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Brighton And Hove Taxi Reps To Meet With Lewes DC Over Uber Advising Drivers To Use Easy Option In Andrew Peters

I have another meeting with Lewes DC next week along with Sean Ridley of Unite and George Beresforth ..Independent rep

This was my original statement to Brighton & Hove HNews which I fully expected to be edited down: 

We are very pleased that Lewes District Council has now taken steps to bring the conditions of licensing for LDC hackney carriage and private hire vehicles.


As the conditions of Brighton and Hove licence vehicles are much higher than that of Lewes DC, Uber was giving recruiting information on its website by providing the comparison of time and costs to obtain licences between Brighton & Hove and Lewes DC to be able to work in Brighton & Hove. 

Brighton & Hove
Total estimated cost of obtaining a PHDL: £1112
Total estimated time to obtain a PHDL: 40 weeks
Total estimated cost of obtaining a PHVL: £134
Total estimated time to obtain a PHVL: 2 weeks

Total estimated cost of obtaining a PHDL: £422
Total estimated time to obtain a PHDL: 8 weeks
Total estimated cost of obtaining a PHVL: £186
Total estimated time to obtain a PHVL: 2 Weeks

This is due to Uber in creating ‘Mythical Uber Regions’ in an attempt to calve up the UK and to reinvent the UK Licensing Authority areas by dividing the UK into nine ‘ Mythical Regional’ areas. This can only be seen as an attempt by Uber to create extraordinary larger licensing areas to try to change national Legislation via ‘Uber Stealth’. 

Brighton & Hove is in the ‘ South East Uber Mythical Region’ and Uber is encouraging out-of-town hackney carriage and private hire vehicle’s such as those from Lewes DC to predominantly work in Brighton & Hove

The difference in the standards required was put to the Licensing Panel at the Brighton & Hove Uber Renewal Hearing in April 2018 by the GMB and referred to by the Panel when the Uber representatives were questioned as to why its website looked as if it was encouraging drivers to obtain a licence in Lewes DC to predominantly work in Brighton & Hove.

A meeting between myself and the Unite representative Sean Ridley on April 18 2018 with Lewes DC raised the issue of Lewes DC being used as the lower end of licensing requirements for drivers who have no intention of ever working in Lewes DC because of the lower Conditions of Licensing

This is the result of the Deregulation Act 2015 which allowed what is known as ‘Cross Border Hiring’ which has been exploited by the likes of Uber to use drivers and vehicles from licensing authorities which have lower standards of licensing requirements to predominantly work in areas that have much higher standards. This is exactly why cities such as Brighton & Hove have been flooded with out of town private hire drivers/vehicles from places such as Reigate & Banstead, Sefton and Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton is by far the worst culprit having issued some 7500 + licences in 2017 compared to a mere 700 in 2014.

What will now happen is that ring fenced licensing revenue from those Licensing Authorities f higher conditions of licensing will now drop as cheaper and fast track licensing will be sought from councils with lower requirements.

In fact in 2017 Uber attempted to lower the standards of the licensing requirements of Brighton & Hove City Council in the removal of the ‘Knowledge test’ as the Uber legal representative stated that the use of SatNavs was in fact better. Fortunately the local councillors put Uber straight on the this and refused the proposal.

At the time of our meeting with Lewes DC we were told that there was a backlog of around eight weeks as council had been flooded with applications for licences since Uber had given out information that it was cheaper and quicker to obtain a licence there rather than in Brighton & Hove if the intention was to predominantly work in Brighton & Hove.

However at the time our meeting with Lewes DC we were informed that the current ‘Conditions of Licensing’ were now being looked at with the view for a complete overhaul and this could not come soon enough.

Historically Lewes DC would only have a few driver & vehicles applications a week but this took a dramatic upturn since that announcement on the Uber website resulting in the backlog and we can express some sympathy for Lewes DC as it has been exploited by Uber for its own cause.

Because of the flood of Lewes DC vehicles predominantly working in Brighton & Hove over the last few months the Brighton & Hove trade have has supplied Lewes DC with countless reports of its licensed vehicles not complying with the current ‘Conditions of Licensing’ where the driver/proprietor and even the council itself have breached its own Conditions of Licensing.

