Friday, January 11, 2019

TfL Know Its A Taxi ... and Yet, They Still Get It Wrong ... Or Do They???

From 8 April 2019 if you travel in the ULEZ you will need to pay the daily ULEZ charge. 
This is because your vehicle does not meet

This is the answer I get from the TfL online ULEZ checker when entering my Taxi's registration. 
Try it for yourself here:-

As we all know Taxis are exempt from the charge, but it looks like someone needs to tell TfL. 

They will say not to worry, but will we keep getting fines through the post that we will need to spend time appealing against, like with some boroughs who are continually sending out PCNs to Taxis photographed in bus lanes they are entitled to use. 

Why can't TFL's website get this stuff right
Why is it we have to constantly complain about their continued woefully inadequacies.


We were told that if you converted your diesel Taxi to a cleaner LPG engine set up, then the age limit would be extended from 15 years to 20.....apparently this is no longer the case. 

TfLTPH have tweeted today that even if you make the 10 thousand pound investment, the age limit of your vehicle remains at 15 years....who in their right mind is going to invest £10k for the same age limit???

Taxi leaks editor Jim Thomas has asked TfLTPH to confirm their statement on Twitter that the proposed age limit on Euro 5 Taxis who have spent nearly £10k on a convert to LPG, will remain at 15 years?
This is the statement they replied with :

It would appear to us, that this Mayor and TfL are using every measure in their arsenal to go to war against the Taxi Trade as is and to reduced its number of drivers dramatically as in the proposals contained in the leaked Project Horizon, with a more manageable fleet of around 13,000 central London green badge drivers.

Here's a scenario for you to muse over:
A driver has an older Taxi (14years and six months) with just six months left on the road under current age limit rules. He decides to upgrade to LPG and is assured that he will be able to run the vehicle which will remain fit and proper for an extra 5 years untill it is 20 years old. He pays his £10k for the conversion.

Later this year the mayor holds his much publicised consultation, which we all know means he's not listening to anything we say and goes ahead with the new age limits. 
Our driver now finds his cab is suddenly unfit for purpose and must come out of service.....meaning he has done his £10k in cold blood.

Please consider what is about to happen before having your Taxi converted to LPG, Khan is going to make it a very expensive mistake. 

Another done deal perhaps from the people who are going the political route?


Anonymous said...

Piss up in brewery comes to mind....Totally clueless.

Alan Wicker said...

as your headline infers - maybe, they haven't got it wrong!

and next, could be restrictions when the Electric Taxi is running on the Petrol Range Extender

would you expect anything else?

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest, Once the politicians got their grubby hands on our trade via red Ken we have been swimming against the tide on the emmisions policy of TFL but notibly, Ken made the older cabs retro fit emission systems to allow the cabs continual use without age limit, and boris threw that idea out when he was in control qouting diesel fumes PM 10's PM 25's
It was the only way our trade could be dissected with govenmental approval and it continues today with the absurd notion that a 15 year age limit on the new electric cab is in any way justified with not a drop of diesel in sight?

I have recently had a PCN notice issued by Barnet council and cancelled for using a bus lane although the picture clearly shows a taxi, This leads me to believe it will all end in tears if the powers that be differentiate between taxi ages and access charges on current legislation because the traveling public at venues like station ranks etc or app users do not get the opportunity to pre request a destination that may make the taxi driver incumbent of an extra charge, and as there is already established "extras" at heathrow for a locational charge it all sounds a complete mess.

Looking at the mess brexit is currently and disgracefully being handled by so called educated people of the political class, it only underlines how low they will go to get what they want, and if the ULEZ were to include taxis it would only prove the earlier piss up in a brewery comment it completely accurate.

Timing out the current cabs with bigger financial concessions is the only way forward and as they slowly dissapear like the wonderful fairways did, our trade can evolve in a financially prudent fashion, not the completely unrealistic costings a TFL pen pusher on a nice pensioned salary has devised.....get real.

Be Lucky,


taxi eindhoven said...

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Anonymous said...

Big problem you have with the electric cab is the reliability issue if the batteries go after say seven years what will the replacement cost be as a % value of the cab. As the thing is so expensive in the first place residual value after 5 years when battery warranty runs out could be next to nothing means the above scenario makes the thing totally worthless, therefore 15 year life becomes academic, and has cost a fortune in annual writedown. At least with the diesel if the engine blows up you know the replacement cost.

Anyone buying one must be mad, remember on a PCP you cant walk away until the last payment, if you want to get out early you have to settle in full and if cab worth less than settlement figure you have to make up shortfall, might be blindingly obvious but a lot of people don't realise this.

The way the trade is at present the only way is to rent, why be exposed to a potential financial timebomb.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the great point you make about the battery replacement cost, people must be mad to buy one, only thing i don"t agree with is the renting, theres not enough money in the game to be renting, just working for someone else. might as well chuck it in if you cant get an old cab to buy and go painting and decorating!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.12 therein lies the rub, what do you call an old cab? I was making the point for renting based on a new cab but it filters down if they reduce the age limit which they surely will do, unless you have bought the cab cheap you are exposed again, particularly if it is unreliable you are only adding to your cost base. You certainly would need your head examined ploughing 10 grand into a fifteen year old cab at this point unless it was a low mileage minter that you know it’s history, you only need a gearbox or diff to go and it already becomes unviable.

I agree renting removes your autonomy but think about it if you buy a cab on PCP you are only working for the finance company because you won’t own it and why would you refinance the final payment you would pay interest on interest. None of it adds up. Take your point though best position to be in now is if you own your own cab it’s paid for and is 6 years old or older.