Thursday, April 18, 2019

BREAKING NEWS : LEVC Manchester To Close Over Extremely Poor Les Reid.

LEVC MANCHESTER are closing down. Staff only told this week.

According to our Manchester correspondent, sales have been extremely poor, those few that have arrived in Town (around 10) have been sold here from the Birmingham Franchise.

The difficulty with the vehicle is that in the provincies like MRC, vehicles need to be Double Teamed (day and nights) in Liverpool much the same except, they call it 'short collar/ long collar'.

Electric vehicles cannot really work here, example, when I get the Cab in the morning, I need it to be fully charged. Then before I hand the Cab over at teatime I need to have charged the Cab fully, and SO DO MANCHESTER'S OTHER 1100 cabs.

How many charger's does anybody expect to find EMPTY at exactly the same time?

Interestingly enough LVEC have abandoned support for Diesel Cabs in the City, anyone with existing warranties on Euro 6 TX4s, will have to travel the 35 miles to Liverpool to have issue's dealt with.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan stated on Sky News broadcast yesterday: "The Extinction Rebellion protests are "inadvertently" driving people away from using public transport to use Minicabs and other things".

It would seem the Mayor, not satisfied with refusing to meet the Taxi trade and excluding us from his Transport finds it hard to utter the word TAXI. Is "OTHER THINGS" the new Mayoral term for the worlds best Taxi service? 

However, it's alleged the Mayor's office recognising the gaff, contacted press agencies that farms out stories to all the national and local press to get the word changed before it went on line or into print.

Most local papers changed Khans word in their online site to "Taxi"


Anonymous said...

There all be closed by the end of this year.
And rightly so.
When you sell overpriced crap
It's hard to be a success
There's only so many morons and butterboys.
Then what ???

Anonymous said...

anon 11:11 am

my thoughts EXACTLY

Anonymous said...

Geely own Lotus, Lotus are going to launch an Electric SUV in 2020 and yet no new production facility has been announced. I wonder why? Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time & an absolutely unfit for purpose in London item & I'm not talking about the other things (taxis). Why on earth this other layer of bureaucracy & figurehead, was ever foisted on Londoners, we’ll never know - although, jobs for pals comes to mind😡! And as for the LEVC taxi; it may be a lovely vehicle & superior in many ways but without the infrastructure in place to support it, the vehicle was always doomed to be a white elephant! However, the powers that be will just blame the drivers for not moving with the times & buying one. Just think of how many charging points could be paid for, if the wasted bridge money had been allocated!

Anonymous said...

I see McNamara's personal online mouthpiece have announced, don't panic, there will be a new franchise opening in Manchester soon!
What is it these people don't understand.
With taxi trades being depleted UK wide, drivers can't afford his piece of junk.
Those who have already bought are lying to themselves about its advantages over the TX4.

Even Nissn are weary about launching n the current markets with the state of the trade as it stands.

Anonymous said...

Although unfortunate for those who may lose their job.Excellent news for cab trade,buying these vehicles at a time when authorities are destroying the trade is financial suicide £65,000 plus with no other option available is taking the piss and it’s about time we stand together and say “ NO”. If drivers refrain from buying these vehicles then a cheaper more affordable option would become available.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Manchester cabbies have more sense!. Put me down for a short collar, I’m sick of 14hr shifts.

Anonymous said...

After brexit we all gona have loads of money in pocket, people will be using us again, cash cash cash, we should all invest in the new electric taxi to fill demand, 6 passengers, out means out!

Anonymous said...

To anon 8.41.
Are you on grubs ??

Anonymous said...

levc,and uber are both running buisnesses for profit,i.e uber isn,t interested in the disabled population,[despite a fake news publication that they were going to get a fleet of wheelchair accesable vehicles] because they,re not economically viable enough to have an earner out who do,es the responsibility fall to,to provide this SERVICE why the black cab trade,at our expense.levc have closed their plant dosen,t that tell you anything?and what happened to nissans supposed offering? i for one am sick and tired of all the parasites who have latched onto our trade,we provide a SERVICE to londoners thru our professional standard,lets see how that disabled organaisation [we welcome any competition]when uber announced above mentioned fake news react when we,re extinct,and uber having a monopoly quadruple all there fares,is uber going to worry about wheelchair bound punters,cause they won,t you,re uneconomically viable,we provide a SERVICE ubers running a buisness,BIG DIFFERANCE. WE,RE ALSO BEING USED AS POLITICAL PUNCHBAGS,i.e lies about pollution and being forced to buy a £65,000 vehicle so khan can use his official office to get political brownie points at our expense.

Anonymous said...

2.49, where can you get a new electric taxi for 65k? That was pre turn of year rates, sorry to inform you its now 67k, better get a few more hours in if you want a shiny new cab!

Anonymous said...

fuck the shiny new cab,sooner get a job stacking shelves at tescos,also where are all these shiny new cabs going to get charged? lets face it the games finished,might as well go out fighting though.