Saturday, October 27, 2018

Exclusive : TfLTPH COs Overstepping Their Authority Again. Demanding Passengers Only Use Rear CC Machines

It’s been bought to our attention that TfLTPH COs are overstepping their authority again this morning. 

The TfLTPH staff are loitering at the drop off point at Kings Cross Station. 

They approach drivers seen making credit card transactions using a hand held unit. The COs then inform the driver that they can’t use the hand held unit (a false statement) and must use the one fitted in the rear (again false). 

They then expand on this by telling the driver if they continue with the transaction, they will be reported. 

This is in fact not true. 

There are no regulations or laws saying you can’t offer the passenger a choice of payment options. 

Conflict of financial interest?

It appears as if the COs are acting as agents on behalf of certain Transport for London board member who has a financial interest in certain Credit Card facilities and transaction companies, such as WorldPay. Surely not !!!

     Screen shot from TfL website 

If a customer wants to pay by Green Shield stamps, or with a live chicken and 10 pound of potatoes, as long as the driver agrees, it’s no one’s business but the driver and passenger. 

We comply with the mandate laid down that we must take credit or debit cards in payment for Taxi fares, and we all comply under the conditions of fitness of the vehicle with working machines in the rear.

But that’s as far as our responsibility goes. 

Arrangements can be made to take payment by whatever means are agreeable between the driver and customer, it has nothing to do with TfLTPH. 


We've seen PCOs overstepping their authority before, with their attitude and the way they speak to drivers. They have in the past given instructions they have no authority to give, they've taken property from Taxis they have no right to take. 

It's now been bought to our attention that Mr Nandha's PCOs appear again to be acting beyond their authority

We expect an apology from Anand Nandha head of compliance at TfLTPH as soon as possible.

      Image from on route magazine 

This search of Taxi Leaks archives makes very interesting reading:

Friday, October 26, 2018

Look What Else Is In Store For Us.... Roll Over, Roll Over...

If you walk through the City of London at 08:30 in the morning, you can't fail to notice just how packed the pavements are.

Going against the tide of people is extremely difficult in an environment that is just not designed for walking.

That could be about to change.

Next week, the local authority will take another step towards a bold, radical plan to change the streets in the Square Mile over the next 25 years.

Some streets could be closed to motor vehicles during rush hour and there could be zero emission zones.

There will also be a 15mph speed limit across the district.

The local authority wants to cut the number of vehicles by a quarter by 2025.

The issue of pedestrianisation raises the question again of who cities are for and who should benefit from them.

And any change in road space is contentious and highly charged.

The City's local authority carried out a public consultation and discovered some stark facts.

Cycling CEOs drive out chauffeurs

It found 98% of people travel to the area by walking, cycling or public transport, while 84% think pavements are too crowded.

Four in five people think traffic levels in the City are too high, with 67% saying it contributes to poor air quality, while 59% said it creates an unpleasant street environment.

The authority said it listened to workers and businesses and has to deliver what they want to remain competitive - especially in a post-Brexit world.

It also said it must improve the area to appeal to business and wants to change the priority completely, giving more space to pedestrians and cyclists.

One of the City's councillors, Chris Hayward, told me the age of chauffeur-driven cars is coming to an end.

"We have found that more and more cars don't work," he said.

He said CEOs are often seen now on bikes or walking, but as more offices will be opening, the City must reduce and divert traffic.

Black cab drivers have their concerns.

Steve McNamara of the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA) says pedestrianisation is being dreamt up by middle-class blokes who don't realise how the milk for their caramel lattes is delivered.

"They are strangling the best city in the planet and they don't realise people need to have goods and services delivered," he said.

He thinks the march to pedestrianisation will kill The City.

* Oxford Street 'traffic-free' plans ditched

Living Streets, a charity, disagrees. It said what this shows is how transport has changed and how The City is now listening.

The charity argues a reallocation of road space is long overdue.

An interesting comparison to the City is in Westminster, where the mayor's flagship policy was to pedestrianise a large part of Oxford Street.

Oxford Street has terrible air quality and extremely high collision rates.

Pedestrianisation was due to be London Mayor Sadiq Khan's transport legacy of the first term - £8m was spent by TfL drawing up the plans.

There the original plan has died as the road is owned by Westminster Council.

The council reversed its support of the scheme after opposition from residents who feared traffic displacement. They had threatened to stand as independents in the local elections.

