Saturday, June 09, 2018

Mayor Tells London's Public, THEY Should Police The Streets Themselves.

As governments around the world are advising their nationals to avoid coming to London, due to the high level of violent street crime, Sadiq Khan FINALLY bothers to notice London’s crimewave. 

He tells the public THEY should catch gangs themselves. 

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is already under fire for posting on social media about more fashionable causes, has now addressed concerns over the 'increase in serious violent crime'

He’s now told Londoners they have "to be the eyes and ears of the police" and help catch these gangs themselves 
(Pity the Mayor, TfL, Met and CoL Police have treated the London Taxi trade so bad, they would have another 24,000 pairs of eyes out on the street)

Is this what we pay our taxes for.... Policing on the cheap?

Best friend of murdered teen Stephen Lawrence, Duwayne Brookes, said “Khan as Mayor is weak and ineffective”. 

The Mayor said: "Londoners have responsibility too.

"We (meaning you) have got to be the eyes and ears of the police - if you see something that you think is a criminal event, ring 999.

"We've got to help the police do their job in these difficult circumstances, keeping us safe."

Quite a hard call as you just don’t see officers in central London that often. Victims of crimes complain that calling 999 doesn’t mean anyone will turn up!

Khan went on to repeat the claims that the police don't have enough money. He said it would be "naive" to say that cuts had not had an effect.

This from the Mayor who sold off police buildings, closed police stations and cut numbers to finance the £bn cycle super highways. 

Mr Khan said: "Our police - and it's worth just saying this again, are cancelling their rest days, they are working overtime. 

Truth is there’s just not enough manpower anymore to keep citizens safe. The Mayor has again put profit before public safety. 


Following on from yesterday’s statement by the Mayor

Listen to this clip from a London Cabby

Friday, June 08, 2018

Press Release...Second major awards success for London Taxi PR


London Taxi PR is delighted to announce that it has won a second major award this year, having been crowned Best Transport PR Agency 2018 – London, in the Business Excellence Awards organised by Acquisition International (AI) magazine.
This second major awards success follows London Taxi PR’s previous win earlier this year for The Best Public Transport Promotions Group – England, in the Air Transport Awards, which subsequently resulted in the company being nominated for this latest award category, which they also won!
Both awards validate the significance and importance of the work that London Taxi PR are doing in promoting their trade through the media and other outlets.
Acquisition International is a monthly magazine renowned as the voice of corporate finance. With a circulation of 108,000 in over 170 countries, it contains editorial from some of the biggest players in the corporate landscape, including KPMG, EY PwC and Deloitte.
This latest award recognition went through four detailed stages for a company to be declared a winner.
A voting form was placed live on the magazine’s website for just over 3 months. Notification was then sent out to its readership base (108,000+ worldwide) to let them know voting was open and in addition it was also posted on various social media platforms to help encourage the voting form to be shared. An in-house research team then compiled a case file to help support London Taxi PR’s case in front of the judging panel. The case file contained various information found online such as; company history, services, articles, press releases, client testimonials and more. Once the case files were completed they then got passed to the judging panel who discussed and deliberated in order to decide who they believe deserved to win.
This latest achievement also follows the culmination of London Taxi PR’s latest campaign, which involved street level advertisements at some 80 Bus Stop sites across Central London in conjunction with JCDecaux, together with a social media campaign, #lookforthelight, alongside the advertisements.
Since their formation, London Taxi PR has undertaken a series of targeted media campaigns, which are being used by London Taxi PR to promote the benefits, advantages and safety of using the iconic London Taxi to a wide audience.
London Taxi PR was established in March 2015 by two licenced London Taxi driversof many years standing - Lee Sheppard and fellow cabbie Gary Long, London Taxi PR is seeking to raise awareness to the public, tourists and visitors to the capital by illustrating the advantages that can be provided by using the iconic London Taxi’s.These Taxis are affectionately known as London’s Pride, and this has been used to significant effect as a catchphrase in their campaign material.
All the campaigns and publicity that has so far been generated by the company has been funded by fellow London Taxi drivers, many of whom have signed up to donate to the cause on a monthly basis, indicating how passionate they all are about their industry and the cause.
The aim of the campaigns, which have already achieved significant publicity, is to illustrate that licenced London Taxis are not only safe, distinctive, instantly recognisable, and incredibly easy to hail, either by hailing traditionally from the street, or now through Taxiapp, but that they also have a fantastic historic profile, dating all the way back to the 17th Century.
Since its launch, London Taxi PR has achieved the following campaign and promotional success stories; Digital Taxi rooftop advertisements that were provided by Verifone Media; an advertising campaign through JCDecaux on telephone kiosks situated around London’s West End; two campaigns with British Airways involving advertising in their High Life magazine and posters in Terminal 5 Business Lounge, followed by a full-page advertisement again in High Life; a full-page advertising campaign in The London Magazine (high end property and residential title); a 3-month digital billboard campaign in conjunction with 8outdoor media, showcasing the London Taxi trade on three digital billboards in and around West London; and finally with Clear Channel UK which involved advertisements on phone boxes and digital pop up banners. There has also been a full-page advertisement and editorial campaign run within the leading Travel and lifestyle magazine, Inspired Travel.
London Taxi PR. Passionate about promoting and preserving the iconic London Taxi trade and funded by London Taxi drivers who care about their industry. 

