Monday, December 30, 2019

You’ve Heard Of Uber And Uber Eats. Now, There’s UberSex, That Lets Sex Come To You.

Uber say they are to  investigate the "unlawful use" of its name and logo, after discovering ads for a sex partner finder service called "UberSex", plastered across one of the world’s largest on-line porn websites.

The ride-hailing app allege they have no link to the X-rated site, promoted on Redtube’s home page to 20 million daily visitors.

The advertised UberSex service purported to give users a list of potential partners who "live in your area and who are ready to have sex right now" the same working model as "Plenty of Fish. 

The adult service appears to be modelled on Uber itself, which matches passengers with nearby drivers.

Like the ride-hailing app, UberSex shows maps, carrying Uber’s logo and a system where users give ratings of up to five stars from previous encounters. Their legal team said they wanted to make it clear, UberSex is not prostitution. If that’s what you want, UberMassage is on the way soon. 

It’s thought that this latest concept is actually based on an app that appeared briefly in Los Angeles, when Uber joined in collaboration with Tinder to launch beta-app UberSex back in 2015. 

A similar app surfaced a few years ago, when in Paris under the name of UberEscort. But was closed down when escorts were found offering prostitution services.

Uber’s PR team have gone into overdrive getting the adds removed and are now saying that it’s all fake and made up by a disgruntled driver. 

NHS employees angry after Uber discount code didn’t work showing services as unavailable. 

In a massive media campaign just before Christmas, Uber proclaimed in nation press and of billboards throughout the capital, that NHS would be given discounts for food and free rides. 

But customers were left hungry and out in the cold, after the discount code that promised the discounts and free rides failed to work.

To add insult to injury, many customers complained that services in their area were shown as "unavailable".

Many NHS staff, said they were unable to get it to work, when the promotional code failed to work. 

All this controversy, one scandal after another...and yet this is the mob that The disabled lobby group ‘Transport for All’ have gone into partnership with.... you couldn’t make it up 😂

Source The Sun, The Times, Twitter,

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Last Year, Taxi Leaks Exposed TfL’s Agenda To Split The Trade With ZEC Only Ranks.

We explained how TfL would use the new LEVC TXe to split the trade even further, (with a little help from their on-side friend).

While previously 'Project Horizon' looked to destroy the two tier system, swallowing the Taxi trade into an ever expanding private hire system, we exposed allegations that TfL were now bent on just obliterating the trade by introducing a new tier into the Taxi trade itself, to divide the drivers even further and make them even more susceptible to divide and conquer. 

At an all trade TOPS meeting, it was announced by TfL, that there were to be certain rewards for "Green Pioneers" who have made the investment in LEVC TXe. 

The subject of TXe only ranks and access to certain bus lanes was bought up at the very end of the meeting, (leaving no time for discussion on the issue).

Taxi Leaks exposed that this would come in the shape of ZEC only ranks and bus lanes, with unique access to certain areas around central London and parts of the City. To back this up we posted images of the new signage and was immediately attacked by our largest org in their Taxi publication, of posting fake news (see below*).

According to images sent to us by the DoT back in 2018, the new ZEC only ranks and bus lanes signs were at the bequest of TfL. 

But then along came the ITA who held 28 weeks of protests which threw TfL onto their back foot. They decided to shelve (not scrap) the plans for a while. 

Protests were held by the ITA at the Bank Junction, London Bridge, Tottenham Court Road, Aldwych, Hyde Park Corner, Victoria Coach Station and Parliament Square. 

As the weeks unfolded support for the protests stayed set with the same band of 3-400 militant drivers, with the majority of drivers ignoring the facts and choosing to work. 


We now believe that because of the trades weak representation, with groups fighting amongst themselves rather than together for the trade, and with the militancy kicked out of the general rank and file, TfL will finally unveil their plans for ZEC only ranks and bus lanes.

With the LTDA and Unite voting against the minuting of meetings with TfL, (obviously embarrassed by their representation of their members) who knows what’s actually being agreed behind our backs. 

Our predictions for 2020...

Using the City of London, Camden and Tower Hamlets as whipping boys, we will now start seeing more routes made impossible, more streets taken away from the Vitos, the TX diesels.... bus lane access will soon start to diminish as it is given over to ZEC and on-line ride share buses. 

Under the banner of cleaner air, diesel Taxis will start to lose access to major Taxi ranks which will be for ZEC Taxis only. The signage is ready and in store.

When this happens, will we see pop up ranks appearing in front, behind and beside the ZEC only ranks as virtual civil war breaks out amongst the trade. 

