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LCDC Chairman Grant Davis On TfL’s 12year Age Limit CON And Meeting With UTAG Legal Team.

TfL have stolen £23m of our money that was supposed to be ring-fenced....because they are 'a bit skint'!

They wasn't that skint when they paid off Leon 'the liar' Daniels, or Garrett 'Rett Russell' Emerson, with a golden handshake, and gold plated pensions.


Not only have tfL stolen our money, they are currently planning to ban us from major streets. Streets where we exercise our right of 360 years to ply for hire. That is the same right that gives TFL's buses the right to ply for trade. We 'are' London's public transport.... and this mayor is bent on taking away our status, our right to ply for trade. But it doesn't stop there.

New TXe 15 years age limit (for now)....But what happens when TfL say “This TXe uses dirty petrol most of the time, we have to replace it with fully electric vehicle”

LPG conversion Cabs (£10k) will get the same age limit as diesel. No longer the extra 5 years for the investment of £10k

Older cabs (euro 3-4-5) 12 years ....for now. But how long befor that’s reduced to 10...8...6. 

Is our largest org fighting this? .....  OR IS THIS ANOTHER DONE DEAL?

Thought this would never happen? Think again, it's happening and it's happening now.

As the cab trade representatives left Monday's meeting with TfL, this comment was made: "Well, that's the Garages fucked! ". Not a comment you'd expect from our largest org, but don't worry you'll still get a free diary and M&S vouchers!

THIS IS A MUST WATCH : Don't take my word for what's happened, listen to what Grant Davis, chair of the London Cab Drivers Club had to say. Click this link below:


As regards to our right to ply for hire on and use all London's streets, the ITA will be instigating demos from next Monday 21st, to run daily, indefinitely.

As for our concerns about our future, there is only one course of action the trade can take....A last stand, and it's already been started by the Pump Court legal team. A team who started this action before there was any money in the pot, because in their words "this will be the case of the century" and they believe strongly that they can win. 

Grant gave almost the same speech last night to an invited audience of trade stakeholders (Proprietors, garage owners, meter suppliers, credit card equipment suppliers etc, people who generally make a living out of the trade). These stake holders have made extremely generous donations to the UTAG action, but now it's your turn.

Don't be an ostrich, don't bury your head in the sand, this isn't going's about to get much worse. 

Sign up and support the UTAG action now!

The JR will be heard next month. DONT LET THIS OPPOTUNITY SLIDE BY.

        JR FIRST....THEN ONTO TfL.

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : What they said on Twitter


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Who Needs Enemies...With Friends Like These : News From The Front Line.... by Tony Casey

It appears the Taxi Trade has again been stabbed in the back by the enemy within.  

At the recent "all trade" meeting with TfL, both Steve McNamara (LTDA) and Jim Kelly (Unite) said nothing of substance against the proposed twelve year age-limit that both the Mayor and TfL want to introduce.

Not only limiting the vehicles life to 12 years, TfL are also proposing to ban the extra year you can currently get by replaying the vehicle a month early at 14 year 11 month. So they are actually taking four years off our current Taxi’s working Life, regardless of condition. 

The Taxi Garages owners have the opportunity to shout from the ROOFTOPS at their separate meeting with TFL which will be held shortly. 

With older cabs taken off the road, it is feared there will be a sharp rental increase, alleged to be in the region of 20% by one rental garage. 

Alex Moffat the head vehicle engineer back in 2015 allegedly said "there will be 5 new vehicles to choose from by 2018" but, we have just the ONE.

Alex has recently denied saying this when pressed and this is why we must insist that ALL future TfL meetings with the trade must me minuted, as it's been proved time and time again, this organisation cannot be trusted to keep their word. Unfortunately both Unite and the LTDA have voted against minuted can make up your own mind as to why these two individuals wouldn't want their members knowing what is said at these meetings.


One thing we now have to work towards : Sadiq Kahn should not be giving the opportunity of a second term in public office. We will have to deploy the biggest anti Khan campaign London has ever seen in the run up to the next Mayoral election.