There will now be two pedestrian piazzas although traffic will still run along Oxford Street. <click link

Full pedestrianisation has gone.

Richard Beddoe from Westminster Council said it had to listen to the reaction in the consultation. He believes the council had to ditch the mayor's plan as it only focused on one street and not the wider area.

Privately, City Hall was fuming at that decision.

Whatever route authorities take, they can't please everyone.

The question is, who do they listen to? Residents, workers or drivers? Or is it really about compromise?

Where the balance lies often comes down to political interpretation.

Source : BBC 


Comfirmed, Taxi age limit back on the agenda as TfL determined to hold trade to a certain org leader's alleged promise of 9000 ZEC vehicles by 2020 

Still No Apology From Woodfield Road For The Fake News They Published In Taxi

ReTaxi only bus lanes, eTaxi only ranks, eTaxi only streets and areas are coming to London....and they are coming sooner than later. 

So, what do our orgs intend to do about this obvious attempt to divide the the trade....again.

Another question that hasn't been answered, is why the LTDA tried to lie in their inhouse publication (Taxi) not only to the trade but also their own 10,000 members about TFL's intention to introduce these new measures, which will dramatically effect drivers working conditions in the capital. 

There is also another major question that needs an immediate answer...
What else does the LTDA know, that they are not telling their members, or the trade in general???

With the alleged words "Fake News" being banded about, the London Cab Drivers Club, (for the sake of clarity), asked TfL compliance if the signage featured in a post on Taxi Leaks (which was referred to as Fake news in the LTDA Taxi paper) was actually proposed to the DfT by TfL. 

At the recent TOPS meeting, TfL confirmed they submitted the e-Taxi bus lane templates to the DfT for approval. 

They added that although the signage had been approved, there are no plans (as yet) to introduce the signage on current bus lanes Londonwide. 

But the question now begs to be the LTDA’s Chairman Richard Massett had access to the original templates:-

Why did they crop the TfL logo and address out of the images shown in Taxi? 

Why did they infer that the signage being at the bequest of TfL was rumour and "Fake News"?

Why were they trying to cover up the fact that TfL had submitted the signage and why did they say the e-Taxi bus lane signage was intended for Manchester. A statement that has now been shown to be "FAKE NEWS".  

But it’s all cleared up now, the Fake News was not the post on Taxi Leaks, it was in fact the article that appeared in Taxi Paper. This has been confirmed by TfL. 

Perhaps Chairman Richard Massett would like to publish an apology in the next issue of the LTDA's in house publication, Taxi paper.

Perhaps The LTDA could explain why they tried to cover up TfLTPH E-Taxi Signage  
In Taxi 

As Chairman, is Massett responsible for this Fake News, if so, should he resign ?


Imagine how much work we are going to lose if we can't use bus lanes at peak hours???

It seems the secrecy is to continue with TfL and trade meetings, care of ..... 
You guessed it The LTDA and Unite.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

And So It Starts....After Rolling Over So Easily With Bank Junction Access.

More utter crap from CoL & TfL 

I am writing to inform you that the City of London is planning to introduce an air quality pilot scheme which will restrict motor vehicle access at the southern end of Moor Lane (by Fore Street). As a result of these proposals, which would be introduced on a trial basis by April 2019, only ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) will be allowed access.

The scheme will mean that the southern end of Moor Lane will be closed for all vehicles which are not ULEV compliant. Access for drivers of non-compliant ULEV vehicles to the rest of Moor Lane will still be available from the north via Ropemaker Street or Silk Street. Similarly, access to Fore Street will still be available via London Wall.

City of London would like to inform and consult with taxi and private hire trade representatives and have asked that I invite you to a meeting at the Guildhall.

Please can you advise Albert (copied), whether you, or a representative from your organisation, can attend on Friday 2 November, 9:30am-10:30am.

Kind regards


Andrew Antoni
Stakeholder Engagement | Taxi & Private Hire
Tel:  020 7126 4992 (auto 64992) | Mob: 07702 669 938

Source London Cab Drivers Club FaceBook Group.


Can someone (in the comments) post a list of streets where TX2-4 and Vitos can't enter, so we can legally refuse the job!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Fake News Put To Bed, TfL Reject Plan To Let Traffic Use Cycle Superhighway Off-Peak

TfL Reject Plan To Let Cars Use Cycle Superhighway During Off-Peak Hours

Nick Ferrari took the director of Transport for London to task after they rejected a proposal to allow motorists to drive in the cycle superhighway that runs along the Embankment.

