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TfL forced to drop plans to slash Taxicard budget in face of Town Hall opposition

Council bosses have welcomed a commitment to maintain funding for the popular Taxicard scheme after Transport for London and City Hall proposed cuts in their support.

Operated by London Councils, the scheme funds subsidised taxi journeys for disabled and mobility impaired Londoners, allowing them to make journeys many would otherwise struggle to carry out on public transport.

Funding is provided by TfL, which is chaired by Mayor Sadiq Khan, and London’s local councils, with users paying just a small contribution towards their fare.

In December London Councils, which represents all councils in the capital, expressed concern after TfL proposed a 13% cut to its funding in the coming financial year, followed by further, smaller, cuts in the following years.

Councillor Julian Bell, Chair of London Councils Transport and Environment Committee and the Labour leader of Ealing Council, claimed the proposal went against Mayor Khan’s election pledge to support the scheme.

In a letter to City Hall, he also warned that the cuts, which were proposed without first carrying out an equalities impact assessment, could leave them open to a legal challenge.

In response to the criticisms Val Shawcross, Mr Khan’s transport deputy, insisted the Mayor and TfL were “fully committed to the Taxicard scheme, and can guarantee that there will no reduction at all in the service being provided anywhere in London.”

On Friday London Councils announced that the planned cuts had been dropped with TfL now guaranteeing that, in the 2018/19 financial year, the scheme will receive the same level of funding as it did in the previous year, as well any increases needed to cover rises in taxi fares.

Cllr Bell said: “We are delighted that we have secured this commitment on behalf of London’s Taxicard users and our member boroughs.

“TfL’s proposal to cut their funding contribution to the Taxicard scheme would have had a significant impact on the level of subsidy offered, limiting people’s ability to travel in and around the capital.

“Now we know that TfL’s Taxicard’s budget will be maintained in 2018-19, we can focus on ensuring the scheme works in the best possible way for users and our member boroughs

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TFL's Helping Hand For Uber, A Bit Of Luck, Or Contrived ?

While Uber Could Theoretically Pay No Fees For Three More Years, 46 Private Hire Firms Have Stopped Trading Since The TfL hiked Fees. 

New figures have shown almost fifty Private Hire Operators have closed their doors since the 5000% rise in license fee’s by Transport for London was introduced.

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA), which campaigned to get Private Hire Vehicles (minicabs and chauffeurs) in London licensed, will challenge Transport for London (TfL) in the High Court next week (6th February).

It has brought about judicial review proceedings for what it sees as punitive and unfair increases in the cost of Licensed Operator Fees.

A freedom of information request to TfL has shown that in September 2017, when the new fees were approved, there were 2,445 PHV Operators licensed. By 3 December 2017, there were just 2,399. TfL has stated that it needs to increase costs to meet operator licensing, compliance and enforcement costs.

Steve Wright Chair of the LPHCA says: “I have spent all my working life seeking to improve standards and safety in London. TfL’s own figures show there are fantastic levels of compliance because Operators in London have been regulated for over 15 years. We are concerned that monies raised by these increases will not be used for Operator compliance but be used elsewhere by TfL.’ (£400m shortfall from Bus and Tube fares perhaps...ed)

He added; “We are taking legal action ‘more in sorrow than in anger’. What we hope is that the High Court will rule in our favour and that TfL will engage with us and other key trade bodies to discuss fees that are realistic, affordable and proportionate to the cost of running its compliance and enforcement function.”

TfL’s own figures show that the most compliant medium-sized operators are being subjected to punitive costs. Some long-established minicab companies have seen the cost of a five-year licence escalate from £2,826 to £30,000. 

By simply adding one vehicle, their costs would rise to £150,000. The addition of one driver would take them into a higher tier and cost the company £54,000 at the point of licence change.