We have had to alert Lewes DC about ‘Dual Plating’ whereby the council does not allow a vehicle to be licensed in one area as well as in Lewes DC which the council contravened. 

Additionally we had to alert the Lewes DC about issuing a licence plate to a saloon vehicle that stated it was licensed to carry 5 people where this was clearly wrong along with Lewes DC drivers removing signage for whatever reasons.

Currently there are numerous Lewes DC hackney carriage and private hire vehicles showing expired licence dates on the vehicle plates

Effectively the Brighton & Hove trade has become the unpaid policing of Lewes DC private hire and hackney carriage vehicles.

However after months of the trade lobbying both Lewes DC and Brighton & Hove City Council we are pleased that Concordant Arrangements have now been put in place which means that the Brighton & Hove Enforcement Officers who make regular checks on the local licensed vehicles now have the power to carry out the same inspections on Lewes DC drivers and vehicles. We will now monitor the costs of this to ensure that the Brighton & Hove trade will not be paying for Brighton & Hove Council to be the exclusive Enforcement body of Lewes DC drivers and vehicles.

We are pleased that Adur DC have also granted the council with the same ‘Enforcement’ powers on Adur licensed vehicles but unfortunately other licensing authorities have refused to do the same.

Lewes DC Revision of Licensing Conditions

It is now very encouraging that Lewes DC appear to be taking responsibility in instigation a revision of the Conditions of Licensing. However we are greatly concerned where it has been reported that:
“The penalty for prospective taxi drivers found cheating on a knowledge test is also set to increase, with the introduction of a three-year ban. Currently a prospective driver found cheating on the test will be barred from re-taking the test for one year only.”

Just that statement alone puts Lewes DC in a concerning perspective.
Surely any potential driver of a Lewes DC licensed vehicle that has been “...found cheating on a knowledge test..” should be banned for life as that person is supposed to be ‘Fit and Proper’ to hold a licence to have the full responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of the public. Indeed it hardly compliments any licensed Lewes DC driver as no one will ever know if such a driver had previously tried to cheat the system.

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Uber Appeal Judge Arbuthnot, Who Upheld Julian Assange's Warrant, Questioned Over Her Links To Security Services

Julian Assange's supporters are questioning the integrity of the judge who upheld his UK arrest warrant, accusing her of being influenced by the British authorities and the secret service.

Earlier this week, Judge Emma Arbuthnot rejected arguments presented by Assange’s legal team over why he breached bail conditions by seeking political refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012.

Judge Arbuthnot said she rejected the activist's request to have his warrant dropped out of fear that he could be extradited to the US, where he would face espionage charges. Since there is no extradition treaty between the UK and Ecuador, Assange cannot be arrested inside the embassy’s grounds.

After the ruling, the judge’s familial connections were brought into question by Assange’s supporters, some of whom insist she is linked to the establishment, as well as the UK’s security services.

Arbuthnot’s husband - and ex-Conservative MP - Baron James Arbuthnot is listed as a former director of Security Intelligence Consultancy SC Strategy Ltd. The other two listed directors are former Head of MI6, Sir John Scarlett and Lord Carlile.

The connections have outraged Assange supporters, who insist the legal system is stacked against the man that leaked evidence against the US, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Fans of Assange took to Twitter to express their outrage.

Former British Ambassador Craig Murray posted the judge's connection on his website and accused the media of spreading fake news for not pointing out the connection.

“If anybody thinks the Assange case had anything to do with justice, they are very mistaken," Murray wrote.

Carlile and Scarlett formed the company SC Strategy in 2012, with their most prominent client being Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund.

Liberal Democrat peer Carlile told the Guardian his company provides confidential advice to several clients from around the world. In October 2013, confidential documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden listed Carlile as part of GCHQ’s strategy of “talking heads,” advocating for the agency ahead of a key report on the use of intercepted evidence in court cases. Carlile later argued that Snowden’s revelations amounted to a criminal act.

Handing down her judgment at Westminster magistrates court, Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot said: “I find arrest is a proportionate response even though Mr. Assange has restricted his own freedom for a number of years."

“Defendants on bail up and down the country, and requested persons facing extradition, come to court to face the consequences of their own choices. He should have the courage to do the same. It is certainly not against the public interest to proceed," Arbuthnot added.


