Monday, October 22, 2018

The Mayor And TfL To Close Off Even More Streets To Traffic.

In their latest consultation (which they will more than likely ignore) they say:
We would like to hear your views on our proposals to transform Stoke Newington gyratory into a place for people. (Although it probably won't make an once of difference)

Our proposals aim to overhaul the traffic-dominated one-way system (where traffic currently runs through with no visible problems) that can make the area frustrating for people choosing to walk, cycle or use local bus services.
(Walking, Cycling and bus services....these a surprise)

We (TfL) have worked with Hackney Council on proposals for how Stoke Newington would look and operate after the gyratory is removed. 

Our plans would provide a new northbound cycle track on the A10 and a new bus and cycle lane enabling people to cycle southbound on Stoke Newington High Street, (at the expense of vehicular road space)....

This would remove a significant barrier to cycling in the area and provide new traffic-free public spaces (Traffic free) to meet, shop, play and relax and a host of other improvements aimed at creating a more attractive and less traffic-dominated environment for people.

Our plans will accommodate the area’s future growth ( no it won't it will creat traffic congestion where once there was free flowing traffic) and encourage active travel (walking and cycling will be the only way to get around), with more people choosing (actually they won't have a choice) to walk, cycle and use public transport and less people travelling by car.(manly because the roads will be closed to ordinary traffic). 

These proposals aim to improve the quality of life in the area by:
* Transforming the town centre by creating a single unified retail location with an enhanced environment for pedestrians and cyclists
* Improving the public transport interchange, achieved through two-way bus operation, reducing congestion, and simplifying bus stops
* Improving cycling facilities and access through the A10
* Encouraging more journeys by walking, cycling or public transport to/from the High Street  
* Reducing rat-running in residential streets

The proposals form part of the Mayor of London’s plan for Healthy Streets - a long-term vision (or nightmare if you are a tax paying motorist) to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle by making London’s streets healthier, safer and more welcoming. 
Unfortunately the pollution these schemes will cause will actually result in more Londoners dying prematurely from pollution related illnesses. 

You have four weeks approx, to fill in this consultation that no one at the Mayor's office or TfL will take any notice off. 

But if you want a good laugh, have a look at some of the artist impressions....I think some on them must have been on drugs when they put this together. 

But seriously, TfL and the councils planners must be laughing their socks off with the ease the Taxi trade rolled/rolls over with these changes, exclusions, rank suspensions and unrealistic traffic schemes. 

It’s no good moaning when you are stuck, sitting in gridlock. You had the chance to do something about this but chose Mike Browns mate’s wait and see policy.

What’s the point of paying subscriptions to an org or Union, who are scare to protest or call a demo????


If you have a minute or two, please have a look at this survey, and take note of the questions. 

Is this a taster of what is in store for drivers who haven't bought a new TXE. 

Did you know that the government where given 100% interest free loans to Taxi drivers in Scotland to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles....but not in England!

Did you know that the DVLA are collating a data base of all registered Taxis and Private Hire vehicles that are not zero emission capable with an eye to charge on entry to vehicles entering clean air zones.....!

One worrying question asks, would you consider retiring early if you found electric Taxi scheme too expensive! 


colin said...

At 63 i don't need the cost of the electric taxi,so if things work out for me i'm off never to step foot in London again,you can shove this city where the sun don't shine,but the fly in the ointment will be for some our former corrupt Pm Cameron making us work another couple of years till pension because they cant afford to give us one at 65.

But as we know they can flood the country with migrants & have untold money for Tax credits & housing allowance,,,,,,,,,silly me different budget.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about street closures
All of those driving electric cabs will
have testicular or stomach cancer
By the time they have paid for it.
Battery's give off radiation FACT.
Sitting on 500 mobile phones
10 hours a day.
Cheapest coffin is £240 cardboard.
Order yours now to avoid the rush.