But let’s not forget he still has over a year left in power and that possibly is enough for him to decimate what remains of the London taxi trade, especially with his political allies and people with a financial conflict-of-interest’s backing him up all the way.

Below is the report that Khan and TfL are using to bring new measures in against the trade:

BBC's Tom Edwards Say 'London Taxi Demos Are Old News So Won't Get Covered' Jim Thomas

After watching the coverage generated on TV news media yesterday, I decided to contact the BBC and their in the spot transport correspondence Tom Edwards through the medium of social media  (twitter accounts) 

I said I was surprised to see so much coverage as they BBC have never shown this much interest in London Taxi demos. 

This was the patronising answer I receive from veteran correspondent Tom :
Well it was new and a new issue .. generally demos on the same issue I’m afraid get reduced coverage as time goes on.. as the issue has been covered. Bests

Mind you, Tom's report missed out the fact that the demo had to start late, as the Uber drivers put out the wrong post code (SE1 1NJ St Joseph's Roman Catholic School), so most of the demonstrators when to a different venue at the Borough. Bought back memories of their 250,000 signature petition that Uber managed to delive to the wrong address, when TfL stated they wouldn't renew the operators licence as Uber wasn't fit and proper.

So We can take from Tom's reply that the BBC have looked at our recent struggles with the City of London, TfL, Westminster council and Camden Council and decided it's just a prolonged argument going back over many years, so not NEWS worthy.

The fact that we are now in an all new conflict for our continued survival as a viable trade....fighting for road access where we can exercise our rights to ply for higher on the highway, seems to have been consigned to the unhappy Cabbies file again. 

Perhaps we should move our demo down to Portland Place again!!!

We've done it before BBC news blackout on Taxi demos over UberRape worse than Saville!
This time 7o/c just as the ‘One Show’ starts....A flash mob just outside the studio window, complete with bullhorns and posters, every day for a few weeks. 

Toms reply gives us insight as to why the BBC doesn’t cover UberRape, Uber Crashes, Uber Corruption, Uber Data Breaches... becoming so frequent these subjects are no longer news worthy for the BBC News team to cover......Bit like Brexit then Tom, no longer news worthy for the Beeb???

Monday, January 14, 2019

Pollution, Collusion, Corruption And Morality. Should TfL Refund Every Owner Taxi Driver ?

So, we've got all this shroud waving -because that's what it is shroud waving- about pollution levels.
Is it safer to be up on the street or down on the tube?
Suddenly, inspite of the science and Khans so called experts....nobody knows!

Khan's so called expert scientist has said "Like for like, London Taxis create more pollution than the equivalent Euro4-5-6 private vehicles"....funny though, he hasn't made public the report or offered up any evidence of this claim. Unlike the Kings College report which told us that the new Taxi's Euro 5 and 6 engines, were in fact more polluting than the older versions they took out of service.

But what makes me sick to my stomach, it's got TfL, uncle Tom Cobbly and all the usual gang, running round trying to blame the taxi trade for London's toxic air.

Well, Khan's statement cannot be so ...can it, just think about it...
The MoT emission test is the same for all vehicles and every Taxi has to pass this test twice every year... in the vehicle that TfL and the Mayor say we have to buy and use.

So his statement is clearly a nonsense! 
Where on earth did he get his statistic from?

Is it a statistic....or just an opinion, put out there without any evidence whatsoever?
Or more dangerously and as we've seen before, is it an opinion from Khan's Lycra clad expert with a proven agenda against the Taxi trade?

Back To The Pollution Nonsense :
We all agree....we want clean air, of course we do... we have to work out there day in day out. 

But we're only allowed to drive the vehicle TfL mandate we have to drive. 

Of course, they could have mandated cleaner LPG Cabs 15-20 years ago but no...because they were hand in glove with manufactures LTI at the time (who advertise in all the trade papers) nobody was going to upset the gravy train.

