Sunday, January 06, 2019

Khan's Tottenham Court Road Scam : Original Consultation Voted Not ToBan Taxis... By Frank Bullitt

The original Camden Council consultation on the Tottenham Court road revamp scheme, did NOT repeat not support a ban on taxis.
 The public have spoken again and yet again we have another Brexit type scenario from the Mayor where individuals like Mr Adam Harrison have actively attempted to override public opinion and the will of the people. 

We saw the same thing with Oxford Street where TfL and the Mayor lied about the consultation where local resident votes were left off the final count and Westminster Council had to go to court to stop the pedestrianisation. 
History will judge Mr Khans legacy severely, how has he managed to get it so wrong ? 
Add to this 6 sexual assaults on the TFL network per DAY ! 
The public have never been so unsafe ......!
1 Dead every 3 WEEKS involving London buses 

We had so much hope Sadiq Khan was going to be an outstanding Mayor and bring about the renaissance of the Taxi Trade... how wrong could we be... the disappointment is monumental and his legacy appalling.
A Tale of Two Cities 

Whatever your views on Brexit, it has shown that no matter what the public vote for, the will of the people will be rejected by a select group of arrogant condescending elitist, who believe their opinions are the only opinions to prevail...
Consultations are no more than a pantomime to appease the peasants.
It happened at Archway Junction, where 67% voted against the new gyrator system, but TfL did it anyway. 
TfL consultations, are a complete waste of public money, because they take little to no notice of the people’s vote and do what they want anyway. 
Mayor Khan, aided and abetted by TfL have turned into a dictatorship, democracy in London is long gone. 


colin said...

The left have really shown who the fascists are,it's not the right wing it's the left wing,,,,,,well i suppose it did all start with the national socialist party in Germany many years ago & look how that turned out.

Anonymous said...

London open for business yer right come to London get shot stabbed mugged raped and the list goes on this will go down in history as the worst mayor in living memory tone totally honest I think he loves it all what a sick twisted man we have running out city