Cyclist 38 Dies After Being Hit By A TfL Licensed MiniCab On Goswell Road

Cyclist, 38, dies days after Goswell Road crash.

A 38-year-old cyclist who was hit by a car in Goswell Road in the early hours of Friday has died today, police have said.

The man’s bike collided with the vehicle at the junction with Percival Street at 12.20am. He was left in critical condition and had spent the last five days in hospital.

The driver of the car stopped at the scene and has not been arrested.

Anyone who can help officers in their investigation can contact the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Alperton on 020 8991 9555and quote CAD 97/6Jul.

Officers are particularly keen to hear from anyone who saw the crash and has it on camera.

Exclusive : Sean Paul Day's Complaint to Judicial Conducts Investigation Office

Below is Sean Paul Day's letter of complaint to the Judical Conducts Office.
Why is it that again, an ordinary rank and file working driver has had to do what drivers are paying their respective orgs to do. 

I’m writing amidst the growing concern over what appears to be a conflict of interest where certain political affiliations might be construed as showing favour in respect of a particular company,  undermining the Chief Magistrate’s impartiality in two cases.
Senior District Judge (chief magistrate) Emma Arbuthnot oversaw proceedings at Westminster Magistrates court on the 6th July 2018 and Reading Magistrates Court on the 10th July 2018. The first case was brought by Uber as a matter of  appeal under the Private Hire Vehicles Act 1998 and by Reading Council in a case to determine if a driver using the Uber ‘model’ on the dates given was Plying for Hire? Both cases can be found here 
Case 1
Case 2
The conflict arises due to Magistrate Arbuthnot’s marriage to Baron James Arbuthnotand his friendship with the former PM David Cameron. Cameron’s close relationship with individuals working for Uber in marquee positions is well documented. This is further evidenced by Uber’s close links with  the previous administration at Number 10 & 11  who now enjoy financially rewarding positions with companies who invest heavily in Uber Technologies Inc. Cameron also nominated James Arbuthnot as a Life Peer in the Dissolution Peerages List 2015 of August 2015. The concern is that JamesArbuthnot’s closeness to the former PM might compromise Magistrate Arbuthnot’s ability to apply discernment in cases involving Uber. The concern is legitimately heightened on learning the same Magistrate has presided over a second trial involving Uber and both times Magistrate Arbuthnot has ruled in Uber’s favour. 
Without considering the merits of both cases in detail the conflict of interest was compounded on during the Reading verdict when Judge Emma Arbuthnot on Page 4, section 14 (how the app works)…in her summary stated that it was the driver who accepts the job and only then Uber makes the booking. This is illegal act that contravenes  legislation laid out as part of the 1998 PH Regulations.
TfL Operator License explicitly state in their terms that a Private Hire booking can only be accepted by a licensed operator at their registered operating centre.. There is a specific duty on private hire operators to keep certain records of their operation. These include booking records which must include ‘the main destination specified at the time of the booking’ (paragraph 4(d) of the PHV (London) (Operators’ Licence) Regulations. To disambiguate, the defining characteristic of a PHVs is that it must beaccepted through an operator. The Act also references  that no person other than a Private Hire Operator (PHO) shall make provision to accept a booking.  
No person shall in London make provision for the invitation or acceptance of  Private hire bookings unless he is the holder of a Private Hire Operators license for London (In this Act, referred to as London is PHV operators license
A  person who makes provision for the invitation or acceptance of Private hire bookings or who accept such a booking in contravention of his section is guilty offence and liable  on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level four or standard style.
The statutory structure/definition is referred to frequently by TfL and was referenced in the legislative provisions before Justice Ouseley. 
CITATION Number: [2015] EWHC 2918 Admin Case No: CO/1449/2015. 
Conversely, at the earlier trial on the 6th, Magistrate Arbuthnot was unhesitant in her acceptance of an explanation that Uber had altered its app, and was now equipped with a feature informing the user that the booking had been accepted by Uber London LTD (ULL). Only afterwards is the user linked with a driver. If this is the case, and as yet there is no evidence to suggest it has been altered,  the app would now comply with current legislation. 
This I starkly inconsistent with  ‘the driver accepts...then uber confirms the booking…‘nevertheless, Arbuthnot ruled that his actions did not constitute plying for hire. Itshould be noted also that Uber do not hold a PHO licence in Reading. 
The case holds gravitas as a ruling either-way could detrimentally impact on the lives of tens of thousands of sole traders and their families. It would also elevate a corporate entity to a position that resides above the law of the land. The concern here, is that a certain ruling will be used to determine future  Government policies which are relevant to both cases.
Whilst the complexity of the issue  – such as what constitutes a Hackney Carriage- cannot be understated and until such clarity can be addressed in the Courts, it would be easy for perspicacity to prevail and weight the trial in favour of vested interests. A seismic shift culturally, in the way we move about has implications that reach far beyond taxi and minicab rivalries, and a Magistrate influenced  by a conflict of interest could prove to be a very dangerous one
I trust the matter will be looked in to. 
Yours Faithfully
Sean Paul Day
London Taxi Radio