Well now they are saying our vehicles are dangerous and we are killing many people...You'd have thought we'd be banned. 
But you can carry on killing as long as you give them some money....

         Pay a daily charge !!!!

These people are worse than the Mafia.

Something else to think about:
With all the advances in engine technology over the past few years, how come London's air has become so much worse???

As we said previously, before you can charge for pollution, you have to create it. A lesson learned from Ken Livingston's before you can charge for congestion, you have to create it...

Who'd have thought that a massive roll out of badly planned segregated cycle lanes would have created so much pollution causing congestion? 


Now we hear that the tube is 30 times more polluted than the most polluted street....does that mean it's not us killing all these's been the tube all along?

Khan said this week that Taxis are the most polluting vehicles on the street, but this is a lie and cannot be so, as we've all had to pass the emissions test in the twice a year MoT! That's two MoTs more than his own official BMW.

For years successive mayors, in league with LTI, have said LPG wasn't the answer....but now, suddenly it is the answer to cleaning up euro 5. 
But and here's the sting....this week, TfL are telling us that if you go to the expense of converting to LPG (around £10k), the age limit is to stay at 15 years....if that's the case, then there's no point!

Apparently though, TfL are to have one of their infamous consultations....and we all know what that means....they've already made their mind up. 

Why not come and speak with Sadiq's senior advisor on air pollution Emma Fenton, and ask her where he got his statistics saying that Tacis were responsible for 20% of Londons toxic pollution!

She will be at the Archibald Library Catford, at 7-9 pm on the 29th of January 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Or Is Khan Caught In His Own Rat-Trap?

Not only is London Mayor Sadiq Khan accused of being a liar, he is also accused of being a hypocrite.

Khan has allegedly been labeled a liar by the London Taxi Trade, after releasing fake information (supposedly from his expert scientist) that London’s Taxis we’re responsible for 20% of the toxic air in London -a physical impossibility- All London Taxis have to pass a stringent emissions test twice a year, with limits set by TfL, or they are taken off the road. 

The tests are part of the two yearly MOTs imposed by the previous Mayor Boris Johnson, on all Taxi vehicles which have to pass the tests to carry on servicing London’s public. 

But it seems when you are London Mayor, there’s one rule for the trade, and a different rule for Sadiq...who has recently come under fire for using his (environmentally unfriendly 4.4 litre) official BMW with no current MoT. 

This was published on Guido Fawkes' 

It appears that in amongst all the splashing taxpayers’ cash on PR firms and campaign groups while approving prohibited political ads on the tube, Sadiq has forgotten one important thing this week. His official swanky black BMW hasn’t had its MOT renewed – DVLA records show that it’s now almost a week out of date. Not a good look for the boss of the capital’s transport infrastructure. With a massive 4.4-litre engine it’s hardly very environmentally-friendly either…

Sadiq's Stats Exposed As Untruths by Proffessor Anthony Frew.


TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT :   Least we forget, September 2015....

"I will be the renaissance of the London taxi trade"

Friday, January 11, 2019

French court follows UK in ruling against Uber in 'employment' contract case

Ride-hailing service Uber lost an appeal in France brought by a former driver who wanted to be recognised as a full employee. 

The ruling on Thursday overturns one from last year when a French court decided in favour of Uber, saying its drivers could refuse customers if they wanted to and were not told how many hours to work by the firm.

The ruling was hailed as a "landmark decision" by the plaintiff's attorney, Fabien Masson, and follows a similar court decision last month in Britain that Uber should give its drivers workers' rights, including the national minimum wage and holiday time.

The former driver sued the company in June 2017, two months after Uber had deactivated his account, to have his "commercial accord" re-evaluated as an employment contract. 

He was seeking reimbursement for holidays and expenses as well as contract termination and "undeclared work" indemnities. 

The Paris court determined the contract between Uber and the former driver was "an employment contract" on the basis of the driver being dependent on the ride-hailing service for work. 

Thereby, the court ruled that Uber had "control" over the driver.