For more information on London Taxi PR and their campaigns, please visit their website 

Uber Apply For Patent To AI System That Could Be Used To Source Victims For Driver Predators

It’s been alleged that Uber may soon be patenting a system of artificial intelligence (AI) with facial recognition, which will distinguish whether the passenger is a regular rider or a licensing compliance office....a bit like their previous GreyBall system. 

They hope to get this under the radar by announcing the system will  identifying drunk passengers with artificial intelligence, according to information published on Thursday. 

They are saying with the technology, Uber could better tailor its ride options for customers, but opponents believe it’s another system to deceive the regulators. 

The patent application describes a system that learns how you typically use the Uber app, (as did GreyBall) so that it can identify unusual behaviour (like compliance perhaps)  

The system relies on an algorithm to weigh a variety of factors, including typos, how precisely a user clicks on links and buttons, walking speed, and how long it takes to request a ride. The time of day, and where a ride is requested may also be considered. In other words Uber will be spying on and collecting masses of data from its users. 

For example, it's a good bet that a person walking down a street at 1 a.m. Saturday in a nightlife district while clumsily typing probably isn't sober.

Uber driver have a history of serious sexual assault on drunk passengers. Will predators working for Uber who haven’t had proper DBS checks be using this system to source new victims? 

The patent also says that the service Uber provides to the user could change, as a result. More secrecy !!!

Uber states: Drivers may be warned of their passenger's state and riders in an especially unusual state may only be matched with drivers with relevant experience or training,.... but it’s generally felt that the system could well be used by  drivers with unsafe previous!!!

At best victims could be sourced by unscrupulous Uber drivers, to be charged unnecessary cleaning fees of up to £100. Uber has recent from for this practise used by drivers to inflate their earnings.


Uber’s Panic Button Wont Stop The Sexual Assaults.  Click link below!    

PAM ANDERSN SAYS: If you're a rapist, you can be an Uber driver...


Thursday, June 07, 2018

Mayor And TfL Told Plans To Pedestrianise Oxford Street, Scrapped By Westminster Council.


The Future of Oxford Street

I am writing to update you about our plans to improve Oxford Street and the surrounding district.

As you know, two consultations have taken place in the past twelve months and after listening carefully to what local people have told us, we can now make Westminster City Council’s position absolutely clear.

What is very apparent is that the majority of Westminster residents who responded to the consultations did not support the proposals to pedestrianise Oxford Street. We also know that in the recent council elections, local people also essentially rejected pedestrianisation through the ballot box. Therefore, we believe there is a very strong democratic mandate that the pedestrianisation scheme that was under consideration is not what local people want. As a result, Westminster City Council has taken the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street off the table for good and we have informed the Mayor and TfL of our decision.

However, we do think that most people, ourselves included, feel that doing nothing is also not an option. We need to make the street and surrounding roads safer for everyone to accommodate the increase in people coming into the West End via the Elizabeth Line, which opens later this year. We also need to future-proof the Oxford Street District in a rapidly changing business and retail environment. We need to make sure that the experience of visiting Oxford Street and the surrounding area is fit for the future to ensure it maintains its crown as the nation’s high street for many, many years to come. Today’s news that House of Fraser will be closing their Oxford Street store only reaffirms our view that we have to help the retail industry to grow and evolve in line with changing consumer behaviour.