An out of touch TfL spokeswoman told Evening Standard that the number of businesses closing was “fairly consistent” with recent years. (Scripted stock answer ???....ed)

She said the fee rises were “proportionate” after a dramatic rise in the size of the industry over the last five years had greatly increased the costs of overseeing them. The fees will fund extra compliance officers “who do a crucial job in driving up standards and ensuring passengers remain safe”. (Not happening Helen, because you failed to act over the 13,000 fake background check DBS, assaults on Uber passengers have risen by over 50%..ed)

The case will be considered on various aspects including the allegation that TfL did not undertake a considered and thorough consultation prior to the introduction of these fees and failed to carry out an independent regulatory impact assessment.

Source : The Chauffeur

In the wake of the new operators licence price hike, it is now feared that hundreds of former minicab drivers (not wishing to work for Uber's slave wages) will now go rouge, operating outside the legal regulations.

We could see touting on a large scale return to the West End. TfL CO's have no power or jurisdiction over unlicensed vehicles, and the police no longer have the resources to mount anti-touting operations.  

I know this isn't Taxi related but I just had to share this wonderful news :

Fantastic to see that after much pressure from other veterans and a national newspaper campaign, a home has been found by Herefordshire County Council for homeless former SAS hero Bob Curry.

There is plenty more work to be done to recognise our veterans and give them the support they need after their service, but this is a positive start! 
People power at its best! 

Taxi Leaks Exclusive: Taxis Left Unplated For 12 Weeks Or More To be Removed From Service In London.

Taxi Leaks has been informed that new regulations from TfL regarding unplated Taxis, may put a huge strain on fleet rental garages, that have excess vehicles they have no rental drivers for.

It’s common practise for large fleet owners not to plate taxis until they have a rental client. 

An alleged email has been sent to NSL from TfL requesting that any Taxi vehicle left unplated for 12 weeks or more, must be removed completely from London’s fleet and will not be eligible for plating in the TfL licensing area. The current time limit for unplated vehicles was 2 years I believe. 

Taxi Leaks has asked TfL to confirm this new regulation. 

We await their reply. 

Worrying New MOT Rules, 

New MOT rules, are due to come into force this spring, but there is already concern that they could put the safety of vehicles at risk. 

Under the new system, a new set of failure and defect categories will be introduced labelling problems as ‘dangerous’, ‘major’ or ‘minor’. The RAC is concerned that while any dangerous faults will lead to failure, vehicles with minor problems will pass the test.

EU roadworthiness package

The new measures are part of the EU Roadworthiness Package that is being introduced in May 2018. 

There are concerns that the classification will leave the seriousness of defects open to the interpretation of the tester, and this could lead to confusion.

RAC Spokesman Simon Williams said that while the new changes might seem sensible, they are concerned that many motorists could become confused by the system when indicating how serious a fault is with their car.

Rather than creating a straightforward black and white system of pass or fail, the new system leaves the status of the vehicle open to interpretations and could vary from one test centre to another. There are also other changes coming in that could further confuse matters.

Changing status

For example, under the new guidelines, there will be new criteria for steering mechanisms. A steering box leaking oil would be a minor fault, but there is room for interpretation on the part of the tester. So, while some might see it as trivial, others might see it as dangerous and fail the car.

The RAC went on to say that while they acknowledged that the government had little choice in the new regulations, they believe that the current MOT system works fine and doesn’t need to be amended.

Diesel Emissions Again:

While it appears that MOT passes for petrol vehicle appear to be easier, the war against diesels escalates.

Following the scandal in recent years with the diesel cars, any vehicle that has a diesel particulate filter or DPF will be issued with a ‘major’ fault if there is any visible smoke from the vehicle, regardless of the colour.

There will also be checks to see if the DPF has been ‘tampered’ with or ‘removed’ and if the tester finds it has, then the owner must prove ‘legitimate reasons’ for this action such as cleaning. But any car without one can be failed without any further reason.

This highlights the ongoing anti-diesel movement from the authorities with new measures being harsher on diesel vehicles than on petrol. Garages have been required to check the DPF as part of the MOT since 2014, but the new standards will see an instant fail if the vehicle is producing smoke of any kind and the filter is missing or altered.

