Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Central London Blocked By Protests, Yet Not A Section 12 Or 14 In Sight

A Taxi Leaks roving reporter spoke to the police outside the Shell building yesterday, with regards to the damage being inflicted by climate change protesters. 

She reported : One climate warrior, supper glued his hands to the Shell Building main entrance doors.

It was like talking to a robot.. the officer is standing next to a building covered in graffiti (criminal damage) there are two idiots on top of the ledge above the door, putting their own safety in jeopardy and yet a police officer is telling me, “this is a democracy and these people have the right to protest”. 

I asked why the police are not using the 1994 public order act to reclaim the streets back from the protesters as they have done many times in the past....The officer just kept insisting these people are not happy and have a right to be here??????

Funny, when the UCG held a series of Taxi demos in and around Westminster, the police invoked the Public Order Act and issued a number of section 12s and 14s.... putting a virtual stop on the organisers. 

But now it’s “these people have a right to protest and damage property because it’s a democracy”.

He claimed all the protesters were adults and when I said “so why are they not working today” the officer said “they ave prob booked holiday time off from work”...

Am I dreaming.. is this all a dream, will I wake up soon, or am I stuck on a bad trip entering the twilight zone ???

This county is unrecognisable I don’t want to sound like I’m paranoid but this isn’t normal is it?

April showers are what we need right now, because these brave eco warriors won’t like getting wet. 
Ironically, these protesters are calling for zero carbon emissions.... yet they are using spray cans, spewing out PSPs which is thought to be one of the worst environmentally damaging gasses there is.  

This situation with the relaxed attitude of the police stinks again of contrivance from a certain Mayors office. 
Surely, the more publicity about the alleged pollution the better.... makes the ULEZ charge look respectable, instead of another Tax on the poor.

Can we expect the same casual attitude from the police when we continue with the ITA protests?
Will Taxis be allowed to completely blockade roads and not leave lanes clear for emergency vehicles. 

These protesters have completely blocked Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Parliament Square and Waterloo Bridge, with the intention to stay there for a number of day (most likely till the end of next week).... should we block Tottenham Court Road without leaving a clear lane for emergency vehicles for a couple of weeks??? 
Would the police again sit back and say.... well it is a democracy !!!!!


Speaking earlier today following the demonstrations in central London, Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove said: “The Metropolitan Police Service is currently dealing with a number of demonstrations taking place across London.

“We have officers out on the ground engaging with protestors and local communities to ensure proportionate policing plans are in place.

“We need to ensure we are striking the right balance between allowing the right to a peaceful protest, while ensuring disruption to communities is kept to a minimum.

“We are mindful of the impact the demonstrations are having on the local communities and are working hard with partners including TfL to keep London moving and open for businesses and visitors alike.

“At this time, ongoing demonstrations are causing serious disruptions to public transport, local businesses and Londoners who wish to go about their daily business. 

“As such a 24hour condition was imposed at 18:55hrs last night which stipulated that protestors should continue any demonstrations within the Marble Arch area only.

“In order to impose this condition, the Met required evidence that serious disruption was being caused to communities in London. We so far have 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected as a result. Based on the information and intelligence available at the time, we are satisfied that this threshold has been met and this course of action is necessary in order to prevent ongoing serious disruptions to communities. 
“We are taking positive action against those who are choosing to ignore this condition and are continuing to demonstrate in other areas across London.

“At this time, we have made a total of 122 arrests. Five of which were for criminal damage following a disruption outside a commercial premises and the remaining 117 were made on Waterloo Bridge last night and in the early hours of this morning. The majority of these arrests were made for breaching Section 14 of the Public order Act 1986 and obstructing a highway. All remain in custody at this time.

“We expect demonstrations to continue throughout the coming weeks. We have significant resources in place to deal with any incidents that may arise and officers out on the ground who are well trained in maintaining public order.” 


Anonymous said...

W hen we take control back of this great country we can make our own rules, and with the best police service in the world can stamp down on this behaviour, as well as having lots of money in our pockets, out means out!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they didn"t bother asking the police if they can stand for an hour in a discrete place and then walk away, nobody any the wiser what they were there for or that they were even there! Rather than dismiss them as a bunch of unemployed looks, why not take a leaf out of their book about direct action, they seem to be getting plenty of coverage on the news after all! Its exactly what we should have been doing after the uber decision by cameron back in the day, rather than a news blackout, we couldn"t be ignored!Questions would have been asked, and we might be on a normal wage for our hard earned knowledge, instead of just been a bankers dream paying them for the 67k loan, every card job processed etc etc!

Anonymous said...

It can probably be guaranteed without doubt that if a load of football fans protested or gathered in the same way & locations, that their feet wouldn’t touch the floor! Always, the same when these pseudo eco protests take place & the authorities suffer it, as they know the protesters mummy & daddies have a lot of sway & will just pay the fines of these middle & upper class planks. One of the idiots was spouting about all cars hopefully being electric by 2025. However, do these morons not realise that the power will come from power stations or do they think the sun will suffice! The problem with these idiots is that they want us all to go back to medieval times but don’t consider that there will be no hospital operations, ships, planes, trains or any form of travel other than a horse or cycle. Good luck with those two forms when these skinny latte drinking half wits want to travel to their holiday homes at weekends, from their working class cleansed inner city abodes! And to top it all we have an authority that portrays itself as bringing in restrictions in the name of eco promotion but don’t make the charge £100 per day to stop it all -
I wonder why🤔?

