Tuesday, March 05, 2019

TfL Announce Extension To Tottenham Court Road Scheme Covering New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury And Holborn

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier at Camden, with the aftermath of destruction, congestion and added pollution in Fitzrovia and Midland Road.... it appears the lunatics have completely taken over the asylum.

Camden have publish plans to remove the Holborn gyratory, with areas between New Oxford St and Great Russell St to be part-pedestrianised. 

In addition, there are to be segregated cycle lanes along High Holborn and Theobalds Road, apparently to improve safety. The announcement was made by TfL who say that six cyclists have been killed in the area in last 10 years, but it’s been alleged that most of the cycle killed or seriously injured have resulted from collisions caused by buses. 

While London is rocked by the frightening number of violent stabbings and after police numbers have been slashed to the bone to ‘save money’, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan -who in the middle of the current knife crime crisis has decided to jet off on holiday to Morocco- has handed out £53.4 million to neighbourhood schemes to reduce car use and improve air quality and the environment.

The protected cycle lanes will be installed along the length of High Holborn and Theobalds Road. 

Sections along New Oxford Street and Great Russell Street, will be closed to all traffic and pedestrianised. 

Sections of Bloomsbury Way (like much of Tottenham Court Road) will become bus and bike only. 

Work is likely to start in January 2021.

Other projects include £15.5m for the eastern part of the Square Mile to reduce through traffic and create a zero emission zome.


I wonder how Camden would look today, were Phil Jones, Georgia Gould and Adam Harrison, blind, disabled or confined to a wheelchair???

Soon there will be no place in the centre of London available for Taxis. This has been reflected in the number of students undertaking the Knowledge of London course, now at its lowest ever with under 180 students currently on TfL’s books. 

While our largest our waits and sees, a policy that has seen the trade banned from the Bank Junction, the umbrella group known as the Independent Taxi Alliance have been protesting (now entering its 7th week) against the exclusions.

Join us this Wednesday at 1pm Parliament Square.  


Anonymous said...

Seems like central London is closing for business. Taxi business that is. Knowledge students better start training as bicycle repair men and part time as rickshaw riders

Trevor said...

You want to know why knowledge student numbers are down ? I’ll tell you why, I got my handshake 20 weeks ago , 5 months !! Yes 5 months I’ve been waiting just to get my finals done. I gave up work after 4 weeks so have not worked for 16 weeks. What the hell are they doing up there ??? Who the hell is gonna want that after years doing the knowledge. That’s why.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:15 PM

sorry to have to tell you, but you aint seen nothing yet

wait, until you traverse those streets that, you think are 'paved with gold'

trouble with the Cab Trade is (and always has been), it's filled with liars

Anonymous said...

The reason it has taken so long is I hear the examiners are on. A knife edge because no one is doing the Knolwedge there hanging things out as much as possible it’s a shame why do you think after 20 plus years we still only have the one taxi to buy ?? because no one in there right my would invest in a dead trade

Anonymous said...

This needs a public enquiry into what is going on. To do this to the whole of London is mind numbing. These authorities are a haven for all those who may have a few letters after their name but can’t cut it in the business world. Consequently, they ponder where they can eke out a good living for minimal cerebral input. Joking apart it’s a sad indictment of society that these people are allowed to ride rough shod over everything & not consider anyone, except a tiny minority. They really aren’t cut out to work in such an environment & are ruining a multitude of businesses. Other cities & countries must laugh at us regarding the way they are allowed to act with impunity. It’s the younger generation I feel for but not those working class ones who are lucky enough to escape through education. The ones I’m talking about are those who haven’t been able to get educated and rely on manual work (skilled or not). One escape was the knowledge but they have now rendered that avenue useless as proven by other comments, etc. These mocca coffee slurping halfwits have ruined London & it’s generations of working class culture. It’s all to do with their master plan to get all such persons out of London so they can benefit from the fine amenities & leisure pursuits. The working classes can take a hike as central London is no longer for the plebs - unless the plebs are coming in to service them.
Rant over😡😀!

