Saturday, January 19, 2019

Taxi Trade Asks Sadiq And TfL, ‘Where’s The Missing £3m?’

Having allegedly misappropriated £22m of funding, supposedly ring-fenced and set aside for payments towards the decommissioning of diesel Licensed Taxis.....there appears to be another problem with the residual funding, as figures published do not add up to the expected renaming £18m. 

Let's look at the figures posted on TFL's Website :-

250 x £10,000...2,500,000

250 x £9,000. ...2,250,000

250 x £8,000. ...2,000,000

250 x £7,000. ...1,750,000

250 x £6,000. ...1,500,000

250 x £5,000. ...1,250,000

250 x £4,000. ...1,000,000

250 x £3,000. ...750,000

500 x £2,000. ...1,000,000

1000 x £1000. ...1,000,000

Total decommissioning allowance £15,m

So where's the missing  £3m. Who’s been doing Sadiq Khans Accounting... is it Dianne Abbott ?

That's another £3m on top of the £22m Khan has already taken off the Taxi Trade.

After all the grants are paid to drivers decommissioning their Taxi’s that no one in their right mind wants to buy, the figures published on TfL’s website show a missing deficit of £3,000,000. 

Is this a genuine mistake or is this Tax payers money that Khan intends to promote his Brexit campaign with ?

If so, surely this is illegal and should be reported immediately to the serious fraud office. 


Anonymous said...

Even if the maximum grant was 25k why would you want to buy a new cab and get into debt when you can run your cab until it reaches its age limit. You will then be able to make a decision with regards to staying in the trade or walking away.

dannythecab said...

Maybe it's in the pot of Gold on the other side of the Garden bridge.....

colin said...

My biggest fear would be Tfl,how they have treated the trade is shameful,,how can you spend this amount of money on this taxi to be excluded from roads & it will get worse,to allow Ph to ply for hire & now we see people trying to flag them down on the streets (the battery must be dead).

I've never been in-favor of the work time directive as this would show the job is bankrupt------for me this cab cannot support the trade,6p a mile over 150k warranty miles--18.8k ballon payment after 5 years & if your unlucky how much to replace the battery's,it just does not stack up with Phv now plying for hire.

Anonymous said...

Have the lot of them audited
Someone's stolen it.
Follow the money trail.
As John Lennon said.
Just corrupt bought for scum

Anonymous said...

The whole point of creating a distraction is exactly that, ... to keep eyes & thoughts away from the bigger issues of incompetence and governmental greed.

If whole masses of intercontinental immigration shifts from one place to another which natuarally brings along their waste & discharges, it only makes sense that waste and pollution will rise accordingly.

The powers that cash in on that movement will naturally be responsible for the shift in pollution levels, ..right?

Cheap air fares are relatively controlled as to allow travel safely but removing the fringes & trims by way of consumer choices, you pay for what you get and no regulator will allow danger into the air travel market to cheapen fares unlike what TFL has done in our business putting profits ahead of passengers safety with UBER.

Excluding taxis from what will be important and highly visible roads (the ultimate plan) will be catastrophic to our trade and must be stopped, and I will be out next week giving my fullest support to a serious issue, as knock on implications like the continuance of LEVC rely on our trade not the elimination of road space for TFL priority.

Be Lucky


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry but I could not vote labour as long as Corbyn is here he is a waste of space Andy burnham is the right person the turn around the Labour Party around as for TfL there days are numberd it was just a matter of time before they slipped up

Anonymous said...

Whoever you want to vote for, just remember it was the CONservative pm cameron, CONservative chancellor ozzy osborne, and CONservative mayor boris bunter that let uber into London, thus ruining our trade, lest we forget peoples, less we forget! CON by name, CON by nature!