Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Need A Reason Why We Must Go After TfL, This Is The Contempt They Have For Us...by Grant Davis LCDC

Today I heard that Dara Khosrowshahi was in Town, so I emailed Mike "Onside" Brown to ask him if he had met him yet?

His Secretary emailed me this afternoon and said that they had met yesterday.

We ( the Trade) have not met Mike Brown for several months now and at the last meeting he told us that he supported black cabs ( public transport) into Bank Junction.

Then, Steve Mac informs us at City Hall last week, that he (Mike Brown) wrote to City of London supporting their decision to ban us!

This man cannot be trusted in my opinion regardless of what other Trade Representatives tell us ( Onside my arse ). 

I have today sent all other Trade leaders an email asking if they feel ( like me ) that we should refuse to meet him going forwards. 

Trust me, there is NO value in talking to this fella at all.


Last week we were told that Uber were going to have driverless cars....

This week we're told that Uber will be going 100% electric....but have you seen the projections. Govement subsidies are being cut and Dara said on the Beeb tonight that at 15p a mile increase, each driver will get £4,500 towards buying themselves a new electric car.....got PR stunt written all over it. 

Mind you, wonder how the new TXE drivers feel knowing they could well be competing with 40,000 Ubers drivers using the roadside chargers ???

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Anonymous said...

When these twats gonna be dealt with ??????