In doing this, we must also ensure that residents’ quality of life is enhanced with any improvement plans, with local amenity and cleaner air the absolute priority. For example, we want to continue to work with the Mayor of London, as many of the ways air quality can be improved are within his gift, such as the reduction in buses and introducing cleaner taxis. We will also ensure that the street and surrounding district is accessible and easy to navigate for everyone.

Moving forward, the council will now work on completely new proposals and come back to you after the summer break with some thoughts as to how we can proceed with improving the Oxford Street District. We also give you our absolute commitment that we will keep you informed at every stage and try to engage with as many people as possible throughout this process.

Only by working together can we help to ensure that we deliver a transformation of Oxford Street and surrounding district that is as inspiring for those who live, work and visit the area now as well as for future generations.

If you would like to be kept up to date with future Oxford Street updates could you please e-mail to register your email address. If you have any questions please also direct them to Robin.

Totally Failing London Part 2 ..... Special Announcement From TfLTPH to clear Uber's Name.

TfL have said on a number of occasions that they've never shown grace or favour towards Uber, the eHail Minicab app that were last year refused a new licence on the grounds the were not fit and proper to hold a Private Hire operators licence.

This week we heard news of a really nasty attack on a woman and baby. The name of the alleged attacker was published by the police who wanted to interview the suspect. 

A few posts appeared on social media linking the name of the suspect with TFL's private hire licence checker web page. 

But the agency who say they have shown no grace or favour to a certain currently unlicensed Minicab firm, put out this statement first thing this morning. 

Their statement reads :
Police have confirmed that the accused involved in this alleged offence is not a licensed private hire driver in London.

To be would they know???...Uber have been shown to have 13,000 drivers with fake criminal record DBS certificates. Drivers have also shown up with fake passports, fake TfL PH licenses, fake medicals and yet TfLTPH appear to do nothing about this!
All this knowingly happened under the watchful eye of Leon 'the liar' Daniels, who was rewarded for this incompetence (which is still putting public safety at risk), with a performance related pay bonus of £640,000. 

Think TfL are Not Bias...Well Think Again!!!
When have TfLTPH ever contacted the media (TV, Radio or printed press) with a statement saying that the driver in a particular scenario was not a licensed London 'Taxi' driver. Virtually all TV new channels and almost every news agency have mistakenly called rapists, murders, terrorist 'Taxi Drivers', yet not a peep from Mike Brown's merry men at TfLTPH.

Can we now expect this type of statement the next time an alleged Minicab rapist is called a Taxi driver by the BBC ?

Can we expect this type of statement the next time the press refer to an Uber driver as... Taxi Driver ploughs into pedestrians on Exhibition Road??

TAXI LEAKS EXTRA BIT : Appeal To Find Elizabeth.

Dear LONDON Black Cab Drivers.. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HER, I have known her since we were kids. Seen in Marylebone London last. We want her back. 

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

TfL Totally Failing London. ... Should They Be Replaced As Transport Regulators? Jason Byrne

Bank Junction being used as a racetrack by speeding cyclists using app which rates person best times on set routs. 

When it's used as a race track and there are no controls in place to stop cyclists speeding through, what did they expect ??  

The City Of London corporation and TfL are more interested in revenue collected from motorists than public safety. 

To say this scheme -where traffic, including Taxis are banned-was safety inspired is as much a lie as
* Yes they have a phone line
* No it’s not a meter
* On/off insurance is available
* We show no bias towards Uber 

Let’s hope this lady recovers as the next casualty may not be so lucky !! 

Just goes to prove yet again
To regulate transport in London

As London is plagued by Machete wielding moped muggers, knife crime spiralling out of control, UberRape statistics reaching dizzy heights.....what do you think the Met are concentrating on....

This from Lenny Etheridge
 Lenny Etheridge Tweets: 

Two unmarked police cars at Kings Cross, looking for Taxi drivers interacting with their phones on the rank.

What an inspired deployment of police manpower.

Babies being stabbed, machete wielding scooter gangs, ramraids, shootings, grooming gangs, and drivers texting on ranks.

Uber driver given asylum in UK, who demonstrated use of laughing gas on BBC documentary... is convicted of selling banned party drug to students
Footage you won't see on channel4's program #WheretoBritain

Click link to see video 

Something else you won't see on channel4.... Uber are using predator pricing to drive out black cabs.
This is how they work. Every journey is subsidies by their investors. 

Remember folks, when we are gone....we are gone for good. 
This is when Uber will sack up their prices