Maintaining a DPF

The DPF is designed to capture and store those harmful exhaust particles that cause so many problems when they escape into the air. The issue is they only have a finite lifespan and need to be emptied or burned off to regenerate and continue to function correctly.

In most cases, a good run down the motorway is the solution for removing the excess emissions soot in the DPF. It ensures that the car doesn’t emit smoke of any colour, especially the tell-tale black smoke associated with diesel engines.

Euro 5 regulations introduced in 2009 made them compulsory. If you have one on your vehicle and you haven’t had a good run down the motorway, you might be best to have a garage check the DPF before your MOT comes around.

Get your new MOT

So, under the new test, if your vehicle has any dangerous or significant faults it will be an automatic failure. These new measures with the DPF could condemn diesel cars to a retest. On the petrol car front, vehicles with minor problems, could still pass – even though they may need extra work doing to keep it running in top condition.


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Uber Plans A Shake-Up Of Driver Ratings Plus A Higher Level Of Service With A Nicer Gerald Coba

Uber has revealed it is planning to shake up driver ratings so customers will be able to opt for a higher service level as well as a nicer car.

Currently users of the ride instant hailing (illegally plying for hire) app rate their journey from one to five stars based on their experience. 

But Dara Khosrowshahi, who took the helm last August, said it wanted drivers who were "particularly good" to be rated "at a different level".

He said the firm was "very, very early" on the path to doing this.

"We want to allow the user to opt-in to a higher level of service because right now the only higher level of service that we define is a nicer car... and I think the car and service are two different things," he said.

'Break from the past'
This news comes in the wake of a 50% rise in sexual assaults (including rape) on Uber passengers in London by drivers. 

Last year 13,000 Uber drivers presented fake DBS criminal record background check certificates. 

In response to questions about safety, Mr Khosrowshahi said the firm was "doubling down" on background checks and vehicle licences so it could continue to grow. 

Apparently only 2600 of the 13,000 have reapplied with new DBS checks, the others have all been swept under the carpet by TfLTPH.

It was a rare public appearance by Mr Khosrowshahi, who has kept a low profile since taking the helm of the firm last August. 

Speaking in a packed room at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Khosrowshahi said the firm "had to make a break from the past and go forward as a company that does the right thing", although he made no mention of his drivers murders, terrorist attacks, sexual assaults of fraudulent data mining of customers accounts.

He is attempting to rescue the firm's reputation following investigations by multiple regulators and a lawsuit over allegedly stolen technology.

Former chief executive Travis Kalanick was ousted from the top role in June but remains a board member.

The firm also continues to experience steep losses. 

Mr Khosrowshahi said the fact that an Uber driver could be with you within minutes of ordering and its low cost meant its popularity would continue.

In London the app has been shown to be illegal and TfL have refused to relicense the company over safety issues.

Khosrowshahi predicted that, even with the advent of self-driving cars, Uber still intend to recruit double the amount of drivers it currently has within the next 10 years. In London this would see their fleet rise to 80,000. Currently drivers registered and licensed in London by TfL, are working all over the UK....although Khosrowshahi failed to mention this in Davos.

Gett Undercutting Their Own Black Cab Drivers With Their Porsche PHV Minicab Michael Ryan

Gett Porsche phv, are now undercutting their own Black Cab drivers, by offering customers a Porsche, at a lower fare than a Black Cab... nothing to worry about???

TfL's £400m Shortfall : Sadiq Khan Shows Consultations Are Waist Of Time.

Transport for London is said to be facing a £400m hole in its budget, as disgruntled passengers increasingly desert Buses and Tubes for an illegal, cheap minicab service, using drivers with virtually no criminal record checks, back by the government. Is TfL a victim of its own corruption?

"We've seen Uber driver terrorist attacks, sexual assaults including rapes up 50% last year, road traffic accidents at an alarming level, passenger account details hacked, bogus journeys charged to unsuspecting account holders...but it is supported by the Tories, TfL and the Mayor's office...and of course, it's cheap (sometimes)!

