Friday, December 21, 2018

TfL Release Latest Taxi And Private Hire Journey Related Sexual Offences.

TfL have today released the Taxi and Private hire journey-related sexual offences for the year 2017.

Rapes up from 30 to 34
Sexual assaults down from 135 to 128

     From the TfL website 

Unfortunately this year unlike last year, TfL have decided not to publish the easy to read brake down of figures, to show which operator these predators are working for. 
Fortunately a previous FOI request has shown that Uber were responsibly for a massive 72% of Private Hire journey sexual assaults.
We've been formed that the LCDC have written to TfL asking why the breakdown has been excluded from their webpage this year.

The last breakdown of driver type was published in 2016.
In 2016 over half the convictions for Rape and Sexual assault were committed by Uber drivers. Over 3,000 PH operators licensed in London by TfL and one operator was allegedly (going on TfLs own published statistics) responsible for more than half of all rapes and sexual assaults 

It is also worth noting that again there are:
'No reports/convictions of rape or sexual assault were recorded against Licensed Taxi drivers '...again in the lasted figures released today.

Comment from LCDC Chairman Grant Davis

Londoners were told that by using the UBER app, it was a safe way for females to travel as their journeys are tracked 

Today TFL figures show 72% of all sexual assault cases where the driver is actually charged works on the UBER platform 


This is appalling. It will be interesting to see if media outlets will pick it up?

Also, I doubt it’s not a coincidence that this bad news has been released last thing on a Friday just before Christmas !!!

Comment from Save Our Black Taxi FaceBook Group :
Also worth pointing out that offences that are committed outside of London... by London licensed private hire drivers... are investigated by the local police force for that area. 

These offences are NOT included in the figures. 

So how many more offences have been committed? 

More comment from Mattblacktaxi
So when the figures are published for the period starting in June, will it show the post "probation" figures for Uber?

These figures that TfL have published today do not seem to add up to the figures obtained by the GMBunion for the same period.

But again ZERO offences in black cabs


Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many of those convicted had dodgy dbs checks.

Gerald Coba said...

I’ve been saying this for ages
Victims should ask police to check if the driver/predator was one of Helen Chapmans 13,000 drivers with fake DBS certificates
If this is the case then they should sue her as she said the she would personally vouch for all the drivers in the list !

Anonymous said...

If any of my female relations get attacked by one of them scumbags.
One or two of those tossers at TFL will be getting a visit they'll never forget.
It's not a threat it's a promise.

Anonymous said...

these victims should get together and sue tfl for negliegence