I’ve been contacted by the Chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club, who informed me they (LCDC) have contacted BlackCab lawyers this week, to write a template letter for them to put out.... but they are still waiting for BlackCab Laywers to get back to them. 

The RMT have told me they will be discussing this in detail at the next branch meeting. 

Not to be out done, the LTDA posted this at approx 17:45 tonight

Now if only they can get their legal team interested in challenging the two Uber judgements from Emma Arbuthnot !!!

Still nothing so far from Unite. 
Don't know what the UCG are doing as they block me on sciatica media.

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Press Release From London Taxi OR

London Taxi PR launches ‘The Knowledge’ campaign


London Taxi PR is delighted to announce that it is launching a new campaign this month (July), titled ‘The Knowledge’ – Become a London Taxi Driver, this will promote, signing up to The Knowledge, the infamous Test each applicant must pass to become a licensed London Taxi driver.


The campaign also highlights that ‘The Knowledge’ is in fact inclusive and open to all, regardless of their gender, religion or ethnicity.

All images used in the campaign have been provided by Terry Gibbins, a passionate & Proud London Taxi driver and Photographer, who has been photographing drivers for several months. He came to London Taxi PR with the idea for a campaign.


Once again London Taxi PR have teamed up with 8 outdoor media who will provide 29 large format digital billboards across Central London. The campaign which will run for a month, will feature London Taxi drivers of all genders and ethnic origin, which reflect the current diversity within the trade, with the headline “I did it, so can you”.


The aim of the campaign is to encourage more people to sign up to do ‘The Knowledge’ & become a London Taxi driver. We believe the job offers great opportunities for all who are prepared to put in the work and meet the high standards required of the profession to be a licensed London Taxi driver.


All previous campaigns have already achieved significant publicity, illustrating that licensed London Taxis are not only safe, distinctive, instantly recognisable, and incredibly easy to hail, either by hailing from the street or through an app, but that they also have a fantastic historic profile, dating all the way back to the 17th Century.


This new campaign also follows the recent culmination of London Taxi PR’s latest initiative, which involved street level advertisements at some 80 Bus Stop sites across Central London in conjunction with JCDecaux, together with a social media campaign, #lookforthelight, alongside the advertisements.


This latest launch also comes on the back of two success major award wins for London Taxi PR, most recently having been crowned Best Transport PR Agency 2018 – London, in the Business Excellence Awards organised by Acquisition International (AI) magazine. This followed London Taxi PR’s previous win earlier this year for The Best Public Transport Promotions Group – England, in the Air Transport Awards.


Both awards validate the significance and importance of the work that London Taxi PR are doing in promoting their trade through the media and other outlets.


Since their formation, London Taxi PR has undertaken a series of targeted media campaigns, which are being used by London Taxi PR to promote the benefits, advantages and safety of using the iconic London Taxi to a wide audience.


London Taxi PR was established in March 2015 by two licenced London Taxi drivers of many years standing - Lee Sheppard and fellow cabbie Gary Long, London Taxi PR is seeking to raise awareness to the public, tourists and visitors to the capital by illustrating the advantages that can be provided by using the iconic London Taxi’s. These Taxis are affectionately known as London’s Pride, and this has been used to significant effect as a catchphrase in their campaign material.


