Friday, March 08, 2019

TFL's Graham Robinson Tells Cribble App Drivers They Will Be Plying For Hire .

Important information for private hire drivers


We have been approached about a new PHV booking app called Cribble which we understand is due to launch on Monday, the 11th of March

Based on our understanding of how the app works, any private hire driver working via the app would be plying for hire which is unlawful.

Any licensed private hire driver found to be plying for hire - through the Cribble app or otherwise - risks prosecution and licensing action by TfL.

Should the position change in relation to the app, drivers will be notified as appropriate.

Graham Robinson 
General manager London taxi and Private Hire
8 March 2019 

And another one bites the dust

An open question to TfLTPH General Manager Graham Robinson -who doesn't answer my emails and blocks my Email address at TfL-.....what is so different with Cribble, why are they plying for hire via an app, and Uber isn't ???



Anonymous said...

Could it be that Dara K has told TFL to put a stop on Cribble?

Eddie L. said...

Quite obvious the Brown envelope was not big enough.

Anonymous said...

The taxi industry as changed and all these small ph operators and black cab drivers are holding on now with there finger tips.
Tfl are under massive preasure from other areas.1 ph company a week is selling out to there bigger rivals. All over uk. This is giving the goverment its first chance to control the taxi industry
It wont be long before gov.cabs are in every town plates by vosa works for wolves.bagdes for uk with driving test
Then there be nothing to CRIBBLE about