Thursday, December 20, 2018

FOI Shows Government Minister In Secret Meeting With Uber, Before Licence Appeal Was Heard.

     Tory MP Nas Ghani with David Cameron 

After the explosive FOI revelations in the Guardian by Ben Quinn, we now learn Transport minister Nus Ghani, also held secret talks with Uber AFTER it lost its TfL license and BEFORE it's appeal was even heard at Westminster Magistrates.

Minutes of the meeting show Uber tried to pan off the UPHD legal challenge as trivial efforts of a few disgruntled.
Sure didn't seem that way when we staged national strike in October. 

Uber also try to muddy the waters on self employment by suggesting worker status is not self employment - this was four months before its appeal was even heard at Westminster Magistrates and yet Uber is boasting to Nus Ghani that it's relationship with TfLTPH had been 'steadily improving since the (previous) summer'.  
We're quite sure it had been too!

Uber told the minister they were 'supportive of national minimum standards that can work within their business model'. 
Eh? I thought business was adapted to regulation...not the other way round?

Nus Ghani asked Uber to list their top issues for govt. 
They said:
Definition of plying for hire
Cross border hiring 
Price controls

Uber told the minister (in their private meeting), that they were disappointed not to have been asked to participate in DfT Task & Finish group. 
Never mind that minicab drivers were not represented nor given access and the review was supposed to have been about their welfare.

At a time when Uber's license was under review and the company was in, what Mayor of London called... a quasi judicial process... why was minister secretly meeting with Uber and why were TfLTPH cozying up with them? 
Entire regulatory system from top to bottom is rigged against workers.
This reeks of corruption. END

Source : UPHD Twitter Feed.

We've received word today from a source close to LTPH, that Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, has again slipped into town unannounced for further discussions with TfL and certain Transport Ministers relating to Uber's proposed app based on demand minibus service. 

I suppose our largest orgs thoughts of the day will be more schoolyard name calling and waiting and seeing. 


Anonymous said...

They are all corrupt with one God, MONEY

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? shes a CONservative, CON by name, CON by nature! Lets keep voting for them its only money after all!

Anonymous said...

The phrase “9 bob note” comes to mind - apologies, to younger readers but your mum & dad will explain 😀!

Anonymous said...

So far the biggest twat of the 21 st century.
What's this mug going to be remembered for?
Calling a referendum that backfired
Eton breads this sort
David Boris & George.
Today children we are going to look
through the round window.
Oh no the square window!
Can't even get that right.

Anonymous said...

STOP PRESS after an absense of choclate biscuits at the last 2 secret meetings the ltda had with tfl,they,ve been re-introduced for the next meeting,the ltda will be giving a full report of this revelation in their next edition of "taxi" titled a resounding victory for the london cab trade

Anonymous said...

This battle was lost on the playing fields of Eton! But the lemmings keep voting CON, lambs to the slaughter people, lambs to the slaughter!

Anonymous said...

8.02 you,ve made your point about the CONS don,t wear it out,also never forget who started tfl,the mayor of london-----labour,remember livingstone?if he was a friend of the black cab trade all i can say is thank f--k he wasn,t an enemy.