Friday, January 25, 2019

Looking Good For Dynamo Launch Early This Year.

Email from Dynamo’s manufacturers 

We are hoping to launch Dynamo early this year, although we cannot confirm exactly when. The issue has been that the demand for the new 40Kw battery worldwide, which is also in the Leaf as well as the e-NV 200 has far exceeded the expectation level and of course the UK is just one of the markets that Nissan sell in.

Our 1st 40Kw vehicle has just arrived, then it will be converted and type approved, also TFL approved for London, after which we will be taking orders. We currently have outstanding orders to fulfil, as we thought we would have had the launch earlier. As I say nobody factored in the worldwide popularity of the new 40Kw battery. We anticipate existing orders to be delivered in the spring of this year, new orders will be later during 2019. We are currently working on the supply chain in order to ensure that’s stable. Many different companies contribute to the supply of components for Dynamo, not least Nissan with the donor vehicle, it's important for obvious reasons that we have the supply stable and reliable.

It is not only a Taxi for London, but nationally also; we expect to be selling Dynamo in many cities around the UK, including Liverpool, later in 2019/early 2020

Whilst we know and fully acknowledge that it’s not the Taxi for everyone, those who do adopt slightly different working practices and make it work for them will see that it will be, and without question the most cost-effective Taxi ever to ply its trade.

It is the only 100% electric, side wheel chair accessible Taxi on the market, it emits zero tailpipe emissions, 100% of the time.

The Dynamo comes with Nissan proven worldwide reliability and fuel running costs as low as 3pence per mile., compared to Diesels at 24pence per mile. Annual servicing at circa £220 is a fraction of the current Petrol/Diesel versions. The tested range is 174 miles, in a daily operating city environment, I would assume a range of around 130/140 miles to be real, and this will cover most shifts. If more miles are required it may need to be put onto a rapid charger for 15/20 minutes once on a shift, although I doubt many drivers will need to do this.

This is the slightly different working practice that in some cases will need to be adopted, but by doing this there will be a big financial and environmental benefit.

In most cases the driver will charge at home, do their shift and go home again. Reading everything I have in relation to the Nissan Leaf and e-NV 200 the worst-case scenario the consumption is 3.7 miles per Kw/h, bearing in mind it’s a 40Kw battery - 3.7 x 40 = 148 miles.

In today’s market of unclean air and fierce competition for fares, Dynamo will deliver many of the solutions, enabling the driver to become more profitable and at the same time no longer contributing to the air pollution issues. It will be permitted to travel on all public highways in London, there will be no restrictions as its 100% electric.

In short it just works.

We are hoping that the launch price will be £45,495 after the Government grant of £7,500 has been removed.

We will be offering bespoke finance packages, tailored as close as we are able to individual needs.

Thank you once again and I look forward to talking to you shortly

Kind regards

John Heath

Market Development Manager


Anonymous said...

I’m earning less now than 10yrs ago, and this cab is 12grand more than the tx4 I was unfortunate enough to buy. Put me down for 2, I know a good deal when I see one!!!!!. All those Waterloo’s to St Thomas’s hospitals. Think of the diesel il be saving. It’s a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

I’ll have 2 as well

Anonymous said...

I best take a couple, before they run out!

Anonymous said...

My old dad used to drum into me "its not what you take iis what you make" and over the past 30 plus years ive been making less and less but more noticible the cost of running a cab has spiralled in the world of emissions to unreasonable costs.

The rental business is virtually overpriced to bursying point too, and as the diesels vanish an impossible numbers game of under supply and demand will force semi retired drivers away from the game.

I can see the attraction of driving a lighter longer milage charged duration vehicle but be very careful what you wish for as a world famous iconic stand out London Cab driven by qualified cab drivers.

Identity is still our key world wide noticible brand and if we all end up driving a private hire look alike vehicle (and that is what the nissan NV200 looks like whatever you do to it) we will see black addison lee and others type copy-cat vehicles which will end our key iconic identity.

The TXe which can ONLY be used in London by Licensed Taxi Drivers eventually needs the milage extender it deserves and the continual purchase funding this vehicle will eventually drive that point home, it also needs the 15 year age limit urgently removed now to ensure its key long term survival.

Its a no brainer, I have no particular fondness or for the TXe except the principle of professional exclusivity which we still have in London with the Vehicle we drive and the prevention of private hire driving our Taxi's and models by law.

I repeat, Be Warned, Do not give that away, Private hire copied Vito's and the colour black was instrumental in the creation of Peter Griffin's Addison Lee as soon as TFL licensed private hire and mark my word they will copy the electric Nissan and paint it black ,....

So keep driving the taxi.... TAXI is who we are, Private hire are not and never will be without your help, TX's are vanishing daily and over the next few years in large numbers without direct equivelence and TFl insultingly d think that is not quick enough and will try to reduce the age limits even further but not without a fight from us because its pen pushing lunacy.

To TFL: Get the replacement ready first in both numbers and charging point abilities suitable for business operations to which you grant a licence to both operate and approve "before" you make decisions to close down businesses you were happy to grant licences for and take payment for.

How dumb can a so called educated mass transportation authority get?

Be Lucky


Anonymous said...

Don’t worry if stocks run out theirs always a Prius

Anonymous said...

Another taxi van with non opening rear windows hits the road for all those claustrophobic pukey passengers heading home, Lets hope it comes with 5 years supply of disenfection & a bucket.

Anonymous said...

Sounds better than other ridiculous piece of crap for 67k
Still welll other priced
It's a giant kids toy 45k ????
30k top wack the job don't warrrent any more investment
Break it down how does it come to 45 k.
They think we are just a bunch of mugs.

Anonymous said...

Face facts we our all being fleeced good and proper...inflated cab prices, charges we incur on card charges,10/12 percent charges on app work including tips, 2 mots and get charged by TFL 14 days after 2nd mot for mandatory inspection.. become a licensed Black cab driver and be mugged off..SCANDERLOUS..

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: taxi drivers required to buy 2 electric cabs, so they can work, day and night without losing time looking for and using a charging point.

Anonymous said...

how will that low range be any good for drivers who have a long journey to & from work?

anon: 5:36pm:
that's before u have a tachograph limiting ur working hours

I unfortunately think that, tfl and the authorities, have every angle covered to finalise our complete annihilation

Anonymous said...

Same taxi in Cornwall 20,000 pound cheaper , taken for a ride again lads ,