All the campaigns and publicity that has so far been generated by the company has been funded by fellow London Taxi drivers, many of whom have signed up to donate to the cause on a monthly basis, indicating how passionate they all are about their industry and the cause.


The campaigns have included; Digital Taxi rooftop advertisements that were provided by Verifone Media; an advertising campaign through JCDecaux on telephone kiosks situated around London’s West End; two campaigns with British Airways involving advertising in their High Life magazine and posters in Terminal 5 Business Lounge, followed by a full-page  advertisement again in High Life; a full-page advertising campaign in The London Magazine (high end property and residential title); a 3-month digital billboard campaign in conjunction with 8outdoor media, showcasing the London Taxi trade on three digital billboards in and around West London; and finally with Clear Channel UK which involved advertisements on phone boxes and digital pop up banners. There has also been a full-page advertisement and editorial campaign run within the leading Travel and lifestyle magazine, Inspired Travel.


Several distinctive tag lines have also been used in promotions, including; Take a ride in London’s Pride and #lookforthelight.


London Taxi PR. Passionate about promoting and preserving the iconic London Taxi trade and funded by London Taxi drivers who care about their industry.



For more information on London Taxi PR and their campaigns, please visit their website



Shock For Drivers With Electric Taxis, Using Feeder Park, Touting At Heathrow on Behalf Of Uber, Plus Uber To Offer Cash Option To Facilitate Uber Ranks.

With the news that a new £1.5m state of the art system is to be introduced to run the feeder park (Taxi Expert), the Trade also found out at the bi monthly Heathrow liaison meeting, that drivers with the new electric Taxi can’t charge their vehicles while going through the system. 

Drivers with the new LEVC will have to charge their vehicles before they enter the system in the same way drivers with diesel Taxis have to fill up before going through the FP. 

This will mean an extra wait of 45 minutes before they join the queue to go through the feeder. 

This is the statement published in this months copy of the Badge Taxi paper, authored by LCDC airport rep Jamie Hawes 

1. Electric Cabs: Protocol for Electric Taxis entering the Taxi Feeder Park:

HAL have informed the trade that before long there will be no waiting whilst charging at Heathrow. Drivers of electric taxis will have to charge up their cabs before entering the system in the same way that any other driver must operate when filling up with Diesel or LPG-that is charge/fuel before putting on. 

This may come as a little bit of a shock to those drivers who have signed up to a hefty financial agreement to own the LEVC taxi with the encouragement of TfL and HAL by way of free charge points, only to now find that they must waste 45 min before entering the feeder park rather than be able to charge up whilst waiting. 

It was pointed out that this being the case the positioning of the chargers in the North Park was a complete waste of time in that it only leaves less space for drivers entering or leaving. 

No Matter, what HAL wants, HAL gets.

See whole article in this months Badge, download here:


News coming through today that Uber want to give their customers the option to pay by cash in cities which include London. It's alleged the reasoning behind this is so they can offer an on demand service from ranks in Airports, festivals and mainline rail stations.

Information staff at Heathrow caught bang to rights touting on behalf of Uber. Staff are actively directing passengers away from the Taxi rank to an Uber booking facility.

See this video from our man at Heathrow.


Where is the Union that seems to have the most power at Heathrow, Unite. 

Why haven't their reps stopped this blatant touting???

Another Open Letter From Taxi Leaks...Asking More Important Questions.

Let's get one thing straight from the start, Taxi Leaks is an impartial Taxi news website. We carry no paid adverts and do not carry advertorials for any Org, Union or company for monetary gain. The links we do have are there strictly through merit. 

Most of all, we are not an org, we do not represent the trade....all we do, is inform the trade. 

Having said that, we have found ourselves having to ask TFL's commissioner and directors questions because will feel these important questions are not being asked by our trade representative bodies. 

So today, we put these questions to TfLTPH:

1. After last weeks case, can London's Taxi drivers have an apology from TfL who’s COs we’re removing copies of Taxi paper from Taxis, saying the “headline was wrong”? We have video of drivers being harassed.


TfL COs Protecting Uber From Rape Headlines In The Press!
Will TfL now issue an apology to Taxi drivers who were harassed by COs?

