Friday, October 05, 2018

In Just The First 3 Weeks Of Their Probation, 97 Uber Drivers Were Suspended/Dismissed.

In ‘just’ 3 weeks of Uber London new licence conditions, ULL were in a position of having to suspend or dismiss 97 ‘ninety seven’ drivers

Below is the court terms and conditions to Uber’s probation:

An FOI request has been made for the amount of drivers who were notified to TfL, with regards to  suspension or dismissal by Uber London Limited. 

Here below is the result:

Where is Sadiq Khan’s one hit and you’re out policy, that he bandied about during his election campaign ?

Where are TfL on this?

Why are Uber London Limited still Licensed ?

97 of their employees have been reported for crimes such as Rape, serious sexual assault, fraud, violence against the customer, offensive weapons etc. 

What is it they can’t get away with ????

SOURCE : @Sammyscarf. 


So, Jo Bertram is made a director of Uber 18/08/2017. 

The Deloitte report on Uber is sent to TFl in August2017, that’s the report no one is allowed to see section 43.

On the 30/8/2017 Bertram resigns, as she lied in two previous court cases.

Jo Bertram caught with her pants down Uber and out. Possibly fearing prosecution for perjury, she moves abroad. But TfL don’t follow up (strange that one Mike Brown!).

Taxi drivers prosecuted for using their mobile sat stationary on taxi ranks, but TfL fail to prosecute Uber Director on two counts of perjury? 

You couldn’t make it up.

Funny how we don't see these Freedom Of Infomation results reported in any LTDA friendly media platforms?
Mustn't upset Mke Brown I suppose !

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colin said...

Seeing they have the power to dismiss drivers that should go well with the employment case.