Thursday, March 07, 2019

TfL Threaten Cribble With Legal Action If They Go Live On 11th March

Michael Stack, Interim Head of Licensing TfLTPH, has threatened new kid on the block ‘Cribble’ in a letter to Parent company ‘Pro Transfers Limited’. 

Stack told Cribble "It is appropriate to warn you that should you look to introduce this solution, we will consider whether licensing action is required to be taken against you as the operator and also against any driver who was available to you and has accepted a booking made via this proposed channel". 

What this in fact means is TFL have made it known that they intend to take legal action if Cribble goes live on March 11.

However, Cribble believe that this threat is idle, since according to Stack "We recognise that this is a complex area of the law and any decision will need to be carefully considered taking into consideration the circumstances of each case".

But this doesn’t mean TFL can't find any laws that are broken. If they thought that, they wouldn’t have contacted the newly proposed App in the first place. 

Stack went on to say "a number of statutory requirements may not be met".

He then explained three concerns which were caveated against current legislation.

In a Social media post to its proposed drivers, Cribble made this statement: 
It's difficult to imagine why TFL would try to obstruct a new model that offers customers choice and tries to bring private hire drivers a little more pay but the politics of black cab drivers and investors with deep pockets cant be ruled out.

The bottom line is that TFL need to put up or shut up. Ends

Let’s all hope that -for the sake sake of public safety- TfL do put up....otherwise it will herald a free-for-all, which could be highly detrimental to the whole taxi and private hire market and flood London’s already congested streets with a new wave of untrained drivers. 

Good news for the Taxi trade as driver owned, driver run, black cab only TaxiApp UK became a fully fledged Co-operative. The company was registered by GHF Cooperative Association on 26th February 2019.

This company is the only one that's completely run and owned by Licensed Taxi drivers, with no outside pressure from third party investors to take private hire onto the platform.



steve sholder said...

Well done to all concerned, as we know it’s not
Easy , best of luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

I bet that company are shaking in their boots🤪. It’s becoming so bad now that soon you’ll have the milkman, postman & fire service having an app for taking passengers back to their respective depots when empty!

Anonymous said...

To all those that think the ongoing parliament square demos are pointless. I spoke to a driver earlier who had a job from The HOL recently. Apparently, a discussion took place about the predicament of the taxi trade, in London at present & more to the point, it was instigated by the passenger. The said passenger said he’d been made aware of the trades predicament via the ongoing demos and wondered why the trade was having to suffer in this way. Another point was also made that it wasn’t just his personal opinion but many of his colleagues were now aware of the terrible situation the trade was in and couldn’t understand why it was being made to suffer in this way. In addition to this none were aware before the present demos had brought it to light, what with the ongoing Brexit problems, etc. Consequently, there it is and goes to prove that if it’s done correctly & in a polite and reasonable manner it is a valuable asset. (It’s up to the doubters if they want to dismiss this as rubbish but the driver in question is a 100% man and not prone to idle gossip.) It just goes to show there are still influential people who need to be informed and will probably assist if they are made aware. I await all the knockers & doubters response to this!

Anonymous said...

agree with 1.45 am,however if the police are ordered by tfl then secondary plans must be implemented,and if anyone whinges about emergency services being held up,just remember the cycle highways,crackpot traffic schemes and the issuing of 125,000 phv licences where there wasn,t the work to support it,thats whats causing all the congestion in london,we,re merely pointing it out.