In response to the ruling, Uber announced today that it will reappeal the ruling in La Cour De Cassation, France's highest appeal court.

A Uber spokeswoman said that the reappeal was to "preserve flexibility" where "drivers can decide to connect in real time and without any requirement of exclusivity."

"Drivers choose to use the Uber application for the freedom to connect to it when they want" she added. 

Uber has long maintained it is simply a service provider, connecting people needing a ride with drivers - either amateurs or professionals, depending on the country - in about 630 cities worldwide.

The company has argued that it is just a service provider that people can use to request rides from drivers listed on its service. 

The European Court of Justice views the ride-hailing service as a transportation service, for which the same regulations on traditional taxis and other ride providers also apply. 

Source : Telegraph 

TfL Know Its A Taxi ... and Yet, They Still Get It Wrong ... Or Do They???

From 8 April 2019 if you travel in the ULEZ you will need to pay the daily ULEZ charge. 
This is because your vehicle does not meet

This is the answer I get from the TfL online ULEZ checker when entering my Taxi's registration. 
Try it for yourself here:-

As we all know Taxis are exempt from the charge, but it looks like someone needs to tell TfL. 

They will say not to worry, but will we keep getting fines through the post that we will need to spend time appealing against, like with some boroughs who are continually sending out PCNs to Taxis photographed in bus lanes they are entitled to use. 

Why can't TFL's website get this stuff right
Why is it we have to constantly complain about their continued woefully inadequacies.


We were told that if you converted your diesel Taxi to a cleaner LPG engine set up, then the age limit would be extended from 15 years to 20.....apparently this is no longer the case. 

TfLTPH have tweeted today that even if you make the 10 thousand pound investment, the age limit of your vehicle remains at 15 years....who in their right mind is going to invest £10k for the same age limit???

Taxi leaks editor Jim Thomas has asked TfLTPH to confirm their statement on Twitter that the proposed age limit on Euro 5 Taxis who have spent nearly £10k on a convert to LPG, will remain at 15 years?
This is the statement they replied with :

It would appear to us, that this Mayor and TfL are using every measure in their arsenal to go to war against the Taxi Trade as is and to reduced its number of drivers dramatically as in the proposals contained in the leaked Project Horizon, with a more manageable fleet of around 13,000 central London green badge drivers.

Here's a scenario for you to muse over:
A driver has an older Taxi (14years and six months) with just six months left on the road under current age limit rules. He decides to upgrade to LPG and is assured that he will be able to run the vehicle which will remain fit and proper for an extra 5 years untill it is 20 years old. He pays his £10k for the conversion.

Later this year the mayor holds his much publicised consultation, which we all know means he's not listening to anything we say and goes ahead with the new age limits. 
Our driver now finds his cab is suddenly unfit for purpose and must come out of service.....meaning he has done his £10k in cold blood.

Please consider what is about to happen before having your Taxi converted to LPG, Khan is going to make it a very expensive mistake. 

Another done deal perhaps from the people who are going the political route?

Mayor Accused Of Burying TfL’s Bad News By Falsely Blaming Taxi For Toxic Air Quality

Mayor Sadiq Khan went before the GLA Transport Committee earlier this week and lied through his teeth in the same style as ex TfL Director Leon ‘the liar’ Daniels did on multiple occasions. 

Khans statement "I have a sceintific report from experts" almost as laughable as Leon saying I have here Uber's customer service landline number....oh how we all laughed at that one Leon, when it turned out to be Jo Bertram's ex-directory personal contact number. 

Khan stated that Taxis were responsible for 30% of the toxic pollution in central London. He knows this because his experts set up a number of check points. 

Miraculously these experts after taking a sample of the ambient air could tell which vehicle was imitating which toxic particle. Amazing science said Khan

Yes, it’s so amazing... it doesn’t exist!

So, why would he lie and spread this all over the media.... what news was he really trying to bury?

Well now we know as this news below is all over the media today!


Particulate pollution on parts of the London Underground (LU) is up to 30 times higher than levels beside roads in the capital, a report has found.