Also.... look out for the introduction of paid for permits to certain major ranks, plus the introduction of drop off fees at Heathrow and City Airport. 

*Back in October 2018, Taxi Leaks was accused in the Taxi paper, of posting fake news but after contacting the Department of Transport, we were able to ascertain proof that it was actually the Taxi publication and not us, that had posted the fake news by cropping their images and denying the new signs were for London. 

They even said the signs were meant for use in Manchester which as we showed, was untrue. 
We did ask for an apology but we are still waiting! 

Two Tower Hamlet groups have taken to blocking Militant and active Taxi drivers from their Twitter accounts. It seems they have much to hide. 

You might like to have a look at what Tower Hamlets have in store for you over the next few years.

The council is developing a new strategy (they say) to improve the way vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians move or don’t move around the borough.

These plans have just quietly appeared online over Christmas and are a must read !!!

With thanks to London Taxi PR's Andy Scott.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Tower Hamlets Blocking Taxi Drivers From Their Twitter Account: What Is It They Are Hiding???

The people at Tower Hamlets have spent the last few days over Christmas, actively blocking Taxi drivers from their Twitter feed. 

What is it that they are afraid of from London’s finest, voted  the best Taxi service in the world. 

They don’t want us filling in their consultations (which they blatantly ignore anyway). They don’t want us to know what they are getting up to!!!

It appears they don’t want us anywhere in their borough. 
They are anti Black Cab. 
You may say so what!!! but look at what has happened here.
Tower Hamlets has gotten hold of a data base, containing the twitter account names of every active and militant Taxi driver and blocked them from this account. 

This being the case, we have asked TfL, as Tower Hamlets are discriminating against the only 100% wheelchair accessible service in London and are making it clear they don’t want us anywhere in their borough... can we now legal refuse to go there ???
(Suits me as according to the MET, this borough has the worst street crime rate in London). 

Obviously, we are still waiting but will update as soon as we hear back. 

When a tenant of the a newly gentrified area wants to go home   late at night from the City or West End night club, can we now legally refuse to take them??? 
Have Tower Hamlets created the first no go area here in Central London ???

The streets of Tower Hamlets are awash with rubbish, drugs, prostitution, soaring knife crime...and murder on the street is rife. 
Can Taxi drivers now refuse to go to Tower Hamlets for there own safety ??? 

The BetterStreetsTH Twitter account are now pushing the new consultation, which will see a restriction on many streets within the borough of Tower Hamlets. 

Disabled passengers will be discriminated against by having to pay higher fares, traveling home via diversions and in some cases their streets will be inaccessible at certain times of the day. 

Because Taxi drivers have been voicing their opinion and the consultations loaded questions aren’t going the way Tower Hamlets planned, Taxi drivers have been blocked en masse, to stop them contributing to the consultation.

The whole thing is a fix, and in the end Tower Hamlets (just like Camden) will ignore the consultation results and do what they want regardless of what the residents want. 

OH LOOK, there’s another one 


Friday, December 27, 2019

UK Police Have wasted One And A Half Million Pounds On Electric Cars That Can’t Chase Criminals: Just Another Vanity Project At Tax Payers Expense 

Police forces in the United Kingdom have squandered over a million pounds on electric cars that are incapable of chasing criminals or performing emergency services because the eco-friendly vehicles are too slow and take too long to charge.

A freedom of information request found that police in the UK have spent £1.49 million on 448 green cars and vans. However, the actual cost of the eco-police fleets is likely much higher as many districts have not reported their purchases.

The official police reports admit that the battery-powered cars are incapable of fulfilling police duties such as chasing criminals or handling emergency response situations and often run out of power before a shift ends.
The vehicles are used almost exclusively in non-emergency situations or to drive police chiefs to work, reports the Daily Mail.

Want Breaking News from Breitbart Direct to Your Inbox? Takes Just 2 Seconds...

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has bought dozens of electric cars. However, the force admitted in an internal report that: "The market has not yet sufficiently matured to offer alternatively fuelled vehicles capable of meeting the MPS requirements for the role of pursuit cars."

Scotland Yard, which plans to have an entirely "green" fleet by the year 2050, has bought 134 green vehicles in large part to comply with the £12.50 daily Ultra Low Emission Zone charge imposed by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

A report from Staffordshire Police says: "Vehicles that are less damaging to the environment are struggling to cope with the arduous needs of emergency service; autonomous driving and safety systems are not conducive to pursuit or response driving."

In an annual survey, the police force in Kent found that the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 had inadequate range and take too long to recharge.

Conservative Party MP David Davies, a former special constable, said that the police leadership should show some "common sense".