LBC can reveal that TfL looked into introducing dynamic lane management - meaning vehicles could drive in the lanes during off-peak hours in the middle of the day and at night when the cycle lanes are all-but-empty.

It is a similar system used along major routes in the US, such as San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

But when Lilli Matson, the Director of Transport Strategy, told Nick that they had decided not to go ahead with the plan, he demanded to know why they were causing congestion while cycle lanes lie empty.

"A lot of people want cycling in London. A lot of people are put off because they are scared of traffic.

"We know from looking at other cities who have succeeded with cycling is that the only way you can provide for people safely is by putting in resources which are high-quality and trusted.

"If they are there one minute and not the next, they will not be trusted."

But Nick told her: "There are other road users."

Ms Matson insisted there was congestion because of "excess demand", but Nick insisted: "Excess demand because there aren't enough carriageways, because you took it away."

Opened just two years ago at a staggering cost of £47m, the cycle superhighway has infuriated motorists by increasing congestion on an already busy route through London.

Logistics businesses told LBC the traffic is so bad that they are putting more vehicles on the road just to fulfil their orders.

Martin Lawler works for Royal Jersey Laundry in Dagenham, which launders bed linen for more than 50 five star hotels. He is now spending an extra £100,000 on two new HGVs just to meet delivery times.

"The Embankment is a car park. It's at a standstill," he told LBC.

There was some good news for motorists. 

Back in June, LBC reported it was likely the Embankment would be closed next year to allow for work on the new super-sewer.

But LBC can report today that the work will still go ahead, but the Embankment will stay open to traffic, not just cyclists.

Uber Driver Who Raped Passenger Said 'Good Sex' Is a 'Perk' of the Job

Fredrick Gaston, a 51-year-old Uber driver near Miami, raped a 26-year-old female passenger who had too much to drink and hailed for a ride in a September 2017 incident. Gaston admitted to his actions and called it a "perk" of the job, according to a recent report from the Miami New Times.

According to MNT, the woman told police that she was "too terrified and intoxicated" to defend herself against Gaston who assaulted her on the ride home after first dropping off a male friend. Once at her destination, Gaston parked the car and continued to assault her. She soon flagged down a neighbor to call the police, and responding officer Anthony Murphy claimed the victim was "sitting on the stairs crying hysterically, asking for help." Murphy says, "She just kept repeating, ‘I’ve been raped’ over and over." 

Gaston was not located by police until December 2017 when he gave his confession; he was arrested immediately after. Law enforcement officers say that the 51-year-old typically preyed on younger women in the Wynwood area and was reportedly bragging to officers about his lewd practices, saying he gets "a lot of p*ssy."

"We had sex, and it was good sex," Gaston admitted, according to Special Victims Detective Michelle Farinas’ deposition, per MNT. 

A criminal case has been brought on Gaston as well as a lawsuit against him and Uber. 

"What’s been reported is deplorable and something no one should ever go through," a spokeswoman for Uber told HuffPost. "The individual’s access to the app was removed."

Gaston will face trial on Oct. 29 as he is being charged with felonious sexual battery on a physically incapacitated victim.

More than 120 Uber and Lyft drivers had been accused of sexual assault as of May 2018. Ongoing issues with the criminal activity have forced both ride-hailing companies to reconfigure their ethics codes and place a stronger emphasis on background checks of their drivers

Source : The Drive.

As Uber Announces Its Going All Electric, New Study Shows That Diesel Cars Are Much Cleaner

In the last few years, electric vehicles have seen a significant rise all over the world. It was such a big hit that the biggest automakers in the market started making plans to go electric. It is also expected that very soon, we can see a 100% switch from diesel cars to EVs. 

One of the biggest reason to universally choose EVs is the environmentally friendly nature which is a much-needed trait these days. A German automotive consultancy Berylls Strategy Advisors, who describe themselves as ‘the only relevant top management consulting firm working exclusively for the auto industry’ is saying that EV might not be as eco-friendly as the industries think it is.

The electric cars do not release carbon emissions, but the problem lies in the production of their lithium-ion batteries. The energy required to make the cells result in a high carbon footprint. It is so high that the automotive experts have estimated that an electric vehicle in Germany would take more than 10 years to break even with an efficient combustion engine’s emissions.

Dr Jan Burgard, managing partner at Berylls said in a statement, “Electric cars appear to be the panacea and reduce emissions by 35 %. After all, electric vehicles do not emit any carbon dioxide while driving – at least that is a widely held opinion.” 

