Thursday, September 27, 2018

Who Are The Legal Team From 6 Pump Court Chambers Behind The UTAG Action?

Robert Griffiths QC and Stuart Jessop have been instructed through Chiltern Law LLP on behalf of a trade association representing Hackney Carriage drivers in London to commence Judicial Review proceedings against the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in respect of a decision by the Senior District Judge Emma Arbuthnot on 26th June 2018 to grant Uber London Limited a 15 month licence.

On 18th August 2018 The Guardian published an article claiming that the Senior District Judge has recused herself from hearing any future cases involving Uber after it was discovered by an Observer investigation that her husband had links to the Private Hire Vehicle Operator.

The claim, issued today, has been brought on the grounds that the decision made by the Senior District Judge to grant a 15 month licence to Uber LL is tainted with bias. It will also be argued that the judge made no finding that at the time of the decision on 26th June 2018 Uber was a fit and proper person according to the legislation.

The claim is the start of a series of legal claims which will challenge Uber’s working model and commercial practices as well as the failure of TFL to effectively regulate them.


Anonymous said...

Is this not 6 years too late ? We have trade orgs who could of done this a long time ago yet chose not to so now we have crowd funded this surly all the previous crowd funding we did could of payed for it think this trade has well and truly dug the biggest hole yet and I doubt very much we will ever get out of it I’m just waiting for the TFL bomb shell to drop very very soon regarding the Knolwedge of London think our badges are safe think again

colin said...

Has it been skeletons in the cupboard of our largest trade org that have allowed Tfl to pull there strings & keep them muzzled,but don't worry they had a nice life style.

Sllimdog said...

At last! Bring these corrupt bastards to justice. It is long overdue & it is seriously "last chance saloon" but I'm very confident we'll get somewhere this time & the trade NEEDS to be united on this one so can London Taxi Drivers stop whinging & get behind the trade unions/orgs representatives etc. grow some balls & let's get that Churchillian Bull Dog spirit back & run TFL outta town!