But what price do you put on your personal safety, and that of you family and friends?"

TfL tube fares income alone is projected to fall £239m below expectations this financial year, with commercial income - from advertising, retail and property - £160m down, according to confidential documents leaked to the media.

London's overstaffed, congestion causing bus service has been hit hardest and now the Mayor says he will oversee a more compact bus service as increasingly more passengers chose to use an unsafe, illegal instant hail smart phone app, rather than wait for buses stuck in the Khanage of road works and reduced road space caused by cycle lanes. 

The Tube is hit with 20m fewer journeys being made between September and December, bucking the trend of increased travel in the run-up to Christmas. So far this year, Tube passenger numbers are almost four per cent, or 38 million journeys, below target.

Concerns have been mounting that rush-hour Bus service delays and cancellations on the Tube and overground train network have caused tempers to fray, prompting TfL to ask British Transport Police to reinstate "local policing teams".

"There has been a rise in aggression between passengers, pushing and shoving, verbal disputes and threatening behaviour at the busy commuter times when services are at peak capacity," a report to today's (Tuesday's) TfL board said.

The situation seems to be out of control as passengers seem even more willing to risk the dangers of sexual predators and untrained minicab drivers 13,000 without the proper criminal background checks, because of the cheapness due to predator pricing.

Interesting to hear from Mayor Khan on BBC London news last night, when talking about the poor performance of the Bus service, he said 'when Oxford street is pedestrianised'....but to be fair, they was always going to do it, no matter what the public consultation wanted.

Goes to show that these TfL consultations ain't worth the ePaper they are written on!
They are about as important as online petitions.

It appears London has already breached its yearly European pollution limit. But this isn't because pollution is unbelievably bad, it's because the level is set so low.

Experts say that even if they removed all the traffic from central London, we would still breach the European limits well before December, with just the ambient fumes from home central heating, industrial discharge, air conditioning, and pollution blown across the channel. 

The more they try to deal with a problem, the murkier it all gets. 

Remember when Boris removed the "older, dirty Taxis", replacing them with new models which gave out higher levels of NO2 and Nox. 

Defra report in 2013 showed ALL emissions strategies in London failed and Mayor Boris' Age limit on Taxis was improper, and based on lies.

Back in 2012, we saw an investigation by a legal team from the RMT Union, who reported back that although the Mayor's age limit itself could be deemed as improper and likely to be illegal, the fact that the age limit was offered to the Mayor on behalf of the trade by an unelected drivers group, some of whom have never driven a Taxi as a living, any challenge would be unlikely to be successful.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Former Uber CLO Salle Yoo Named in Reports of Tool Meant to Evade Foreign Authorities

Former Uber Technologies Inc. chief legal officer Salle Yoo’s name popped up in reports around several of the ride-hailing company’s scandals in 2017, from the controversial ‘Greyball’ program to accusations of legal department missteps around the Uber v. Waymo battle.

Now, just a few weeks into 2018, Yoo, who announced she was leaving the company in September of last year and has since departed, is being tied once again to Uber activity that may be less than savory.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported Thursday that Yoo knew about an Uber tool that allowed the San Francisco-based company to remotely access company-owned devices to change passwords, lock data or shut them down in the case of a police raid. The tool, known internally as “Ripley,” was used at least two dozen times, sources told Bloomberg. Its name reportedly comes from Sigourney Weaver’s “Alien” character who famously says in the film: “Nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

These sources claim Ripley was used to prevent local authorities in countries outside the United States from accessing information that could be used against Uber in court. In some of these cases, the Bloomberg article said, police had secured warrants to search Uber’s databases.

Yoo reportedly told staff to install encryption services and to log off computers after 60 seconds of inactivity following police raids in Brussels and Paris in early 2015. Bloomberg wrote that Yoo also proposed testing an app that would counter such raids.