The report - by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants - found the Northern Line had the highest levels of particulate matter (PM).

Committee chairman Professor Frank Kelly said the committee were "uncertain about the health effects".

Transport for London (TfL) said they "closely monitor dust levels".

Tests were carried out over 10 days at Hampstead Station on the Northern Line, the deepest station on the network.

The average concentration of particulate pollution was found to be about 30 times higher than that found at monitoring sites close to a busy London road.

A similar length journey on a bus in the capital would expose passengers to about one third of the amount of particulates compared to the Tube, researchers discovered.

Particulate pollution was also found to be generally higher on London's Tube system compared to other subway systems.

Researchers said this was "likely due to the system's age and the fact that large parts of the network are in deep, poorly ventilated tunnels".

The Tube is the world's oldest underground railway network.

Prof Kelly said "further work" was required to look into the issue but commuters "shouldn't really change their attitude to using the Tube".

"These particles are of a different nature from the ones above ground so we are uncertain about their health effects," he said.

TfL, which commissioned the report, expanded cleaning regimes on the system in 2017 through the use of industrial vacuums and "magnetic wands".

Peter McNaught, director of asset operations, said TfL was "committed to maintaining the cleanest air possible".

"We closely monitor dust levels on the Tube and, through a wide range of measures, ensure that particle levels are well within Health & Safety Executive guidelines," he said.

Source : BBC News


So the question we would like an answer to now is:

Are these preventable deaths caused by pollution in London, 30 times more attributable to underground journeys than overground trips????

Also, can the Mayor explain how Taxis went from being responsible for 2% (TfL’s own stats) of all the NOx and particulate matter, to 20% he mentioned at City Hall to the GLA.... in just a few months????

Who wrote his script for him: Was it Leon ‘the liar’ Daniels ????

Who could forget Leon's previous lies to the GLA.....on off insurance being the biggest porkie

And this yesterday from the LCDC Twitter account !!!


Thursday, January 10, 2019

It Seems Taxi Leaks Was Well Ahead Of The Game On This, Way Back In 2014

It Seems Taxi Leaks Was Well Ahead Of The Game On This, Way Back In 2014

Click on the link below

Also see :

Taxi drivers plan anti-Uber march in Hong Kong, threatening citywide protest if demands are not met

  • Local cabbies say they uncovered 800 cases of illegal ride-hailing in months of undercover operations

Armed with information on 800 alleged illegal ride-hailing cases, Hong Kong’s disgruntled taxi drivers are preparing to step up their fight against Uber with a series of large-scale actions.

In a joint letter to the industry, the Motor Transport Workers General Union and the Taxi Drivers & Operators Association have called for 300 cabbies to join a protest planned for January 15 at the Chief Executive’s Office in Admiralty.

The two taxi groups declared that, through undercover operations over the past few months, they had uncovered about 800 cases of Uber drivers illegally plying their trade, and reported 100 of them to police.

The organisations plan to submit the 800 cases to Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and the Executive Council before marching to the Department of Justice to call for immediate prosecution in the 100 reported cases and prompt police investigations into the rest.

Uber ‘has changed’ and is willing to work with Hong Kong government

They threatened to escalate their fight into a citywide protest if the government did not respond to their call within a week.

“Since Uber has entered Hong Kong’s market, the income of taxi drivers has dropped drastically. It’s time for us to kick Uber out from Hong Kong,” the letter read.

“We will demand that the chief executive give us a response within one week … if there is no response after that, we may escalate our actions to the whole industry to protest against the government’s inaction for strangling the taxi industry.”

Association chairman Wong Yat-fung said the groups would hold a press conference at a later date to confirm the details of their actions.

“The illegal ride-hailing companies are like a ticking time bomb to road safety because they are unregulated, without hire-car permits,” he said.

“The taxi industry is facing daunting challenges because many taxi drivers have switched to working for these illegal firms … We need to address this problem.”

