Tuesday, March 12, 2019

TfL Extend PH English Test Deadline, Plus LTR...Right To Reply.

Absolutely Shocking news today that TfL have now decided to put back the deadline for PH English language requirement: 

TfL have put this statement out on their Twitter page earlier today:
The deadline for the English language requirement has been extended for all new PHV driver applicants and renewing drivers. All evidence must now be received by 30 September 2020

This follows the recent publication of the DfT’s draft statutory guidance for licensing authorities, which recommended an English assessment for licensees. This extension will allow sufficient time to work with Government to ensure consistent standards.

If you have submitted evidence to comply with the English language requirement, you do not need to take any further action, unless requested to by TfL. If you haven’t submitted your evidence yet, you now have until 30/09/2020 to do so.

Grant Davis, Chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) said: “Why not just move Dara into City Hall and be done with it”.

So now TFL’s Private Hire proposals have been delayed due to DfT recommendations; 

‘This will allow TfL sufficient time to consider the recommendation and work with Government to ensure consistency in standards, as appropriate’

Who is complicit in this charade?

So far, not a single word to the trade from our largest org’s General Secretary.....probably in his waiting and seeing in-tray. 


LTR Taxi Paper Right To Reply. 

Sean Paul Day and a collection of LTDA members discuss the current Taxi Paper from the LTDA.

Click link below :


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Essential to be able to communicate in the language of the Country you operate in. Ideally they should complete a full knowledge test the same as Taxi, however the very least that should be expected is command of the language. Totally corrupt system at play here. A system detrimental to anyone willing to be a real Taxi driver. No wonder people on the knowledge reducing, unviable business with unfair competition and excessive costs to enter trade. Potential Taxi drivers are not stupid, unlike most Uber drivers or those that can't pass a simple knowledge test or communicate other than grunts.

Anonymous said...

Face facts English language is no longer mother tongue to this once great country

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.13 PM ‘ideally they should complete a full knowledge test’. Well, be careful what you wish for there & that’s the last thing the trade would need. Do you really think they or the authorities would want that either, when they (PHV) can be churned out by the hundreds every month, via a process that involves an absolute minimum of cerebral effort. The existing system suits both parties and it’d be the death knell for the licensed Taxi trade in London if they passed out. Can you imagine the work levels with another 50-70K licensed drivers! And honestly, do the knowledge; most of them are so ingrained in their methodology (using a phone/sat nav) that they’d struggle finding their way from their a*** to their elbow! And as for the English test, well how about they learn some overseas lingo, such as; ‘dov'รจ il bagno alla rotonda’ - or ‘‘subi in secretum per circuitum’ & ‘waar is het toilet op de rotonde’. For the uninitiated, a tremendous asset if they get caught short whilst working, basically all translate as: ‘where is the toilet on the roundabout’?๐Ÿ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Facing facts about spoken English as above is true but not in the
whole of uk more so lacking in London and it will only get worse if TFL lives in denial regarding clear consise communications between a passenger and driver so interest will exist to know how high the rising passenger complaint figures become when passengers start and continue arriving at wrong destinations.

We must keep focussed on all issues affecting our trade right now as it seems a tirade of Taxi related matters are bombarding us on all fronts which are clearly being orchestrated by TFl to distract us and exaust our resolve therefore we must not allow that to happen.

Anonymous said...

About time drivers had a vote.
Do we want this corrupt shower of shit as our guverning body
I don't think so
Let's all fuck em off
What they gonna do about it ??
Send out letters.
Boy worth the paper its written on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.45 PM. Maybe there’ll be a consultation regarding it and depending on the outcome it may be acted upon. After all, the results of numerous other consultations are acted upon, regardless of how many respond. The mini cab mob could even take part as I think they may also want to escape their clutches. It could be called a people’s vote as nobody likes the present situation as it is๐Ÿ˜‚!