Thursday, February 07, 2019

David Kurten questions the mayor on the future of London's taxitrade... Silence From Woodfield Road.

Mike Brown and Sadiq Khan, no longer consider London's Taxis to be part of Public Transport. Is it time for the London Taxi trade to refuse to acknowledge TfL as our regulator?
The UCG aleady refuse to meet with TfL as engagement policy was shown to be a it not time the RMT,LCDC, LTDA and Unite followed the UCG lead?

Thursday 7th Feb, both London Mayor Sadiq Khan and TfL commissioner Mike Brown, face questions from the General London Assembly (GLA), over transport issues. 

The London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) have submitted questions to assembly members to be asked on our behalf. Strangely quiet from Woodfield Road.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Mike Brown has avoided many meetings with the London Taxi Trade and has also stopped answering questions out to him in emails. 

One of the questions Mike Brown has repeatedly avoided answering is : Has TFL ever done a Health and Safety risk assessment on Uber’s mode of operations.... 

We have been reliably informed that drivers have asked this question many times by email, yet the commissioner has failed to answer or make a statement. 

One thing TfL did say was, if you don’t like what we are doing, then take us to court....
And that’s exactly what UTAG are going to do. 
But to do this, they need your financial help. 

Please use the UTAG link in the right hand column, to support the group that’s fighting on your behalf, United Trade Action Group. 

Watch David Kurten's questions to the Mayor and Mike Brown. 


So that’s a resounding NO....Taxis are NOT included in the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy. 

Let’s hope every driver in London join the Proactive ITA protests MON-WED-FRI 1pm-4pm Parliament Sq. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. The cheek of a public body regulating our fares, vehicle use especially disabled access and controlling us at the detriment to us being competitive and then saying we are no more than a private enterprise. If we are not to be public hire, then if we are to be a private enterprise they should only regulate our CRB checks and allow us to regulate everything else via our own organisation like a private company. They can't expect it both ways. We should really go back to public carriage office and police. We should be regulated separately to private hire. Mixing us together with them was never going to end well for us.

Anonymous said...

All lies and it’s just a matter of time before the Knolwedge of London is scraped

Anonymous said...

These two will look better with no fucking teeth.

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been to the transport museum in Covent Garden. The London taxi trade and nearly all of its history has been left out, and quite obviously disregarded as unimportant already.