Saturday, January 05, 2019

Where Buses Go, Taxis Go : 6,725 Were Killed Or Injured By London Buses Last Year, Yet It’s Taxis Being Banned From London Streets

Transport for London says it is "unacceptable" for anyone to be killed or seriously injured by buses as "decisive action" is demanded to improve safety

Figures from TfL reveal a total of 6,725 people were killed or injured by London buses in a year, with Lewisham the third most dangerous borough for incidents involving buses.

The figures, which were complied by the GMB union's London region, are from July 2017 until June 2018.

Warren Kenny, GMB regional secretary, said: "We know that Sadiq Khan considers that the statistics on the numbers killed and injured are chilling.

"So what is needed is decisive action from the top to change the culture at Transport for London to make the safe operation of buses by the outsourced private for-profit operators the top priority.”

A spokesman for the Mayor of London said: "Every single death or serious injury on our roads is unacceptable, and that’s why London is using world-leading technology to make buses safer for everyone on our roads.

"We’ve set ambitious targets to improve road safety to achieve our Vision Zero target of no deaths in or by a bus by 2030 or sooner."

TfL said it was taking "every action possible" to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured.

It added that better driver training and increased emphasis on safety will help reduce the numbers.

Claire Mann, TfL’s director of bus operations, said: "We are taking every action possible to reduce the unacceptably high number of people killed or seriously injured on our streets.

"For buses, this includes introducing better driver training and a range of improvements to the vehicles themselves."

It aims to eliminate people being seriously injured from crashes by 2041.


Amazingly, these new statistics have been released just days after the news that the TfL director in charge of London's buses, is to receive an OBE for his services to London's Transport services. 

Daily Taxi Protests Planned:

TfL are currently planning to ban Taxis from certain streets across the capital. The Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) will be holding weekday protests from the 21st of this month daily until.

The protests will run indefinitely, until Taxis are allowed to go, where buses go. This will include Tottenham Court Road, the Bank Junction, east bound along Vernon Place to New Oxford Street, Haymarket straight into Cockspur Street, Trafalgar Square Into the Strand and every bus lane. 

A spokes person for the ITA said: 

“The Taxi Trade want Mayor Khan to deliver what he promised the trade in his election manifesto.”

The London Cab Drivers Club's pro-active Chairman Grant Davis said:
"As TFL are funding this revamp, you would expect “THEIR” public transport to included.... wouldn’t you? But cars, lorries and taxis are to be banned from Tottenham Court

The ITA Demos will be fully supported by most of the trade representative groups, but the largest org (LTDA) haven't publicly come out in support.

The LTDA are known for their step-blackish attitude and a policy of waiting and seeing. Many in the trade believe that this policy is the reason access to the Bank Junction has been lost and that the org is too friendly with the regulator.

LTDA members involved in the 'London Bridge/Tooley Street' demos in December, were calling for Greneral Secretary Steve McNamara to resign and a #byebyeSteve hashtag was set up on social media. 

Many members were infuriated last year when the LTDA suspended branch elections, but then scrapped the branch altogether. Just after this, over twenty members were then expelled from the association. 

Source : NewShopper


colin said...

If many of the drivers were not moonlighting then perhaps the buses would be safer.

Anonymous said...

How about more emphasis being put on recruiting a higher standard of driver, rather than the low level trash they currently employ. Improving training will do nothing to improve safety - In their delusions of grandeur they wanted a world class bus service. Unfortunately, you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. Simple, third world drivers, third world bus service!

Anonymous said...

Major Khan what’s to get a bloody grip maybe he should do a study into how many bus drivers are doing a second job in private hire to be a major concern public being driven by a driver doing a second job? Also be interesting to see if the insurance company covering these drivers would be happy knowing driver has second job, standard of driving on our streets is diabolical especially from private hire and buses considering they are ferrying the public around

Anonymous said...

Someone on com cab a fully paid up member of the LTDA and
Driving a new 67k cab.
You've won twat of the year
Go to taxi house to collect your diary.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:27PM

re the someone:
probably a new driver - believed & fell for, all of the 'hyp', as I did 35 years ago