Monday, February 04, 2019

Midland Road St Pancras... 'Move Rank' : Pancras Road... 'BanCycles'... Job Done.

Because of the carnage created in Midland Road by Camden Council, we believe it's time TfL and Eurostar stepped in and moved Euro Star ranking facilities round to Pancras Road.

Reports on social media over the weekend said it was taking over £11 on the clock (from picking up on St Pancras rank) to finally exiting onto Euston Road.....this is disgraceful. Videos were circulating of emergency vehicles stuck in the gridlock. We just hope that lives haven't been lost as yet.

How long before passengers stop using taxis from the St Pancras rank altogether? 
Perhaps this was the plan all along...passengers forced onto the underground...Is Khan trying to fill the £1 billion deficit by taking passengers away from the Taxi trade and forcing them onto the Tube?

Immediate Action Needed : Where's The Joint Ranks Committee On This?
We need TfL and Camden to move the rank at St Pancras to Pancras Road. As PH not being metered they can pick up and drop off in the carnage of Midland Road and it should affect their price (except Uber who's vehicles are all metered no matter what the court case said)

The two ranks should be adjacent on Pancras Road....Euro Star northbound and Kings Cross southbound. Traffic lights would need to be phased giving Pancras Road time to clear on each light change. At present, the lights are phased to hold back traffic from Euston Road. 

We also need Goodsway reopened two way 'as soon as possible' to aid Taxis traveling away North, NorthEast and East. 
There also needs to be an amendment to the road traffic order...'No Cycles'

Let them use York Way, Goodsway and Midland Road. B
asically, Pancras Road onto Camley Street is just one big cul-de-sac, so they shouldn't need to enter, except for access which they can dismount and do on foot.

Taking Taxis out of Midland Road altogether would aid the flow of traffic, cut the current congestion and help with air quality in the area. It just makes sense!
Or even more cost effective...revert back to the original road layout !

Just like adding Taxis to the Tottenham Court Road scheme, which according to Camden’s own modelling, would benefit tragic flow and air quality in surrounding streets. 

Or is this not about Traffic flow, congestion and air quality?
Are the allegations about Camden's Councillors conflicting interests on the money???

Is this more to do with what Market Tec and Turney wants the council to do??? 
Surely councillors don't have a conflict of interest with a commercial company.....or do they???

Look who cabinet member Phil Jones has left Camden to work for !!!
The ethical standards contained in the Nolan principles, by which councillors and cabinet members are judged, need to be applied with the utmost rigour. 

Not only must there 'not be a conflict of interest'...there must 'not be the appearance or perception of a conflict of interest'.

What is it they say.....Follow The Money. 


Anonymous said...

it's just another facet of their plan to annihilate us

Albert Beale said...

Surely the answer isn't to ban cycles or move cab ranks - the answer is to
ban most private cars and "mini-cabs" from the roads around St Pancras. If
there isn't enough space for everyone, then priority should be given to
buses, taxis, and bikes. And as for the seizing-up of Midland Road, if
private traffic isn't banned then one or more of the southbound lanes
exiting onto Euston Road needs to be strictly buses and taxis (and bikes)
only (rather than dividing the lanes according to whether traffic is going
left or right), with highly preferential green light phasing for those

Additionally, as someone who lives in Bloomsbury I'd be quite happy to see
taxis allowed to still cross directly from Midland Road into Judd Street, to
help the ones heading south to get away from Midland Road more easily, but
only providing it was sufficiently policed to stop any other cars from doing

Albert Beale (a cyclist who thinks cyclists and taxi drivers ought to
co-operate more!)

Anonymous said...

If the road planners were worth their salaries why are there so many traffic issues in central London?

Professional drivers recognise idiotic road planning when they see it, Take midland road (St Pancras rank), Why is the road one way from the point of the rank?

It would be the easiest thing in the world to make the road two way from the point of the rank thus allowing Taxis exiting the rank a choice of also heading north or north east or north west via midland road and reducing the currently singular only option flow towards euston rd by at least half especially as you very often cannot leave the rank due to stationary traffic.

If this two way section was lenghened from the rank point to St Pancras road traffic lights (at the moment its only two way for about 40 metres and hopeless) The emissions would seriously be reduced and taxi passengers would receive lower fares because unlike private hire we instantly recognise an alternative or better route and take it, pity the council road planners are not gifted with compromising alternatives and consultative ideas with real experts on Londons roads......US!

Be Lucky