LCDC, Proactive...Not Reactive : Come And Join The Fight Back Tonight At The Astral Cafe 8-10pm



Are Transport for London (TfL) forcing London taxi drivers to pay an extra half £1 million to the taxman?

For six months despite a lack of support from any other organisation or union, the LCDC had been asking TFL if Taxi drivers can accept an “instant hiring” via an app when they are located outside of the licensing area.

Why do we want to know this ?

The Answer is simple, TfL’s refusal to answer the question could be costing taxi drivers up to half £1 million overpayment in income tax!


There are hundreds (if not thousands) of taxi drivers that live outside of the TfL/Met area where we are licensed to work (ply for hire).

From a strict HMRC perspective a taxi driver cannot claim for all of the fuel they put into their vehicle as a taxable allowance when completing their end of year tax return, as an example:

If a taxi driver lives in Cambridge, they cannot claim for the portion of fuel (as a taxable allowance) that takes them from their home in Cambridge to London where they are licensed to start work (ply for hire)


If TfL confirms that a taxi driver can accept an instant hiring viral app when they are located outside of their licensing area, then all the taxi driver would need to do ... is come out of their home in Cambridge, switch on an app and be available for instant hiring -The taxi driver is then deemed to have started work and can legally claim their full fuel allowance for travelling to London, as they are available for instant Holinger via the app throughout their commute.

What needs to happen?

Yearly HMRC tax returns are mostly black-and-white, although there is some room for interpretation. The key question HMRC mostly ask when you face the tribunal for wrongly claiming taxable expenses is: is the claim defensible?

The defence.

If TfL confirm in writing that a taxi driver can accept an “instant hire” via an app (just like Uber) when the driver is located outside of the TfL area, then the driver can claim their full fuel allowance as the tax allowance claim is defensible. However if TfL state that the taxi driver cannot except an “instant hire” when they are located outside of the TfL area, then drivers cannot claim the full fuel allowance as a taxable allowance!

If there are 1000 drivers that live 40 miles from London where they are officially licensed to ply for hire (start work) but can now claim for all of the fuel allowance on their tax return, (because TfL confirm that you have a can except an instant hire via an app) then it can be argued that each driver would be allowed to climb about an extra £10 per day as a taxable fuel allowance (80 mile round trip).

Meaning a driver working a five day week and claiming the £10 extra fuel allowance instead of paying income tax on the same £10, would be paying about £480 per year less on income tax.

How have I come to this conclusion?

£10 per day subject to income tax (now claimed as a fuel allowance) times five days of working week, times 48 weeks equals £2400, divided by the 20% income tax rate equals a £480 tax overpayment by every taxi driver living outside of the TfL/Met area.

There seems to be one Chatra for private hire and another for taxi drivers.

Why are TfL refusing to answer the question: 

“Can Licensed Taxi Drivers except an instant hiring (ping) via an app when they are located outside of the licensing area ?"

Isn’t it about time TfL and the mayor of London Sadiq Khan started answering these questions ?

Chris Johnson on behalf of the LCDC. 

      From Facebook :


*Tonight Grant Davis will be in Astral Café from 8pm till 10pm taking on new members.* 

Grant Davis, with committee members, was in attendance at all the ITA demos, supporting the drivers

Many said they would join if he dumped Gett adverts from The Badge - he did.

LCDC's investigative team (Chris, Danny, Mark and co) are directly responsible for TfL's refusal to license Uber.

Directly responsible for the Daily Mail exposé's, Tim Fenton's Zelo Street blogs, Andy Gilligan's Sunday Times articles ridiculing TfL and Uber, DI Neil Bellany's assistance and emails, 99% of TfL FOI's, the proof that Uber's app is P4H that is now assisting in the legal battle against Uber's appeal.

The LCDC are Proactive not Reactive.

Plus full legal cover from a top notch legal team.

The LCDC are no longer going to nod in acceptance, with the other orgs, to everything TfL tells us to do. While the rest posture, the LCDC gets out there and are getting things done!