Uber raises base fares by up to 157 per cent in Hong Kong

A police spokeswoman said officers were following up on a referral from a transport industry organisation on about 100 cases of illegal carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

“A police investigation is ongoing, and prosecution action will be taken if there is sufficient evidence,” she said.

Uber has struggled to get a break in Hong Kong, where a population of more than 7 million is served by 18,163 licensed taxis and about 40,000 drivers. The government has stood firm in cracking down on Uber despite calls from the Consumer Council to legalise ride-hailing services.

In July last year, 28 Uber drivers were convicted and fined for illegal carriage, following a landmark court ruling in March 2017 that concluded there was no significant difference between Uber drivers and pirate taxis known locally as pak pai. Five other drivers were consequently fined HK$10,000 (US$1,275) each and banned from the road for a year, in the first convictions of their kind in Hong Kong.

However, the beleaguered taxi industry is grappling with an ageing workforce and a bad reputation due to mounting complaints over the conduct of cabbies, who have been accused of overcharging, taking unnecessarily long routes and cherry-picking or refusing fares.

A source familiar with the situation said that in recent months some Uber drivers had been summoned by police for investigations about their ride-hailing operations, but no further action had been taken against them.

“I don’t think the Uber drivers are easily deterred by police investigations or undercover activities by the industry. They are well aware of the legal risks before they work for the firm,” the source said.

Source : South China Morning Post 

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

TfL are under fire again for a breach of their own regulations.

So, TfLTPH are referring to Privat Hire Drivers as 'TAXI' drivers now ???
The Private Hire Vehicles (London) act 1998 section 31 states that using the words Taxi or Cab in advertising of their services is clearly not permitted....although TfL don't seem the least bit perturbed by the continual usage of the term Taxi by the mainstream media when referring to the private hire trade of individual private hire driver. 

But this time TfL seem to be in contravention of their own regulations when recently they put out a post on social media, referring to a Private Hire (minicab) driver, as a Taxi Drivers. 

We await with baited breath a full apology from the director of Taxis and Private Hire at TfL. 

TFL's logo on this advert for Private Hire drivers English language corse....containing the word TAXI.

As the legal definition states that a Taxi driver is someone who charges a fare using a Taxi could have been argued that, as Uber drivers fares are based on the use of a Meter measuring time and distance (the definition of a Taxi meter), that actually they could be referred to as Taxi drivers....But was is not TfLTPH who went to court and argued on Ubers behalf, that as their phone meter wasn't physically fixed to the car, it couldn't be argued that it was in fact a Taxi Meter! 
Rendering the drivers as no more than a minicab drivers and not a Taxi drivers!!!

Director of TfL TPH John Mason put out this notice back in 2010 

Below (just incase TfLTPH have forgotten their own legislation) the applicable section (31) from the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998: 

Prohibition of certain advertisements.

(1)This section applies to any advertisement—

(a)indicating that vehicles can be hired on application to a specified address in London;

(b)indicating that vehicles can be hired by telephone on a telephone number being the number of premises in London; or

(c)on or near any premises in London, indicating that vehicles can be hired at those premises.

(2)No such advertisement shall include—

(a)any of the following words, namely “taxi”, “taxis”, “cab” or “cabs”, or

(b)any word so closely resembling any of those words as to be likely to be mistaken for it,

(whether alone or as part of another word), unless the vehicles offered for hire are London cabs.

(3)An advertisement which includes the word “minicab”, “mini-cab” or “mini cab” (whether in the singular or plural) does not by reason only of that fact contravene this section.

(4)Any person who issues, or causes to be issued, an advertisement which contravenes this section is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.

(5)It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section to prove that—

(a)he is a person whose business it is to publish or arrange for the publication of advertisements;

(b)he received the advertisement in question for publication in the ordinary course of business; and

(c)he did not know and had no reason to suspect that its publication would amount to an offence under this section.

(6)In this section—

  • advertisement” includes every form of advertising (whatever the medium) and references to the issue of an advertisement shall be construed accordingly;