"I’ve been in a police car on many occasions when an emergency call has come in. You can’t predict what is going to happen and so they need to be very careful when using electric cars," Davies said.

Tim Rogers, the spokesman on pursuits for the Police Federation, said that the British public should not worry about police not being able to respond to emergencies "because their cars have run out of battery", as the police "are still able to use other vehicles".

Has The London Taxi Trade Missed The Boat With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology ???

Nearly 20 years ago, a consortium presented a London Taxi (TX1) to the PCO that was zero emission, could run all day on one tank of fuel, with a range of 250 miles and could be refuelled in 5 minutes....While the taxi looked and drove just like the iconic London black cab, it was powered by an 'Intelligent Energy' hydrogen fuel cell system hydridised with lithium polymer batteries.

This revolutionary system allowed the vehicle to operate for a full working day without refuelling. 

Capable of a top speed of 80mph, it had a range of over 250 miles on a full tank of hydrogen and could refuel in 5 minutes. Producing no emissions other than water vapour.

This taxi had been developed with help from the TSB by a consortium including; Intelligent Energy, Lotus Engineering, LTI Vehicles and TRW Conekt.   The question is what happened to this concept Taxi and why did it not go ahead???             

Fast forward ten years to 2010:
Back in 2010 (7th June), a Hydrogen Taxi was presented for inspection at City Hall, under the banner: Black Cabs Go Green; vehicles were being readied for 2012 Olympics.

A full performance, zero-emissions Fuel Cell Hybrid London taxi was unveiled on 7 June at London's City Hall, powered by leading fuel cell technology from Intelligent Energy.  The Company, which was originally a spin-out from Loughborough University, joined forces with Lotus Engineering, LTI Vehicles and TRW Conekt to produce the ground-breaking vehicle, with funding provided by the Technology Strategy Board.

London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, Kit Malthouse, who unveiled the zero emissions fuel cell hybrid taxi at London’s City Hall, said, "The black cab is a much loved London icon, but it is also a significant source of pollution especially in the centre of the city. This prototype Fuel Cell Black Cab, which emits only water from its tailpipe, is an exciting glimpse of how hydrogen technology could soon play a vital role in cleaning up air quality for urban dwellers.”

Later that year, Transport for London started to operate five hydrogen-fuel cell buses, and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said he was committed to working with manufacturers to make all taxis operating in London zero tail-pipe emissions by 2020.  So.....what happened to the zero emission Hydrogen Taxi???

After two years of trials around the capital (2010-2012), a small fleet of Hydrogen fuel cell powered London Taxis (TX4) were used during the Olympics but then disappeared without trace, what happened to these vehicles and what was the outcome of the trials ???

December 2015 London Private Hire company Green Tomato Cars announces London’s first hydrogen-fuelled minicabs to take to the streets, powered by an engine so green, their only “emission” is water pure enough  to drink.

Moving on to the end of 2019:
Green Tomatoes announce their Hydrogen powered Toyotas have completed over 1,000,000 miles. 

The private hire company took on 25 Mirai to add to its original 2, after starting a trial with two cars in 2015. Building on this success, Green Tomato Cars has added a further 25 Mirai to its fleet this month, giving it the largest zero-emission passenger fleet in the UK.

The Mirai is the flagship of the company’s Zero Emission Executive service, serving 2,000 corporate clients. Green Tomato Cars was the first company of its kind in Europe to take on hydrogen fuel cell cars and has carried 80,000 passengers in Toyota’s fuel cell EV.

Each car drives an average of 120 miles per day, with average fare-paying journeys of 8-10 miles.

Before taking on the latest batch of 25 FCEVs, its previous 27 Mirai cars had travelled one million miles, carrying 80,000 passengers, with each vehicle saving more than four times its own weight in CO2, equivalent to 7.6 tonnes per car.

“So far, the trial has shown that Mirai FCEVs are operating effectively as zero tailpipe emission taxis in London, requiring only very minor operational adjustments,” says Peter Speers, principal technical specialist at Cenex, which is a partner in the Zefer initiative.

He says one of the issues with FCEV uptake is that their upfront cost is considerably higher than for a comparable diesel: the Mirai, for example, has a P11D price of £65,945.

Anyone else think we missed the boat on this one ???

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Public Announcement From United Taxi Action Group.

Breaking News: Public Announcement From United Taxi Action Group. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are immensely proud of our team @UTAG17 & @chilternlaw2013 alongside our Barrister & QC. 

We have now lodged our JR against TFL. 

Our claim is deemed to have been served on Tuesday 24th December. 

