Friday, March 08, 2019

Peers Ask For New Law, Where Buses Go, Taxis Go

Tomorrow’s protest is the most important protest the trade has ever made. 

Up until now the police have been very accommodating and allowed us to gather in peace. 

But it now transpires that TfL are leaning heavily on the seniority of the met to allow traffic to circumnavigate the protesters in the Square. 

The ITA have been informed, that there is a marked possibility that the square could be sectioned off, with only a few cabs Kettled on the inside track of the square with access in Whitehall  limited as was the case on Wednesday. 

If this is the case the ITA will invoke plan B, drivers attending will be informed by word of mouth and plan be will be announced on all the online platforms to enable drivers to divert to plan B and possibly plan C.

The success of the protests have been confirmed by the fact TfL are desperate and using as much influence as possible with the Met to allow buses to get full passage through Parliament Square. 

Great news has now been announce that a group of peers led by Lord Palmer, will be meeting with the Prime Minister, to deliver a letter demanding Taxis be enabled to use every bus lane under legislation bought in via a new law. 

By being there in the Square and by acting peacefully, we have won over many supporters from both Houses. 
If a new law is bought in, it will stop councils such as Camden, Westminster and the City of London banning us from the streets.

Need any proof about who is firm,y behind our this periscope edition from LondonTaxi radio, where Sean Paul Day announces the research carried out y members of the RMT.... It's truly shocking. 
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