Monday, January 28, 2019

Sad News Today, As Trade Loses Another Much Loved Colleague.

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of one of the loveliest cab drivers I have ever known. Mark Sherlock (61) who has lost his 20 month battle with a brain tumour, was a dear friend and much loved colleague.

I first met Mark at a trade org meeting in 2010, he said he liked my blog but the spelling was dreadful. 
I explained that I had a mild form of dyslexia that affected mainly my reading ability, so once written, I rarely read back through my posts. Mark offered to proof read and correct posts and within days the blog took on a new professional look, all down to Marks efforts. 

Unfortunately a few years down the line as we had rocked a few boats, the blog came under heavy attack with threats of legal action to all those involved. So I had to distanced myself from the others connected with the Anderson Shelter and carried on alone. Obviously the blog standard noticeably dropped without Marks help. But we did manage to stay in touch through social media and the occasional meeting.

Mark, an established Soul Music DJ, shared my passion for music from the late 60s early 70s. As a young man I would regularly visit the West End clubs and everytime we met, Mark would always turn our conversation back to this time. 

It was always such a pleasure to see Mark walk through the door at the Royal Oak Or Camley Street and I can honestly say, I've never heard anyone criticise or have anything bad to say about him.

My life has been enriched by knowing Mark and my heart goes out to his family and friends. 

Mark was a face that turned up at virtually every Taxi Trade Demo. 

This from Marks friend, Bob Masters :
We are all totally numb at the loss of our dear friend, so where on earth do we find the words to try and say what someone like Mark Sherlock truly means to us….pretty impossible.
Mark was the epitome of what a man should be, a hard working rock of a husband, father and friend, with a passion for music, cloths and the odd pint of Guinness, outside of that, what else is there.
Mark carried an honesty and instant likability that is very rare in today’s world, he was wonderful to have on any event as a DJ, but as a person, you just always wanted him in the room with you.

I would like to thank Tina and all the Sherlock family for allowing myself, all his close friends and those from the extended soul family who could make it, the time to come and see Mark, chat and giggle with him over these past desperate months. We all kinda new what the outcome would be, but still prayed in the hope that someone was listening and that somehow there might be miracle of some sort…silly I know, but hey !!

I already miss our chats, our days out, popping into Soho Radio, meeting up with Eddie Piller, sitting in on his show and grabbing a pint or two, your love of playing/DJing with us all…and your love of the people around you. We shared so many very special times in the last few years, too many to mention right now….but they are etched on my heart for always.

I was SO glad to get to see Mark yesterday, he wasn’t really totally awake, but I said a few things in his ear, he then raised his arm up, so I held his hand, I felt like he could hear me. I whispered to him all his friends names that I could remember and told him how much we all loved him…..then I said goodbye….I’m gonna miss my mate

The world is a lesser place today because Marks not in it, but it could be a far better place  tomorrow if we wake-up and all try and be a bit more like him….he was a one-off.

Rest in Peace now mate, your in a better place….they’re lucky to have you......God Speed xx


Dizzy said...

Mark used to proof read UCN for me. He could spot a missing A in the middle of the whole mag. He was unreal.

Mandy Shea said...

Mark & his family have been a part of our lives for past 30 years, Tom decided to do the knowledge through Marks enthusiasm and he then joined Mark 3 years later as one of London's finest, we had family holidays together, they made time & effort to attend our Daughter Kirsty's wedding in Dominican (that alone showed true friendship) marks love for his Family, West ham and the soul DJ circuit, gained him many friends who in turn loved Mark for the true unassuming man he was, the tributes to Mark on social media are truly humbling. Mark will be greatly missed by so many,we had the privalege of spending some time with Mark yesterday to say our goodbyes, until we meet again our dear friend, our heartfelt sincere condolences go out to Tina, James, Kate, Ron and all the Family Love Mandy, Tom & Family. Xxxx

Unknown said...

As a neighbour from 50 odd years ago and watching him and all of the Sherlock's growing up, I can only say that Mark was one of life's good guys, I know the whole family and countless friends will miss him. He's a legend in his own time. RIP Mark, may you dwell in the house of our Lord forever, let perpetual light shine upon you. Love you, you'll be missed, love Judy xx

Souldier said...

One of the nicest blokes you could ever meet.
First meet Mark when he was a guest on my then Radio Show, took to him instantly and we became friends from there on. His music knowledge was 2nd too none