Give your support to those who are fighting back!

 *Come among and join the LCDC tonight!*

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, You Got Two Choices, Fight Back....Or Die

As the London Taxi Trade lays down dying, the media vultures pick away at our carcass. 


Van driver ploughs into muslim worshippers in Findsbury Park and it's all over the TV and papers for weeks....Uber driver purposely mows down pedestrians in Exhibition Road.....and there's a media blackout!

Third party multinationals like Ford, Shell, VW, Volvo are now queuing up, waiting to take a slice of our everyday business, sucking the blood away from our life forms. Every Tom Dick And Harry has an idea how to procure our livelihood. 

Given the green light by TfL, hop on hope off shuttle from Ford.

BWM’s DriveNow and Daimler’s Car2Go services to join together. 

The press and TV media are of course, in the 'swindle' as are our licensing regulator and even our Prime Minister. How come she can tell Europe to Save Uber, but we can’t talk about it to Mike come our orgs in the New a United Trade Group, stood for this???

Everyone seems to have vested interests in pulling down the best, most professional Taxi service in the world. Instead of being proud of our 365 years of excellent service, they continue to force feed fake news into the media for public consumption. Sean Paul Day warned this would happen months ago, did no one take any notice???

Sean said:
The Secretary of State and the Department of Transport ignore human rights violations in favour the market.

Whilst the political drive in the USA is forcing Uber to recognise labour rights, and resistance in Europe shows no sign of abating, Transport for London, at the behest of the U.K. Government are ploughing ahead to amend regulations to accommodate Uber in its entirety. 

Uber's history of violations and the protests knows no boundaries. For Uber, no money is bad money! 

Read the who,e of Sean's post here:

Let's not forget the way TfL PCO's were used to protect Uber image when an Uber driver got 12 years for rape. PCO's were confiscating copies of the Taxi Magazine left on Taxi rear window shelves.

Let's not forget about the 13,000 fake DBS certificates swept under TfLs dirty carpet for seven months. Even now, only 2,600 have reapplied and the rest are still working on fake documents. Could have major convictions for violence, drug offences and even sexual predators.

#UberRape App was illegal from day one!

TfL Director Leon Daniels
Lied to the GLA transport committee on multiple occasions regarding Uber's landline and their non-existent on/off insurance.  

No Friends In The National Media:
No mention in the media of the wonderful work done by Mike Hughes and Poppy Cabs, or Dean Thomas with his warm clothing appeal and regular feeding the homeless outside Charing Cross Police Station. 

No mention of the Taxi War veterans charity trips, the Underprivileged Children’s outings, the trips to Disneyland Parish with seriously sick children. 

One seriously rotten apple in our 365 years, its in the headlines for a month. 

This onslaught has been unintentionally supported by our trades weak representation, not helped by continual infighting.... and they wonder why no one's signing on to the Knowledge. 

The time for just getting on with it over
The time for waiting to see what’s gonna happen next week, next month, next year... is over
The time for sitting back and letting others do the fighting... is over.

This wonderful trade of ours is at a crossroads, with two choices:

Forget about our wonderful tradition and 365 years of history....and lay down and die!!!
Or stand together, backs against the wall, and fight.

Diplomacy and good behaviour isn't working 
Enough is enough... It's time to get down and fight dirty.

Make no bones about it...the ITA's five days of demos hit TfL hard in the wallet.

It couldn't have come at a worst time for them, as they announce a massive £400m deficit in their budget.

Let's send them this message:

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Coming Up In Parliament Friday 2nd February, Plus Letter From New Transport Secretary

Friday 2 Feb see's the second reading of the Licensing of Taxis Safety Bill.

Below is the Bill as it stands at the Moment, it will naturally be amended at later stages.

Click this link to read the Bill.

Below is a letter sent to a Taxi driver Member of the LCDC, by the new Transport Secretary Jo Johnson. 

