Saturday, February 02, 2019

Statement From The Independant Taxi Alliance (ITA) : Latest News About The Demos.

*The Truth*
Jas Sandhu of the Met Police, seconded to TfL as a replacement to Insp Neil Bellany (of the Uber email FOI's), contacted every Org and Union wanting to speak the ITA leaders.
Steve Garelick informed us via text, not giving Sandhu any of our personal information away, but giving me Sandhu's number.
Sean Paul Day and Jimmy Thomas are the spokesmen and media control of the ITA. We trust no one else.

We asked SPD to call Sandhu as ITA spokesman and reporter for LTR.
The crux of the conversation, was TfL had been forced to contact the ITA by the Met.

Obviously TfL can see division in the trade as usual, with plenty of negativity and sniping from drivers who feel working and letting main roads being lost to Taxis is okay. So they were prepared to sit and wait until the militants who are prepared to fight for their rights shrivel into poverty and limp away in defeat.

TfL are worried.
They are dying to control us.
They have to foot the ongoing, crippling police bill, and pay the financial penalties for every bus that's late, and suffer every bus that's emptied out.

We have learned from the day the Met bushwhacked the UCG with Sections 12 and 14. 
We have no trust in Met top brass.
We refuse point blank to meet the Met.
If the Met kettles us in, good. If they get tricky, we mobilise and wreak havoc in convoy.
We broke all records on Friday doing a fortnight of protests.
Having set the record of one week a few years ago in St Pancras/Kings Cross.

Be proud
Enough of cutting our noses off to spite TfL's face. We protest every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm till 4pm (times and venues may change) until hell freezes over!
The ITA hasn't got a soft underbelly, but TfL showed us theirs on Friday.
We are getting to them.

Be patient, this is a war of attrition. Nothing will happen overnight.
And when we do win, it will come as another guise, so TfL won't lose face.
Their plans so far are Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and part of Regent Street, Queensway, Bank Junction (lost at a fruitless negociating table), Duke Street Hill through Tooley Street, Jamaica Road, Lower Road, Evelyn Street, Creek Road to Greenwich and beyond, with a spur off down Deptford Church Street, Brookmill Road into Lewisham.

The artwork for the new proposed Aldwych has only buses running along it. Are we paranoid or enlightened?
We cannot wait on consultations. TfL and it's conspiratorial rotten boroughs do not abide by consultations that decline to fit their agenda.
No consultation should even suggest prohibiting Taxis in favour of buses. 

We don't care if only three of us turn up to protest. We will protest!
Unfortunately this trade has never been united. We as a trade are the last mavericks. A situation the Establishment hates, because there is nothing in it for them.
Our hard earned independence can be detrimental to any form of closed shop unification. But we chose this job for its freedoms, and we will fight to preserve them.
This is the nature of the beast that is our trade, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
It is not just about Camden, who are beholden to the Mayor for funding, or any other rotten Labour borough who colludes with the Mayor's Transport Strategy which omits Taxis.
Mayor Khan has been caught out lying about Taxi emissions, he has cut the grant to help the trade transform from Euro6 diesel to electric from £42m to £18m, without apology or explanation.
He has cut the lifespan of new Taxis from 15 years to 12 years based upon non scientific supposition, costing Taxi garages hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Plus, he will exclude all diesel Taxis from ULEZ in London, in 6 years time.
Sadiq Khan touts his father being a bus driver to accredit his working class status.
Before dial-a-rape came to town and started playing bumper cars every night, there was no love lost between buses and taxis.

Did young Sadiq see his mate's Dad's do the Knowledge and break out from those days of poverty? Does his resentment stem childhood?
The Knowledge is open to everyone.

Nowadays you only get a short induction and you can drive a bus with minimum qualifications - hence the mountain of Killed or Seriously Injured statistics committed every year by bus drivers.
TfL class Taxis as private enterprise and not Public Transport. So why do they mandate how Taxi drivers accept payment for their own individual businesses?
TfL are playing with a marked deck of cards. They are out to decimate the Taxi trade. The obviousness of TfL's bias and Mayor Khan's dislike for our trade is a plain as the nose on Sadiq's face. They don't even do us the courtesy of hiding their disdain.

TfL and Sadiq Khan are out to kill us. If we can't stop them, then at least take as many of them as we can with us.
*See you on Wednesday*


I’m Spartacus said...

The pantomime season is over TfL. No more pre meetings with the LTDA so that once other reps turn up on good faith, the ‘deal is done’, well not in my name.

You want to meet the trade then here’s how:

1. Attend with Khan, Brown, Alexander and a rep from the London Boroughs, bring the Cycling guru Norman as well as your senior adviser.
2. Meeting to be minuted and videod for soca media,
3. Illegal PFH by PH apps, where buses go we go, scrappage all on the agenda.

All entirely reasonable conditions, let’s get it on if you want normality on the street.

George said...

It's funny, that now we are halfway through the battle, everyone wants to be a general. Plenty of suggestions of what we should or should not be doing, suggestions that should've been made to these peoples own orgs or unions over the last few years. But they kept quiet, said nothing, but now we've made an impact, they wanna start shouting from the rooftop's.

The ITA know exactly what they are doing and we don't need any armchair generals, we need troops. Drives who want to fight alongside their colleagues for the job they love.
Armchair generals can stay at home

Anonymous said...

Spot on

Anonymous said...

George for prime minister!!

Anonymous said...

Ok for that lot mega bucks and more holidays than school kids totally failing with there never ending supply of mini cabs what happened to safe and secure far too many in control playing with our lives