Burgard further added, “However, from well to wheel, they do not improve the situation. After all, electricity generation – including for electric cars – is still strongly dependent on fossil fuels in many EU countries. 

The climate does not care whether carbon dioxide comes from the exhaust pipe or whether it is released when lignite is burned to generate electricity or in energy-intensive battery production.” The study states that building a 500 kilograms EV car battery or bigger in a fossil fuel-powered factory will result in 74% more carbon emissions than producing a traditional vehicle. Burgard says that it is time to consider the diesel approach if the world wants to reach the environmental targets of 2030 EU CO2.

Burgard said, “I miss a technology-agnostic discussion of available solutions, which also includes the potential of the currently demonized diesel engine. We will need it to achieve the EU’s climate targets.” Several others are not convinced with the research report and have lashed it on Twitter. 

People stated that the report is biased and is coming from the place from where the funding arrives. However, it is essential to consider the dirty process of making a battery and make appropriate adjustments accordingly. While energy companies are moving towards greener initiatives, producing a cleaner battery might also be possible soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Need A Reason Why We Must Go After TfL, This Is The Contempt They Have For Grant Davis LCDC

Today I heard that Dara Khosrowshahi was in Town, so I emailed Mike "Onside" Brown to ask him if he had met him yet?

His Secretary emailed me this afternoon and said that they had met yesterday.

We ( the Trade) have not met Mike Brown for several months now and at the last meeting he told us that he supported black cabs ( public transport) into Bank Junction.

Then, Steve Mac informs us at City Hall last week, that he (Mike Brown) wrote to City of London supporting their decision to ban us!

This man cannot be trusted in my opinion regardless of what other Trade Representatives tell us ( Onside my arse ). 

I have today sent all other Trade leaders an email asking if they feel ( like me ) that we should refuse to meet him going forwards. 

Trust me, there is NO value in talking to this fella at all.


Last week we were told that Uber were going to have driverless cars....

This week we're told that Uber will be going 100% electric....but have you seen the projections. Govement subsidies are being cut and Dara said on the Beeb tonight that at 15p a mile increase, each driver will get £4,500 towards buying themselves a new electric PR stunt written all over it. 

Mind you, wonder how the new TXE drivers feel knowing they could well be competing with 40,000 Ubers drivers using the roadside chargers ???

As Trade Struggles With Residual Value Dropping On Older Taxis, Uber Announce £200m Investment In Electric Minicabs

Taxi Leaks spoke to a driver today who popped into his cab garage to pay the Taxi rental... and immediately had his Cab taken off him and was given his copy bill back. 

He was informed by the garage that they were having 65 of their fleet repossessed by court bailiffs (wonder if Mason was there).

There’s a major storm gathering and it’s not good news for the trade. 

Many believe this is why so many cab garages have come forward to back the Mishcon action.

It must be a good bet that some are thinking along these lines, with the drop in residual values of older TX cabs. 
It could get much worse if there’s a big clammer from drivers for ZEC rentals because of customer preference for ZEC on apps, plus (and we know it’s coming soon even though Taxi paper publish fake news denying the fact) e-bus lanes and e-taxi only areas.

When this comes in, a lot of these garages will be gone forever. We are currently operating in a fragile eco system, forget UTAG mischom uber employment tribunals this will be our biggest issue. 

And now, another nail in our coffin??? as the illegally licensed technology platform app (note, not a transport app) has announced it will be making the move to all electric vehicles by 2025 to clean up London's air. 

Another carrot to waved in front of TfL and Sadiq Khan!
But in the way they always do business, it's their own drivers who they expect to come up with this massive investment, through higher commission from higher fares!

They say they will be adding 15p to every journey. Dara told the BBC that it will be the drivers who will be funding this

Reports have come in that Uber's CEO is currently having a meeting with TfL's Mike Brown today. 

Will Mike Brown sweep all the latest complaints about the company under the carpet as before and give Dara the thumbs up to expand business in the capital after having this carrot dangled in front of him ???
After all, who says they will still be here in 2025???
Another odds on bet, we think!


One Hit And You're Out....Unless They Sweep In Under The Carpet...

We were wondering  if Uber has reported these incidents (from the LBC phone-in below) to the police, as per their “parole”conditions? 

Or have they taken a leaf out of Helen Chapman's book (and the fake DBS certificates) and swept them under the carpet?