Today’s announcement is the culmination of three weeks hard graft with very long hours for all involved. 

Many of you don’t see what’s going on in the background, but rest assured this is not something for the faint hearted. 

Thank you all once again for the fantastic support & faith in us.

We thank our contributors, Merry Christmas everyone.

This will be a very ‘Merry Christmas’ for as all. 

Well done to the members of UTAG who have made this JR possible. You are the people that make this trade “The Best Taxi Service In The World. 

Long may we prosper.

UTAG17 Update, 24/12/2019
‪Since TfL refused to relicense Uber on November 25th but allowed then to 'carry on as normal' pending appeal, despite their fears about public safety, we have been working hard with our legal team to lodge a request to have the unacceptable decision not to revoke the license Judicially Reviewed.‬

‪Last week we sent a legal bundle to the Administrative Courts Office 'ACO' at the High Court; this bundle contains:‬

‪Witness Statement, Statement of Facts, Grounds for Claim and Official Claim Form.‬

‪It's a very comprehensive set of documents amounting to in excess of 300 pages.‬

‪Once the HC informed us that the claim had been registered we sent the file to ;‬

‪The Defendant; Transport for London & Interested Party; Uber‬

‪The files are now 'Deemed to Have Been Served' to the above ‬

‪They will now have the opportunity to write to the HC and lodge Grounds for Resistance against our claim.‬

‪All documents will be examined by The Gatekeeper at the Court and a Judge will make a decision whether to allow or refuse UTAG's Judicial Review request.‬

‪That decision could take a few weeks ( the last one was granted in just over 5 weeks) but hopefully, as public safety is such a serious issue, the Court will take this into consideration and expedite matters.‬

‪We must now wait for that decision and will inform you as soon as possible.‬

‪Thank you ALL for such sterling support‬

‪We wish you a  Very Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year;‬

‪Angie, Trevor and the UTAG team‬
‪ ‬

Ninth Bus/ Pedestrian Collision On Tottenham Court Road Since New Scheme Implemented In April. So Much For TfL's Vision Zero!

A man has been hit by a bus near Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street station

The road was blocked in both directions while emergency services attended the scene

A man hit by a bus close to one of London's busiest roads has been rushed to a major trauma centre.

Emergency services descended on Grafton Way, next to Tottenham Court Road and close to Warren Street Underground Station, following reports of an incident on Monday afternoon (December 23).
An ambulance crew, who were alerted to the collision at 1.15pm, discovered a man had been involved in "a road traffic collision involving a bus".

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said, the casualty was treated at the scene and then taken "to a major trauma centre as a priority".

Statement from London Ambulance Service
A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said:
We were called at .11pm this afternoon (December 23) to reports of a road traffic collision involving a bus in Grafton Way, central London.

We sent an ambulance crew who treated a man at the scene and took him to a major trauma centre as a priority.

Perhaps the best way to achieve vision zero on Tottenham Court Road, would be to make the street two way for Taxis and cars only, banning buses completely from the street.

Buses could run up and down Gower Street with barriers to keep pedestrians at a safe distance, away from the Buses. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Major Catastrophe Avoided Through The Quick Response Of BCH Motorway Policing Unit

Another major catastrophe has been avoided through the quick action of BCH Motorway police. 

A Transport for London registered minicab driver, was seen driving on the wrong side of the M1 with passengers on board. The driver has been arrested and the cat impounded. 

Mind you, if there had been a terrible accident it wouldn’t have affect TfL’s  VisionZeroLDN statistics because it was outside the metropolitan area. 

The BCH Policing Unit...which is a nascent collaboration programme between Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police Forces put out this tweet yesterday:
Assisting local officers who found this vehicle, licensed for the carriage of passengers, driving north on the M1. 

Problem was, he was on the southbound carriageway. The height of professionalism not. 


Notice the driver has removed the incriminating roundels of death...seems to be the new policy from Uber.

Plus in the early hours of this morning on Philpott Lane
Guess who is driving down a one way street, in the wrong direction

Las Vegas Airport Taxis Switch To Fixed Prices To The Strip After 6 Month Trial

The rates went into effect after a 6-month pilot program.

If someone takes a taxi from the airport to the area of the Las Vegas Strip closest to the airport, it will now cost a flat fee of $19. If the person is traveling closer to the heart of the Strip, it will cost $23. And if someone takes taxi to the Stratosphere, it will cost $27.

The Nevada Taxi Cab Authority believes this change, along with shorter wait times, will make taxis the most convenient options for riders.

