Friday, November 30, 2018

More On The Lisson Grove Muggers From Tony Casey.

Four robbery suspects from Lisson Grove have been arrested by warrant, their homes spun over and stolen property has been found. 

They have been interviewed under caution at London Police stations and bailed with possible conditions not to travel in Taxis and possible night time curfew.

The arresting officers files have now been sent to the Crown prosecution service for charging consideration.

They hope to be arresting more suspects soon as the gang is at least now 20 in number.

I would urge all cab drivers to report all incidents to the police as soon as possible, on line or in person at a police station... if you can find one open.

The police neighbourhood team in church st market would especially like to hear from you.

Sgt Scott Barden Marshall and his staff are awaiting your calls.

Tel No 0207 321 7959.

Remember we cant let these robbers make this area a NO GO AREA.

Tony Casey. 

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