Also see this post:

2. Could you please tell my under what circumstances, Grayhound Cars have been given an exemption to allow them to display their name on liveried front doors ? Also, I'm told Otto cars is being allowed to advertise on its cars rear body work. Please explain why?


3. In the Reading verdict yesterday judge Emma Arbuthnot on Page 4, section 14 (how the app works)...said it was the driver who accepts the job and only then Uber makes the booking. This is illegal under current legislation laid down by Parliament....Will you therefore revoke Uber’s licence ASAP ???

Judge Emma Arbuthnot, in summing up :

We also asked the LTDA the third question adding the caveat 'will you be at Palestra today demanding Uber's immediate revocation?'

So far, this is the only answer we've received .

No surprise there then!

Labour Caught Up In Cash For Voter Data Scandal

Facebook has already paid off the fine handed to it by the UK data regulator for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

But while most of Wednesday was taken up with chatter largely criticising the paltry sum - the maximum the Information Commissioner could under previous laws - another company had also been handed a penalty for allegedly illegal data practices.

During the regulator’s investigation into how data is being used for political purposes, the Information Commissioner found that the owner of a popular parenting website, Emma’s Diary, had illegally sold on the data of one million Britons to the Labour Party ahead of the 2017 general election.


The 1.065.200 records included pregnant women, new parents and even their children.

Details included the name of the parent who joined the website, their home address, whether they had young children and the birth dates of the mother and children.

The parent company of Emma’s Diary, Lifecycle Marketing, has been fined £140,000 but denies any wrongdoing.


Amid the Facebook probe findings, the Information Commissioner also revealed its concerns about the legality of political consultancy groups using data to target people with adverts ahead of the European referendum, including the Vote Leave campaign, it alleged.

The official Remain campaign - trading as Britain Stronger in Europe - may also face a penalty because it used a third party data broker that did not have adequate consent and “similar issues as we have explored on the Leave and wider political parties side of our investigation”.

As more details on the use marketing and digital data played in politics ahead of landmark votes comes out, it appears that the Cambridge Analytica debacle was just the tip of the iceberg. Whether serious ramifications will follow is in the hands of the data regulator and the Electoral Commission

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Reading Verdict, No Consistency From Judge Emma Arbuthnot

You just couldn’t make it up 

Judge Emma Arbuthnot finds Uber Driver in Reading not guilty 

Now there’s a surprise...not 😂

Last week, in the Transport for London versus Uber Case, judge Arbuthnot agreed with the defence that Uber drivers do not accept jobs directly in their vehicle... she agreed they are accepted first by Uber LL before being passed to the driver.  Uber LL are not licensed to operate in Reading as they have been refused an operators licence by Reading council.

In the evidence, judge Arbuthnot agreed that it is the driver who accepts the job....a complete reversal of what she said in the London TfL v Uber fit and proper case.

So, what happened to the triple licensing protocol?

Uber are not licensed in Reading so who did they subcontract the job to, for the the job to be offered back to the driver?

Are Uber alleging 'they' subcontracted the job to the driver who accepted in his vehicle....but is the driver holding an operators licence for Reading?

As the song says....there are more, questions than answers !!!


Where is our largest org with its million pound war chest, and specialist legal team?

Where are the legal objections and appeals? 

What are the members paying subscription for?

Will this be another case of “lets wait and see what happens in 15 months” .....???


Readings QC Charles Holland, argued that Uber didn't hold a licence for the Reading area and that the company and driver were plying for hire using their smart phone app. 

The case against drive Mudassar Ali was bought by Reading Council after he was found waiting to be offered work on the app while parked up in a street in Reading. 

Judge Arbuthnot said as the car had no distinctive markings (apparently the TfL roundels were not distinctive enough) it couldn't be said that it was crying out "I'm for hire".

Uber was again represented by Phillip Kolvin QC, who managed to get all charges dismissed.

Controversial Manchester Airport Drop-Off Charges Come Into Force Today

Controversial drop-off charges at Manchester Airport come into force on Tuesday. 

Drivers dropping passengers off will be charged £3 for five-minute stays, or £4 for 10-minute stays.

Alternatively motorists can use a free drop-off area and catch a shuttle bus to the correct terminal, but that’s located at the current Jetparks 1 site, which is near to Terminal 2.

