Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Enough Is Enough, As TfL Declare War On Road Access For Taxis

We’ve been informed today that TfL want Taxis banned from Tooley Street.
We’ve been told that TfL want access for London transport buses and cycles only.

The word has put out on social media in the form of a consultation contained in a tweet from the joint ranks committee….but as we know these consultations are meaningless. No matter what the result of the consultation, TfL does exactly what they want. We saw this with Oxford Street where they refused to take residents opinions into consideration. Westminster City Council had to intervene to stop the pedestrianisation going ahead.

This is the thin end of the wedge and we cant let this happen.
We’ve already seen Taxis banned from a number of locations in and around the city. But this new proposal is the start of a definite push against road access for London’s Taxis.

Grant Davis, chairman of the London Taxi Drivers Club has gone on Periscope today calling for direct action and will be posting details in the very near future.

Grant said today “we have no friends at TfL, everyone there is offside and if we don’t wake up,  we will be offside for good….If these plans are implemented we will be no more meaningful to London’s transport network than mini cabs except we will be expected to be driving around in a £65,000 vehicle.” 

“We can’t stand for this, we have to take action. Please keep an eye out on social media as we will soon be posting details for a series of mass ply for hires.”


What will our largest org do about this???
Will they be calling mass demos to support the drivers who pay their wages???
Our guess is they will issue a statement saying "let's wait and see".

After all we can't have Mike Brown upset, can we.....

Also can't wIt to see the tweets and social media comments from all their mushrooms who are kept in. The dark......
"It's the wrong time"
"It's the wrong day"
"It's the wrong place"
"Demos don't work"

Just remember my post from last year (now updated) which finished....
First they licensed Uber, and I did not speak out—
Because I was working.
Then the Trade Unionists and Taxi orgs called a mass demo, and I did not go—
Because it was busy and I had to work.
Then, after realising our largest org was doing nothing, 17 drivers stood up shouting and rebellious...but they were expelled—I did and said nothing, just carried on working.
Then they asked for members to go to a branch meeting to vote against Judas and his WAGs — but I didn't go as I was working 
Then they suspended the elections and scrapped the branch....
But it was busy and I didn't say anything.
When they finally took my Badge and Bill and handed it to an Uber driver— there was no one left to fight for me.

Good Idea, but can you really see McNamara's boys or Kelly's heroes, delivering leaflets 😂

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