would either be ‘restructured’ or shortened, meaning passengers would have to switch buses mid-journey in order to reach their destination.

Travelwatch expressed “alarm” at the proposals, warning they risked making the bus a less convenient and less accessible option for thousands of passengers, while London Assembly members and local councillors have also criticised the plans, with many backing petitions to save under threat routes.

However TfL today announced that despite the widespread opposition, it would be proceeding with many of its original proposals, including shortening routes 3, 4, 40, 45, 59, 67, 134 & 172, axing routes 48 & RV1 and reducing frequencies on other routes.

A proposal to axe the 271 route night service has been shelved and the agency will not go ahead with proposed alterations to routes 11, 19, and 22.

TfL claims the changes, which will be implemented from June, will make the bus network “more efficient”.

See full article here:


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Anonymous said...

Who wrote this article Jim?
Dave Davies flogged himself to death some years ago trying to educate people about flawed emission strategy, premature deaths through polution and poisened air on the underground network. He predicted the Kings college report sanctioned by DEFRA would be broomed under the carpet. Now his words "verbatim" appear on your blog... So lets have it


Editorial said...

Ok let’s start with the beginning
I (Jim Thomas) just sat in front of my TV and wrote the main bit of the article using direct quotes from Tony Frew’s YouTube interview.
The second half was written by Martin Hosick, the editor of MayorWatch the Top London Blog.
There are two links so you can check the stats from Tony and Martins pieces

Unfortunately Mr Davis is not the only one with ideas about the truth in Khan’s Stats the real evidence is there for anyone to check.
Taxi Leaks has had hundreds of people wanting to submit article on this issue most with identical reasoning.

Editorial said...

The only words to appear on this post were mine, Tony Frew (RIP) and Martins

Anonymous said...

Major full of shit , if he was so concerned about children’s health why is he stalling on delicensing scheme why not bite the bullet and pay out 3 months on and not a bloody word about payment figure, how many cabs has majors office delicensed and how much have they spent, emission charge is just another stealth tax on workers, if he really wanted to stopped so Called dirty vehicles the charge would be set at £100 a day which would most certainly stop people using high pollution vehicles..of course not!! it’s set at a price most if not all people will pay,

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to somebody the other day about pollution & the possible causes of it in this country. The discussion revolved around, buses, cars, lorries, planes, taxis, trains, etc, etc. It was a fascinating discussion but the the other person then said “ you know what, I think, that by far & away, one of the greatest contributors to it must be buses”. I asked what the reason was for this assumption? She replied; “because, I live & work in Bromley. And at the moment approximately 99% of buses are excluded from the lower high st, because of roadworks & there are no buses planned to return until a couple of months”. I asked what this has meant & she said that everyone around is amazed at how quiet, jam free & clean the air is now. She also said the local taxis were still working there but were not causing any problems whatsoever. Therefore, it’d be interesting to discover the pollution levels at the moment & compare them to before or after the buses return. And if she’s right, so much for taxis being the main contributor to pollution. She also said that many residents & workers cannot understand why the buses are not confined to stopping further away as on numerous occasions it takes residents & workers forever to exit, due to buses. Although, at present it takes at the most a couple of minutes. So much for delays caused by other road users then - they should do an eco study down there but maybe that would result in something they wouldn’t like!!!

Anonymous said...

Every bus route alteration will require a consultation process, Talk about TFL jobs for the boys eh?