The passenger complained about sexual harassment from her Uber driver, and was given a monetary credit to buy her silence, instead of the incident being fully reported to the police to follow up.
Are Uber guilty of trying to buy this young lady off for a few pounds?

Somethings amiss here don’t you think? 
Something just doesn't smell right....again!

Listen to the phone in, click the link below.
A caller rings LBC to say an Uber driver propositioned her numerous times with offers of sex, going on to say she felt threatened....

Did you know that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, doesn’t let his daughters use Uber !

    Is your Uber safe? - The Fifth Estate


1148 complaints from passengers of sexual assault and rape, not passed on to the police or TfL, just covered up!

After watching this video, you will ask yourself
How the hell did so called reasonable human beings at TfL agree to the continuation of this company ?

TfL have covered up the sexual assaults, the accidents, the hacking of customer accounts, the fake medicals, the fake criminal background checks....TfL has blood on their hands.

How the hell has this been allowed to happen in London?

This is what they said on Twitter yesterday.

Monday, October 22, 2018

When Did The Law Change, To Allow Addison Lee To Call Themselves Taxis???

When did Addison Lee become a Taxi proprietor?
When did they start employing licensed Taxi drivers to do their pre booked work ?
When did they change the PHV act to allow Minicabs to call themselves Taxis???

I wonder, if our largest representative....or any of our wonderful representative orgs or unions have today made complaints about the articles appearing all over the media, referring to Addison Lee vehicles as Taxis.

According to the PHV act 1998, it is still illegal for a London Private Hire operator to refer to itself as a Taxi service, also they mustn't refer to their Minicab vans or cars as Taxis, even though George Osbourne's mates at the BBC have done their best for years to get the word (which is protected by legislation laid down by parliament) accepted as a generic term for Taxis and Minicabs.

Articles by Alan Tovey (Telegraph), Amelia Heathman (SubStandard),  Shehab Khan, (Independent), unnamed press association post (Daily Mail), Gwyn Topham (The Guardian), Ravender Sembhy (The Metro) plus all the usual TV news outlets have today posted stories with virtually the same headlines.
(A sign of paid for advertorials... in other words advertising)

Self driving Taxis to be launched/coming to London by 2021....

Still not to worry our wonderful orgs and unions will be all over this today complaining to the press association. 

Surely TfL will be demanding all these media outlets carry corrective posts and apologies to the trade, for illegally using the word Taxi, whilst advertising a private hire minicab firm. 

After all, isn't this what we pay our subscription and our licence fee for!!! to have our best interests looked after by TfL and our orgs and Unions with their wonderful legal teams.

Surely they will be working their socks off, giving their all to sort this out today ?


Gett creates a third tier service by advertising just LEVC cabs 

Is this what you really want to see for the trade ?

Don't forget, if English is not your first language, go to the top right hand column, and choose which language you would like to read posts in. 

The Mayor And TfL To Close Off Even More Streets To Traffic.

In their latest consultation (which they will more than likely ignore) they say:
We would like to hear your views on our proposals to transform Stoke Newington gyratory into a place for people. (Although it probably won't make an once of difference)

Our proposals aim to overhaul the traffic-dominated one-way system (where traffic currently runs through with no visible problems) that can make the area frustrating for people choosing to walk, cycle or use local bus services.
(Walking, Cycling and bus services....these a surprise)

We (TfL) have worked with Hackney Council on proposals for how Stoke Newington would look and operate after the gyratory is removed. 

Our plans would provide a new northbound cycle track on the A10 and a new bus and cycle lane enabling people to cycle southbound on Stoke Newington High Street, (at the expense of vehicular road space)....

This would remove a significant barrier to cycling in the area and provide new traffic-free public spaces (Traffic free) to meet, shop, play and relax and a host of other improvements aimed at creating a more attractive and less traffic-dominated environment for people.

Our plans will accommodate the area’s future growth ( no it won't it will creat traffic congestion where once there was free flowing traffic) and encourage active travel (walking and cycling will be the only way to get around), with more people choosing (actually they won't have a choice) to walk, cycle and use public transport and less people travelling by car.(manly because the roads will be closed to ordinary traffic). 

