Saturday, January 12, 2019

Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Or Is Khan Caught In His Own Rat-Trap?

Not only is London Mayor Sadiq Khan accused of being a liar, he is also accused of being a hypocrite.

Khan has allegedly been labeled a liar by the London Taxi Trade, after releasing fake information (supposedly from his expert scientist) that London’s Taxis we’re responsible for 20% of the toxic air in London -a physical impossibility- All London Taxis have to pass a stringent emissions test twice a year, with limits set by TfL, or they are taken off the road. 

The tests are part of the two yearly MOTs imposed by the previous Mayor Boris Johnson, on all Taxi vehicles which have to pass the tests to carry on servicing London’s public. 

But it seems when you are London Mayor, there’s one rule for the trade, and a different rule for Sadiq...who has recently come under fire for using his (environmentally unfriendly 4.4 litre) official BMW with no current MoT. 

This was published on Guido Fawkes' 

It appears that in amongst all the splashing taxpayers’ cash on PR firms and campaign groups while approving prohibited political ads on the tube, Sadiq has forgotten one important thing this week. His official swanky black BMW hasn’t had its MOT renewed – DVLA records show that it’s now almost a week out of date. Not a good look for the boss of the capital’s transport infrastructure. With a massive 4.4-litre engine it’s hardly very environmentally-friendly either…

Sadiq's Stats Exposed As Untruths by Proffessor Anthony Frew.


TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT :   Least we forget, September 2015....

"I will be the renaissance of the London taxi trade"


Anonymous said...

The major air pollution in London is caused by the mayors office TFL and that shower of crap in parliament.
You can almost smell the corruption as you drive past the places.
It's a con just another stealth tax.
And don't get a smart meter, if your smart.
You've been told.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, this country is as corrupt as anywhere in the world including those third world african despot states that we always felt bad for, millions of starving people led by a greedy thieving cnut with a load of palaces to live in and homes around the world, including london, we have the same bunch of CONS leading us, but at the moment we arent starving, mainly because the CONS bankers friends are lending us some cash on the card, so we are surviving on credit, but one day the CONS will call the debt in, and if you don"t have it you can sell your house, live on the street, anything, long as you pay the CONS their money, with lots of lovely interest! Now, just off to sign up for 65 GRAND, OR 75 GRAND NEW TAXI WITH INTEREST, hope its big enough for a family of 5, cos thats where we all going to be living in a few years by the look of the CONSERVATIVES view on the workers!Holiday? Just watch wish you were here and dream about it, no train delays or flight cancellations due to a toy in the sky, whats not to like? Yeah, bang on the money with smart meters, they been over charging on them, by accident of course, oooops, well , its business, CONservative business, All good if you don2t get rumbled, and if you do, just apologise and give the stolen cash back, then do same in a few months, they will never suspect you will do it again and so soon! Keep voting CON people, they have your family interest at heart!

Solybananas said...

It's not just conservative that are currupt it's Camden council which is labour controld who are corrupt, put that in your pipe & smoke it!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who buys a new or used cab now needs to be certified. Put yourself in a position so that when the s**t hits the fan you can walk away.

Anonymous said...

Why does khan have to have an official car? It's probably paid for out of our outrageously high council taxes, & all it's maintenance costs!

when he could travel around via public transport, bus, tube, train, minicab, taxi?

Just more of those rules, regs they demand you follow religiously, or else, but, they have different rules for themselves!

Some years ago,
a study was done, on cost of owning a car, as opposed to using a taxi for your transport. the taxi came out on top, as the car needed a lot of cash, for parking, repairs, maintenance, purchase, insurance, driver,etc. Taxi worked out so much less than cost of actually buying, owning the vehicle.Then theirs the pollution he makes for his small trips around London!

Would be good to see him set an example for rest of us, & also be advantageous to council tax payers, we are over charged exorbitant fees for these people to do simple jobs, which they fail at, so any financial relief would be advantageous for us tax payers!

Anonymous said...

anon 9.13 concur see my posts (re TFL KNOW ITS A TAXI)Kahn is despicable, pure double standards the collateral damage he is causing knows no bounds, just glad I am old enough to walk away

Anonymous said...

Keep voting CONservative solybanana, with people like you on our side we might as well ask tfl to round up the new electric taxi to 100k as you probably in denial about the CON servative pm cameron, CON chancellor ozzy and CON mayor boris in bringing uber into london! Or just keep smoking da wacky backy!