Here is another letter from the new Transport Secretary, sent to a member of the Save Black Taxis Group. It's nice to see that these letters areas to be written individually and are not just a standard letter.

Thank you for writing to me about Uber.

I want both taxis and private hire vehicles to continue to prosper throughout London and the UK. Passenger choice is important, as is continued industry innovation and the protection of jobs. 

However, I understand your concern for this issue. Regarding the licensing of taxis and private hire vehicles, this is a matter for local authorities, but it is important that all transport operators meet appropriate standards to ensure a safe service for all passengers. As I am sure you know, transport operators can appeal against licensing authorities if the authority refuses to renew its licence and can continue to operate while an appeal is ongoing, as has happened regarding the case with Uber. 

Ministers at the Department of Transport have established a working group to consider the issues surrounding taxi licensing, following a Westminster Hall debate on the subject. The working group will consider a variety of issues including that of passenger safety. Ministers expect to be able to publish the working group's findings early this year, which may result in the government issuing new statutory guidance in this area.

The Law Commission also recently undertook a comprehensive review of the taxi and private hire regulation in England and Wales, at the behest of the Department for Transport. Ministers are currently considering all the recommendations in the Law Commission's report against the backdrop of what is a rapidly changing sector and will formally respond to the Law Commission and announce its intensions once this scrutiny is completed. 

Thank you again for taking the time to write. 

Kind regards,

Jo Johnson

Member of Parliament for Orpington

Councils Join Tory Attack On The Licensed Taxi Trade With No Go Areas.

In the wake of the Bank Junction Taxi access scandal, and with Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, and Baker Street to follow suit, Camden and Hackney have unveiled plans to ban Taxis from more of our working area.

If you are going to be weak, just sit back, bend over and get shafted without a fight, there will be much more to follow. 

If you are expecting your org to fight tooth and nail on your behalf, you are very misguided. 
The members of the New United Trade Group have all signed a good behaviour clause in the new engagement policy, so won’t be doing anything on your behalf that might upset TfL, for fear of exclusion from the secret, un-minuted meetings. 

We need leaders will backbone! 
Not unopened war chests

It’s time to stand up and say:“ENOUGH’s ENOUGH”.

We need a War Council, not self-interested egotistic empire builders
Because that’s exactly what we are facing, a war on Taxis drivers and our trade. 

While London’s Cabbies are stressing over how they are going to find the money to pay their tax bills, Theresa May stands up and tells Europe ‘we must save’ Uber, an illegally operating predatory company that doesn’t pay UK taxes, a company her husband has a conflict of interest in with his investment group.
You couldn’t make it up. 

A New Game's Afoot! 
Both Camden and Hackney have published online consultations, but don’t count on them as they(like TfL) take no notice if consultations... they just go in and do what ever they want, knowing that any resistance will be weak. 

Camden’s consultation closes on the 20th of February 2018. 

Up for closure...Frederick St, to be joined by roads around Mount Pleasant. If you feel you’d like to have your opinion heard, click this link below:

The biggest threat to your right to ply for hire is being launched by Hackney again. 
If you’d like to be heard, click their link below:

The Hackney consultation is about the closure of several streets around Shoreditch to all but electric vehicles. It will be many years before the majority of London Taxis are electric.

Remember the proposed 20mph around schools that were suddenly rolled out borough wide, and then quickly escalated to neighbouring boroughs?
If access is restricted in Shoreditch, it won’t be long before other boroughs follow suit. 


Another kick in the wallet comes from Westminster City Council who never wanting to miss a revenue raising trick, have now implemented new parking charges to pre 2015 diesel Taxis, 50% higher than petrol vehicles.

The City of London and TfL have not kept their promise (there's a surprise) to reopen the Bank Junction should there be road closures in the surrounding area. 

There has been no movement from our wonderful representative orgs in the New United Trade Group ( NUT group) to get CoL and TfL to keep their promise....Wouldn't want to break the good behaviour clause they signed up to, but keep paying the subs 👀👍🏻