From the free drop-off area, shuttle buses with journey times ranging from five to seven minutes, depending on the terminal, will run.

Manchester Airport (Image: Martin Rickett/PA Wire)
Buses will run 24 hours a day with marshals on hand to assist passengers and drivers.

Airport bosses have been accused of ‘getting every last penny from passengers’ but they insisted the tariff policy was needed to ease congestion.

Charges at Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) remain lower, with the 'express drop off & pick up' site charging £3 for up to 20 minutes, jumping to £10 for up to an hour.

JLA also has a drop-off point free for 40 minutes around 10 minutes' walk from the terminal.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport. (Image: Colin Lane)
The Manchester move is set to mean holiday-makers paying more for taxis to Manchester airport, as drivers would have to charge them to recover the drop-off costs, although a concession card is available for private hire drivers.

Blue badge holders are allowed to drop off outside of the terminals free of charge.

The chargeable drop-off areas are located directly outside each terminal building at departures level.

There is no change to arrangements for picking people up, with those collecting passengers asked to park in the car parks at each terminal, which cost £4 for 30 minutes.

The airport said on its website: “The changes that we are introducing only impact those dropping-off.

“The process for picking-up passengers remains the same – passengers can be picked-up in the arrivals car parks and multi-storey car parks with a charge of £4 for 30 minutes.

“We will have staff on hand to direct those dropping-off and picking-up to the right places.”

Airport bosses say more passengers, security rules around forecourt capacity and limited space has led to extreme congestion, especially at peak times.

They added that profits would go towards a new public transport fund being set up by the airport with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and Cheshire East Council, supporting measures to improve access for both staff and passengers who use public transport

ITA To Pick Up The Baton (Again) As Trade Fails To Act...Met's Contact Centre, Just Window Dressing

During the recent TfL vs Uber appeals trial, Uber's QC claimed that former Uber employee, Jo Bertram lied to the court during a previous employment trial, to help the case.
This is perjury....This is a fact.....

Will the @UKSFO be looking into this?
Or do We as a trade have to make a formal complaint?

These are questions asked by London Taxi Driver Lenny Etheridge on the social media platform Twitter.
Lenny, using the reply facility to the Metropolitan Police claim that their Twitter account is for non-emergency enquires said:

"The question was asked on 29th June 2018 at 12:01 pm.
So far, the Met have refused to answer".

It appears the claim from the Metropolitan Police is an empty one.
It seems their Twitter account is just window dressing, and the @metpoliceuk wonder why they're losing touch with the public.

It's not as if the Twitter account has been rushed off its feet!

As London's Taxi orgs have failed to pick up the gauntlet on behalf of their 10,000 odd subscribers, the Independent Taxi Association (ITA) which is driver led and has no paid representatives, have once again picked up the baton. 

The ITA have issued this statement today:

ITA Press release, our intentions.
We will get a few of hundred drivers to queue outside a prominent London Police Station to individually make a formal complaint against Uber and Jo Bertram for perverting the course of justice.

1. The meter case.

2. The employment case.



At the top of this post is a statement, made by Rosa Parks.

This beautiful soul stood up against a lot more than we face today.

She had the strength and grace to face more than most of us could ever imagine possible.
Because she had right on her side.

We have right on our side!

Fight now, or forever "give up your seat" to the oppressor 
Lenny Etheridge.

Cycle superhighway to stay OPEN during Embankment closure

TfL has revealed that cycle superhighways will remain open during major roadworks on the Victoria Embankment from April 2019.

The closure of the Embankment, expected to last up to six months, is needed in order to move two gas mains to make way for London’s new super-sewer.

But while motor traffic is due to be diverted south along heavily congested Southwark Street, TfL has assured cyclists that the east-west and north-south cycle routes will remain unaffected.

A TfL spokesperson told Cyclist magazine: “we kept the cycle superhighway as a priority” during the planning process.

The City of London Corporation is said to be “really concerned” at the plans, with members of the Corporation’s streets and walkways subcommittee kicking up a big fuss at an emergency meeting on July 2.

At the meeting councillors suggested that traffic should be moved onto the cycle lanes during the works and the lanes routed elsewhere.

Source : Londonfortransport.