Tony Smith said...

There you go Jim, another anonymous (2:44) trade saviour who never bothered to come along to the square, even though he had ten weeks to come and discuss with us....sits back on his arse and tells everyone else how they can fight for his job while he carries on working.

Anonymous said...

Possibly tony, or maybe he was on the demos and wasn"t having a go at the actions taken now or jim, just that these actions taken by these eco warriours seem to get publicity , while we got a news black out! Not having a go at what we are trying to achieve now, but wouldn"t slate these tree huggers either, as they seem to get results by not asking permission from plod!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that the reason these so called eco warriors get lots of publicity is this: basically, they are well connected, due to their background & have friends in high places/media. The reality is that these types have connections & access to the media, whereas the working classes who demo, are not so well connected. Consequently, these demos don’t get covered in the media but those carried out by Tarquin & Penelope do. And if you broke down the background of those demoing for both causes, then I think the argument will have some substance. After all, who in the media is interested in the complaints of the working classes or indeed connected to them. Although, I think it is highly likely, they have some connections with the eco brigade & feel duty bound to cover their demos. Let’s face it, the taxi trade & its woes are of little interest to those who wield the power in the media, etc. That is unless the GPS system implodes & they cannot order a ride via the sat-nav rodeo riders!

Anonymous said...

Think 2.44 is spot on..this trade is dead on its feet to many individuals seeking their own gains no solidarity in numbers we are so predictable think climate protest is a worthy democratic protest which is in all our interests, more power to them I say,at least they are being seen and heard protest in right direction I say.

colin said...

On Sky twice Khan has said the disruption to public transport is making people use minicabs,,,,,,,not Taxis but minicabs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.40. Your points are quite reasonable but there are many in the trade who put themselves out, are united & work hard for the taxi trade. However, as pointed out at 10.16, the reasons why publicity is given & covered by the eco brigade is due to their connections. This is allied to the fact that these people hold demos all over London at the same time, causing great inconvenience & these characters are also very militant & not concerned about being arrested. In addition to this, why is it that these characters can apparently get away with blocking emergency routes, during their demos & yet no mention or criticism of this is reported? (Although, I stand corrected if this is not the case & routes are kept open during the eco protests. If not & routes are shut off to emergency services, why isn’t it made clear & reported upon - it would undoubtedly be so if the taxi protests blocked these routes!) Think about it, certain sections of society can do anything & come up smelling of roses, whilst others are deemed akin to sewage!

Anonymous said...

Common purpose.
Check it out and see who's been on the courses and seminars.
Cressida Dick is one.
That's why chaos ensues.

Anonymous said...

1.35pm "great country" you,re having a laugh aren,t you? we,re a skint little laughing stock where people come to ponce,"best police service in the world"?what at?having a jive,if that win double filmed dancing were anything to go by.out means out,do,es it?not holding my breath on that one,,still to be fair the slags have only had only 3 years to sort it out,anyway lets see how the police farce [sorry freudian slip] police force handle our next taxi demo.

Anonymous said...

Why don’t the authorities get rid of these rat faced f***wits asap. Save the planet .....these a***holes are the biggest bunch of hypocrites around. I’ve just seen a report that one of the leaders drives a diesel car! Anyone who backs, supports or thinks this bunch of moronic unwashed slooshes are to be admired, should seek psychological counselling. They are complete uninformed, unprepared to listen to any reason imbeciles. I even heard Piers Corbyn (Jeremy’s brother) criticise them on the radio for not being aware of the actual facts about global warming and the eco system. He stated it was all a load of rubbish relating to their protests & that it was ludicrous to protest. Apparently & allegedly he tried to inform them of the facts on Waterloo Bridge but they wouldn’t listen to him & brushed him aside.
This to a man who is highly experienced & informed in such matters, in addition to holding a degree & masters in physics & astrophysics - I know who I think is better informed! Although, that’s what this bunch are; basically, they are arrogant & not very reasonable people, who could do with a good hosing down with carbolic soap! And in my opinion, anybody admiring their system of protests, should be ashamed. They criticised Pol Pot years ago, for trying to take his country back to the middle ages & now this lot want to do the same. Think about it, no power - no hospital treatment - friends & family dying - children dying & on & on & on. However, don’t worry though, as a few trees in the outer Hebrides will be saved🤪!

Anonymous said...

12.45, maybe we could all drive pedicabs?The cheaper version , at the lpcc{london pedi cab company}, will be 5 seater, cycle manual powered only, start at 55k, the pedi 2 gold, will have a little battery motor to get you up primrose hill, it"s a little more expensive at 65k but has a basket at the front, where you can load luggage if you get a flyer!The lpcc are willing to throw in a free rain mac for the rider, sorry, driver, for the first 100 cabs sold, it sounds a tad expensive but think of the money saved on electric/diesil, and also think of your great grandchildren, growing up in a less polluted environment, not breathing in diesil or power station bile, its a win win, and free rain mac for the first 100 lucky drivers!