Jonathon Schwartz, director of Yellow Checker Star Transportation and Newcab, sent the following statement:

As a result of the new flat rate fare pilot program, taxis will be able to offer passengers the most convenient ride option between the airport and the resort corridor with a set, known fare. That means travelers know before they arrive in Las Vegas that they have a curbside option ready and available to them with a price point they know in advance of the ride. This changes the dynamic for our passengers and our drivers, and we see it as a great way to level the playing field and create more rides for our drivers.

Transport for London’s harebrained "no-left-turn" at the Camden Street/Camden Road junction, will create even more preventable premature deaths through longer congested routes say residents.

This would run completely contrary to Camden’s long-established policy of removing through-traffic from small residential streets. 
TfL say their plan "will impact only a small number of vehicles, which will redistribute over a wider area, making the impact on individual roads relatively small". In reality, it will creat congestion and extra pollution caused by longer routes through the area.

Drivers finding they can’t turn left at the junction will consult their sat-navs for the shortest alternatives. All the alternatives are narrow residential streets, where the impact will be considerable. 
As for "a small number of vehicles"… at peak times several hundred vehicles an hour, including heavy trucks, make this left turn.

This decision does seem even more ill-advised, given that the results of TfL’s own so-called "consultation" showed that out of the 249 respondents well over 200 were opposed to the no-left-turn proposal, while just three (yes, three!) were in favour.

As John Chamberlain from Camden Cycling Campaign points out, the proposal will also not be good for cyclists. Vehicles using the Bonny Street/Prowse Place/Jeffreys Street route will have to cross two bike lanes in Royal College Street; those using Georgiana Street will join Royal College Street further south, crossing that bike lane and adding to already considerable congestion.

Neither of these junctions have traffic lights; installing them would increase the bus-journey times that TfL claim to be so anxious to protect.

Let’s be clear: we fully support TfL’s proposal of a north-south controlled pedestrian crossing on the east side of the junction. This is undoubtedly needed. But the obvious solution would be to install a left-turn filter phase to the traffic lights in Camden Street. True, this might slow journey times along Camden Road, but only marginally.

A final question. For a proposal of this kind, TfL are required to carry out an impact survey to evaluate its likely effect on noise, pollution, safety, congestion, structure of houses, etc. Have they done so, and if they have, where are the results? If they haven’t, why not?

Another TfL/Camden Council scheme that will see major traffic having to take longer routes around the borough causing congestion to smaller streets which will cause more emissions and more pollution. 

Will the Mayor and TfL's VisionZero be rolled out in spite of the fact that it will cause even more premature deaths through the avoidable excessive 'Toxic Air' creation. 

TfL's recent consultation on plans to ban the left turn at the Camden Street, Junction with Camden Road, showed a clear opposition.... GLA councillor Andrew Dismore asked the Mayor the question at MQT at City Hall on the 9th of December why are TfL still going ahead with the scheme in light of this opposition?

So far, there has been no answer from the Mayor!

The consultation showed a clear majority of opposition to this harebrained scheme.....Will TfL just ignore???
As we’ve seen in the past, TfL have a history of ignoring local residents. 

Friday, December 20, 2019

Selling Off The Family Silver And Pushing The Travelling Public Towards The Tube

Plans to transform the former offices of Transport for London (TfL) headquarters above the St James’s Park station into a 526-bedroom hotel have been now revealed.

TfL sold the 150-year lease of the Grade I-listed 55 Broadway building to Integrity International Group earlier this year for a reported £120m. 

Integrity International Group is owned by hotelier Tony Matharu’s Blue Orchid (St James) company. 

Matharu, along with his brothers Harpal and Tony, founded Grange Hotels and is still managing director of the group.

Transport for London has also unveiled audacious plans to debut in the rental flats market with 3000 homes that could allow tenants to live above tube stations.

The capital’s transport authority said :
It has identified 10 sites where it wants to create properties above existing and future stations and car parks, or on vacant land.

It has hired property agent Savills to find a joint-venture partner, likely to be a property developer or an investment fund, for the project. As part of any deal, the transport body would take a 49% stake and the investor 51%. So, TfL would not have the final word over any proposed project!

The move is set to create a long-term rental income stream for TfL, which has a near-£1 billion debt pile and has faced a catalogue of headwinds that have put its finances under pressure...

Ever wondered why TfL support transport systems that cause gridlock and pollution, forcing the travelling public to abandon Taxis and head for the nearest tube station????

TfL are said to be struggling after a government grant worth £700 million a year has been axed, passenger numbers fell and a partial fares freeze was introduced by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

On top of that, Crossrail’s delay will mean TfL has to wait another year until it gets revenues from the new Elizabeth Line.