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be an article about the lack of day work, or the constant overflowing station ranks?. Surely the seriousness of this far outweighs every other problem the trade is facing. No money, no taxis. Simple. Might have to start working nights again soon. Unfortunately I’ll be tagging it on to my all day shift. Happy days/ and nights for the cabbies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.20pm: I wouldn’t get too excited about thinking your woes will be over by working nights. Also, regarding your comment about the lack of day work & overflowing station ranks. Why on earth do you think this is happening? Well, it’s undoubtedly linked to the constant road closures to taxis & never ending roadworks, rendering the attraction of using a taxi as negligible. This is why the subject of the post you have commented on, is relevant & highly important. Keep taking away the road space & the attraction of using a taxi, to get from A-B, is not very attractive. Accordingly, some conspiracy theorists may assume that crossrail & other forms of regulated transport systems, need to be seen as being a more attractive choice than using a taxi. If so how would the attraction be promoted, other than by eradicating competition & particularly, reliable & safe on demand competition? Well let’s have a think about it ........ eureka.......... just stop the competition from being a viable alternative! And there you have your answer & guess what it’s related to why the content of the article is highly important as it is linked to your lack of day work & overflowing ranks - simples, as a little furry creature would say😀. Wake up & smell the skinny latte everyone, the grim reaper needs to be challenged!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:07am

You make some good points about the difficulty in negotiating London’s streets. That is without doubt. However, there needs to be more discussion on work levels. What cabby, is sitting there all day thinking. You know what, I’ll put me name down for a new cab, buy a bigger house, somewhere nice, get a villa in Spain, and still have time for a round down the golf course. None of us. We must be all thinking, I hope I can last the year out, or till I can get another job. Or when the cab runs out/ or 4yrs are up, I’m retiring. This is where we find ourselves now. Before the madness of Camden council gets underway. The taxi protests are not going to work, nothing has changed. If it gets worse for us, then there is no cab trade. Most of us have realised, it’s just a matter of time, before it’s not worth it anymore.

colin said...

Anon 4.20 pm
Spot on,a few weeks ago i came out of Royal Academy to get a taxi back to Waterloo & the traffic was solid so i walked down to Green Park Station & got on the tube,this is all planned so that cross rail is shown as successful.
Tfl want Taxi's out of London probably this is why a few years ago suburban areas where going to start a lot closer to the center but it got stopped.

Anonymous said...

ANON 7.31 AM

I couldn't agree with you more

shame, that there are so many Ostriches out there, with their heads buried in the sand

looking at the past, but not what's happening now and obviously coming in the future, some poor devils, have signed-up to a massive financial rope around their necks

the sums just don't add-up, but no wonder, when so many, don't know the difference between TAKINGS & EARNINGS

you hear them bragging all of the time, about how much they’ve taken

it doesn’t matter, how much you take – it’s what you earn

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.02 see anon 5.06 comment about trade being full of liars. I have heard a cab called a moneybox on wheels, £200 a day £300 a night easy money.

I remember a wise old sage telling me when I started you take the money to begin and think you are rich then the bills come and keep coming, so make sure you put aside because the good days need to cover the bad and you will have them, tell everyone you are skint or they will all be after you. This advice stood me in good stead.

The braggarts have done us no favours, some think we are rolling in it and in certain quarters it has caused resentment with some believing we are getting our just desserts.

Anonymous said...

To anon 07.31 AM & anon 6.02 PM: I think every sensible driver knows the difference between takings & earnings. To suggest otherwise is an insult to 95% of drivers. Basically, there are cretins in all walks of life & the taxi trade isn’t any different. However, the crux of the argument is that the taxi trade is being smashed from all sides. Therefore, just going into a depressive mode & throwing in the towel won’t cure anything. The odds may be stacked in the authorities favour but so were the odds in the 2nd world war. However, although Churchill knew this he wouldn’t give in to those who suggested a compromise with the enemy. Consequently, he and the British people dug in and fought against terrible odds and adversity. The plight of the taxi trade is minuscule compared to this and there is the lesson - never give up. Always remember that if you don’t put up a fight you’ll definitely lose so dig in and who knows what will happen. The previous generations of taxi drivers are owed this at least, they fought against Gotla’s minicabs (some received custodial sentences), fought against the GLC in the 70’s (winning the day) and they would look at the present day driver with disdain & contempt. It’s owed to them to not just roll over and throw away hundreds of years of a respected trade. So stop griping and don’t just run away with your tail between your legs - show some gumption!!!