Sunday, November 04, 2018

Is The Tide Finally Turning Against Uber? Plus, Fantastic News For Taxi Trade From UTAG

No Sat-Nav Jockey for Uber's defence council, Dinah's using a black cab to get home safely. 

Two days in court and Uber again admits under oath that the way it works is illegal, with jobs being offered to and accepted by the driver before information is recorded by Uber. 

Under the Private Hire Act 1998, all jobs must first be pre booked by a licensed operator and then dispatched to a driver.....this is enough (again) for TfL to revoke Uber's operating licence in London. 

But as we've seen in the past, TfL appear to have no appetite to adhere to regulation and legislation where Uber are involved.  Also, will our largest org pick up on this and act...or will they again just 'wait and see'?

After the two day hearing, Dinah Rose Uber's defence council was filmed getting into a black Taxi. Obviously she isn’t stupid enough to put her own safety into the hands of one of Uber's drivers. 

See video posted on Twitter:

Also this week, more encouraging news for the Trade as  the Times reported: 

Uber’s future in London is again in doubt after black cab drivers were granted a judicial review of the decision to award a new licence to the controversial taxi firm.

A High Court judge has allowed the cabbies to take action against Westminster magistrates’ court and the alleged “bias” of Emma Arbuthnot, the senior district judge and chief magistrate of England who decided the Uber case.

Granting the application, Mr Justice Walker also said Uber had “gravely misled the regulator and the court”.

In August, six weeks after Arbuthnot ruled in favour of Uber, it was revealed that her husband James, a former Tory MP, works for a strategy firm which advised one of Uber’s main investors.

She said she had been unaware of the conflict of interest and has ruled herself out any new case involving Uber.

Statement from the United Taxi Action Group (UTAG)

Our legal team have been granted permission to Judicially Review the decision of District Judge Arbuthnot in granting Uber 15 month license.

The question now is 'will the drivers do their bit and support the planned actions'. 
Click on the link above and registered support today.

Taxi Leaks Extra Bit 

This is what we are up against....Uber's support goes right to the top of British government.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the answer is no, the gutter rats will keep appealing with the full backing of the CONservative government, new 65k taxi anyone?

Bob said...

How is the ride request not recorded? It precedes the acceptance by a driver but nevertheless it has been recorded. Isn't a ride request a prebooking? If you don't pre-book, how on earth are you going to get a driver? I would change lawyers for bias shown in choice of transportation.