These proposals aim to improve the quality of life in the area by:
* Transforming the town centre by creating a single unified retail location with an enhanced environment for pedestrians and cyclists
* Improving the public transport interchange, achieved through two-way bus operation, reducing congestion, and simplifying bus stops
* Improving cycling facilities and access through the A10
* Encouraging more journeys by walking, cycling or public transport to/from the High Street  
* Reducing rat-running in residential streets

The proposals form part of the Mayor of London’s plan for Healthy Streets - a long-term vision (or nightmare if you are a tax paying motorist) to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle by making London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. 
Unfortunately the pollution these schemes will cause will actually result in more Londoners dying prematurely from pollution related illnesses. 

You have four weeks approx, to fill in this consultation that no one at the Mayor's office or TfL will take any notice off. 

But if you want a good laugh, have a look at some of the artist impressions....I think some on them must have been on drugs when they put this together. 

But seriously, TfL and the councils planners must be laughing their socks off with the ease the Taxi trade rolled/rolls over with these changes, exclusions, rank suspensions and unrealistic traffic schemes. 

It’s no good moaning when you are stuck, sitting in gridlock. You had the chance to do something about this but chose Mike Browns mate’s wait and see policy.

What’s the point of paying subscriptions to an org or Union, who are scare to protest or call a demo????


If you have a minute or two, please have a look at this survey, and take note of the questions. 

Is this a taster of what is in store for drivers who haven't bought a new TXE. 

Did you know that the government where given 100% interest free loans to Taxi drivers in Scotland to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles....but not in England!

Did you know that the DVLA are collating a data base of all registered Taxis and Private Hire vehicles that are not zero emission capable with an eye to charge on entry to vehicles entering clean air zones.....!

One worrying question asks, would you consider retiring early if you found electric Taxi scheme too expensive! 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's Time TfLTPH Compliance Did The Job, And Stop Passing The JLcab74

To ensure Taxi Rank abuse by private and commercial vehicles is acted upon, at the next compliance meeting can United Cabbies Group, The London Cab Drivers Club, The London Taxi Drivers Association, The RMT and Unite Cab section, request that TfLTPH demand the enforcement of Taxi ranks by Local Councils and not pass the buck onto individual Taxi drivers to report!

Every day the working Marks & Spencer rank at North Wharf Rd is completely taken over by goods vehicles. 
Photo taken 14:44 (18/10/18)

We asked TfLTPH to please go down there and arrange with the council to have this vehicles removed.....this was their 'passing the buck' scripted reply!

Please report non-licensed vehicles parked on ranks to the local council. The links to do so can be found at: 

London Hackney Carriages Act of 1850 s4 

Standings for hackney carriages to be appointed.

It shall be lawful for [F1Transport for London] from time to time to appoint standings for hackney carriages at such places as they shall think convenient in any street, thoroughfare, or place of public resort within the metropolitan police district, any law, statute, or custom to the contrary thereof notwithstanding, and at their discretion to alter the same, and from time to time to make regulations concerning the boundaries of the same, and the number of carriages to be allowed at any such standing, and the times at and during which they may stand and ply for hire at any such standing, and also from time to time to make such regulations as [F1Transport for London] shall deem proper for enforcing order at every such standing, and for removing any person who shall unnecessarily loiter or remain at or about any such standing; and [F1Transport for London] shall cause all the orders and regulations to be made by them as aforesaid to be advertised in the London Gazette, and a copy thereof, [F2signed by a person authorised for the purpose by Transport for London], to be hung up for public inspection in [F3the offices of Transport for London], and at each of the [F4magistrates’ courts acting for an area falling wholly within an inner London borough]; and such copy shall be received in evidence in the said courts as if it were the original of which it purports to be a copy, and shall be taken to be a true copy of such original order or regulation, without further proof than [F5the aforesaid signature].

That tells me and a court of law that TfL are liable for enforcing order at the ranks, and removing any person unnecessarily loitering there.

TfLTPH refused to comment further. 
(Which shows the contempt they hold us in)

Reporting unauthorised parking on taxi ranks
Cars and other vehicles parked on taxi ranks can be reported to the relevant borough, or to TfLTPH if the taxi rank is on a red route, so action can be taken. 

Private hire vehicles (PHVs) parked on ranks or unattended taxis on ranks should be reported directly to us so as we can take action. Use this link below to report

Compliance meetings with the trade are a regular event, yet very little content from these meetings seems to make it into the trade media. 
Taxi Leaks would like to take this opportunity to offer unlimited space on the blog to any org who wishes to post an article to the trade, regarding any meeting with TfL. 
Let's have no more secret squirrel meetings with our regulators. Let's get the message out there to the rank and file driver.